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Gender Male
Hair Dark-brown
Eyes Brown
Family Members Unknown
Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe

Aomatsu (青松 Aomatsu) - the protagonist of, and currently only appears in, the OVA. He had met Tomoko Kuroki at the rooftop of their middle school when she left the door open with a key that fell from a gym teacher. At their meeting Tomoko invented a story about terrorist surveillance activities and expert in firearms, warning to Aomatsu not to return, initially seen in the OVA through his eyes. Later, the same events repeat through Tomoko's eyes.

When the gym teacher recovers the key and locks the door, the two never meet again in middle school. Aomatsu attends the same high school as the Kuroki's and appears to have become one of Tomoki's friends. When he literally bumps into Tomoko, neither recognize the other. Nevertheless, each still inwardly wonders about the person they met on the middle school roof.


As a middle school student In the OVA, he acts much like Tomoko: he appears a loner, looks at his peers with contempt, find his life boring, and has anime/manga-based fantasies. By high school he appears more outgoing. Tomoki Kuroki appears to be his friend.


Aomatsu has tidy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses.


Episode OVA

Memorable quotes

Aomatsu's thoughts: "Lately, I can't avoid noticing how these people are complete ignoramuses. Do I really belong to this world?"

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