Asuka Katō (加藤 明日香 Katō Asuka?) starts as a background character and Tomoko's high school classmate in her second and third year. In Tomoko's third year, she forms a friendship with Tomoko. Her full name is revealed in the third year of high school.


Katō initially appears a glamorous and popular girl outside of students who know Tomoko. She has a mother from whom she seems to have inherited her looks, and Chapter 140 reveals that she has an older brother who was in college when she was in middle school. Tomoko first materially interacts with her when Katō notices her staring at her as she sits behind her in her make up mirror. She quickly offers to apply make up to Tomoko's eyes. For her part, Tomoko first derisively wonders if Katō expects to be the "Class Mom." Katō does work to include Tomoko in social activities. She also seems to quietly understand others. For example, she quickly disarms Yoshida's defensiveness by immediately complimenting her on her cute animal bag during the trip to the amusement park. On the train on the way home from that school trip, Tomoko awakens to find that she has been sleeping, and drooling, with her head on Katō's lap. She is mortified, but Katō happily assures her that she did not want to disturb her until her stop. Tomoko inwardly concludes that she is more of a "mom" than "a real mom."

In more recent chapters, Tomoko fears that she will offend Katō with her real personality. She is surprised when Katō invites her to visit a college with her. Tomoko struggles to suppress her personality; however, Katō misinterprets this as Tomoko not wishing to be her friend. She confesses that she would like to attend the same college as Tomoko to Tomoko's shock. Deeming herself unworthy, Tomoko openly confesses to Katō that she is a "major pervert (ド変態・dohentai); however, as she confesses some of her inclinations such as "sexually harassing" her friends, Katō calmly asks repeatedly, "anything else?"


Whenever Asuka makes an appearance in the manga she is usually shown to be quite friendly, kind, and popular. She appears to quietly notice the people around her and pay attention to them. Her sincere care for others, even students she does not know like Tomoko, leads Tomoko to consider her the "Class Mom," even "more of a mom than a real mom." When she catches Tomoko staring at her from her seat behind her and Tomoko stammers an explanation, she takes the opportunity to apply make-up to Tomoko's eyes. She includes the shy Tomoko in a social activity even though Tomoko does not really know her. She refuses to engage in the personal conflicts of her peers. When Koharu Minami tries to bait her and Okada into joining in her denigration of Tomoko and Hina, Asuka quietly inspects her nails. However, when Okada takes down Minami, Asuka suggests that she went too far then reminds Okada that she has been talking about Hina continuously even though she does not realize it. She also tries to call Minami on her phone after Minami storms off to invite her back.

Asuka appears happy to meet anyone and shows legitimate concern for them. She readily approaches Yoshida and breaks up her fight with Okada. When she joins their group, Asuka takes the time to meet and talk with each of the members including Yuri Tamura.

As with all characters it seems in the series, Asuka may have her weaknesses and issues. She becomes quiet when Minami ridicules the make-up she applied on Tomoko in Chapter 135. She quietly notices Tomoko's reactions when she takes Tomoko to a college she wishes to attend in Chapter 140. She understands that Tomoko constantly defers to her but misinterprets her anxiety as Tomoko not wishing to be her friend.

As with many characters in the series, Katō may appear a stereotype at first, and Tomoko may have dismissed her as such, but over time the story reveals glimpses at a much deeper character. Unlike Tomoko and many of her friends, Katō appears to have a more mature view of sexuality given her reaction to Tomoko's list of "perversions." She becomes concerned when she learns that Hina slapped Tomoko but then appears neither alarmed nor offended when she learns that Hina was upset that Tomoko had peeked at her Mount Pleasant.

Tomoko consciously over-interprets Katō's comments to find salacious meaning. In one example she wonders if Katõ knows how suggestive she is. She also notices that Katō is rather familiar with the English terms for the Naughty Bits. When Tomoko uses a more generic term for hair Katō seems to embarrassingly assume she refers to the foliage upon said Mount Pleasant. However, she later appears to intentionally tease Fūka by mentioning the "hair" comment then leaving before she can explain. She , does achieve a perfect score on her "Health and Fitness" exam which includes sexual health.

Asuka appears quite feminine, as she shows interest for makeup in Chapter 106 and states that she loves nail polish and shopping in Chapter 122.


Asuka stands slightly taller than Akane Okada. Asuka has long hair she wears down with cut front bangs. Like many female characters depicted in the black-and-white manga, her hair has no color which the cover of Volume 14 reveals to be lighter and pinkish and not honey-colored as Okada or Emiri Uchi's dyed hair. Many of these character are later revealed through flashbacks to have dyed their hair. Chapter 140 and TomoMote 10th Anniversary depict her as a middle school student with the same colorless hair in the black-and-white manga. Thus, Asuka has been dying her hair for some time. Her eyes are blue on the cover. Her mother also has long hair without color in the manga.


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(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Hina Nemoto

Asuka knows Hina. She knows Hina is friends with Okada and that they have had a falling out. When she comes over to talk to Hina and Tomoko, Hina asks her to address her by her new nickname "Nemo." She remonstrates Hina when she scoffs over Tomoko's interest in Aoyama University. She also confronts Hina over her slapping Tomoko. There does not appear to be any residual enmity since the two happily attend a small party for those who competed in table tennis in the intramurals.

Akane Okada

Asuka is one of Okada's friends. She quietly notices Okada's anger with Hina in Chapter 125. When Okada storms off, Asuka cheerfully accompanies her so she will not be alone. When sitting with her, Asuka kindly suggests that Okada make up with Hina.

Tomoko Kuroki

Asuka is typically shown being polite and even friendly to Tomoko. She first really meets Tomoko in Chapter 106 when Tomoko is assigned to sit directly behind her. As Tomoko enjoys her scent, Asuka notices Tomoko staring at her in her mirror. When she turns to ask if she can help Tomoko, and Tomoko stammers an explanation, Asuka does not pursue the matter or embarrass her. Instead, she compliments Tomoko's eyes and applies make-up to them. Later in Chapter 120 she offers the shy girl some food and refills at a party. She does confess in Chapter 128 that she finds the combination of Hina, Yoshida and Tomoko "strange," but she does nothing rude to any of them. On the contrary, after complimenting Yoshida's bag, she then touches Tomoko's mouse ears and calls them "cute." She later asks Tomoko and Hina how they became "such good friends." On the train ride home from the amusement park, when Tomoko falls asleep, Katō lets her sleep with her head in her lap. Later, she asks Tomoko to have have lunch with her. When she overhears Tomoko discussing her appearance in Chapter 135, she finds out Tomoko's cellphone number, calls her later that night, and she asks Tomoko to come to school early the next day so she can apply make-up on her. In Chapter 137, she politely defends Tomoko when Hina questions her choice of a university.

She spends a day with Tomoko visiting a university she is interested in in Chapter 140. Tomoko gradually relaxes around Katō and enjoys the visit to the point that she seriously considers it as a choice. However, Katō noticed some of Tomoko's odd avoidance of her, such as suddenly looking away from her to seemingly look at Emiri Uchi, then accept a water bottle when she was choking from Uchi rather than her. Katō interprets this as Tomoko not wanting to be her friend. To both her shock and regret, Tomoko inwardly protests that she fears she would ruin their relationship. Taking the bottle from Katō would be, to Tomoko, like indirectly kissing her. She looked at Uchi to clear her mind from looking at Katō. Tomoko opens up to Katō by confessing that she is a "huge pervert" who has fantasies about her friends whom she sexually harasses. She then confesses other embarrassing things such as that she did, indeed, search for "dick pics" in class rather than received them as a prank from a friend, and she reconciled Hina Nemoto and Akane Okada by showing Okada an eroge game.

Katō's replies to all of this with, "is that all?" She reminds Tomoko that whatever her method, she did reconcile the two feuding friends when she could not. She frankly asks how any of that would prevent Tomoko from believing she could be her friend. Later during the train ride home, Katō asks Tomoko how, exactly, she "sexually harasses" her friends. When a sweating and smiling Tomoko reveals how she tells dirty stories and leers at them, Katō calmly asks, "is that all?"

While Katō may appear a "perfect" character, and a "perfect mom" in Tomoko's view, she reveals some subtle vulnerabilities with Tomoko. As noted, she appears legitimately hurt when she misinterprets Tomoko's behavior during their tour of the university. When Tomoko blurts out surprise at Katō's diligence as a student, Katō matter of factly asks why she should be surprised, then smiles when Tomoko admits she no longer is. She then offers that she has changed her opinion of Tomoko as a "quiet, diligent girl."

Things seem to radically change with Chapter 155. Tomoko learns that Katō destroys her in their midterms, and she even achieves a perfect score in English. Katō chides Tomoko that Aogaku University weighs that subject very heavily, and she encourages Tomoko to study with her and use her vocabulary flashcards. During a study session, Tomoko reminisces about how much easier it was to study with Yū Naruse and "Komisomething," and she particularly remembers how she found the opportunity to rest her head against Yū's breasts. "I want to feel breasts," she accidentally says out loud. While Katō's friends are shocked, Katō happily asks Tomoko if that is what she meant about "sexual harassing" her friends. Tomoko tries to play it off as her becoming tired from studying, letting her mind wander, then remembering such situations, but Katō frankly asks her if she wants to touch her during a break. Katō even invites her outside, and she confesses that she wants Tomoko to treat her like her friends and that she has never had the opportunity to "play like girls" and wants to experience it as she touches her own breast. She further explains this invitation by noting that Tomoko claimed she did that when she became fatigued studying with her friends, and she wants to help Tomoko any way she can.

Tomoko inwardly rationalizes that she could not simply touch Katō's breasts. She would have to "take responsibility," to imply she believes she would be expected to go further so she declines. Katō does not appear offended. Later, she slyly smiles as they go home observing that they a walking in different directions. Inwardly, Tomoko wishes she went with her and later wishes that she did touch Katō's breasts.

Tomoko frequently wonders about Katō statements that she thinks could be sexual puns and double entendre. Katō does use English anatomical terms rendered in katakana, which Tomoko finds surprising that she would know. Tomoko remains uncertain whether Katō intentionally does this or if she is simply reading too much into her words. In Chapter 156 Tomoko offers to Katō that while she could not touch her breasts the day before, she could touch her hair. Katō immediately blushes, folds her hands between her thighs, and repeats "hair (毛・ke)" which causes Tomoko to immediately conclude that Katō thinks she offered to touch her pubic hair. Katō does not specifically say that, and when Tomoko quickly corrects to emphasize the hair on her head (髪の毛・kami no ke), Katō happily laughs it off by explaining that Tomoko surprised her. Her subsequent retelling of the story to Fūka explained below suggests that Katō does play with double entendre.

During Tomoko's suspension, Katō wonders why Tomoko only sent a simple "I'm fine (大丈夫だよ・daijōbu dayo)" reply to her texts offering to talk to her, and she fears that Tomoko wants to avoid her. In class, she at first smugly listens to Yuri and Hina remark that they have not heard from Tomoko only to stare with a transfixed grin when Itō mentions that she talked to Tomoko the day before.

As with Uchi, exactly what Katō wants from Tomoko currently remains a "work in progress" though it spawns much fan speculation.

Masaki Yoshida

Despite noting that her combination with Hina and Tomoko appears strange, she immediately and cheerfully approaches Yoshida and asks to join her group. She then walks with Yoshida and admires her bear mascot bag which makes Yoshida smile. This pretty much summarizes Katō ability to make anyone feel comfortable.

Koharu Minami

Initially, Minami and Katō seem to be on good terms; however, Katō appears on good terms with everyone. As noted, in Chapter 128, after Akane Okada exposes her, Katō suggests that perhaps Okada was too harsh. She then tries to message Minami to return and smooth out the conflict. When Katō comes to school early to apply make-up on Tomoko like some of the girls seen in her fashion magazines, Minami ridicules it to Mako in her hearing without realizing that Katō applied it. Katō simply listens in silence.

Kaho (Female Classmate with Freckles)

Katō returns a textbook she borrowed from her in Chapter 131 and then has lunch with her in class in Chapter 134. She later suggests to Tomoko, Yuri, and Mako that they study with her. She is stunned by Katō's behavior in Chapter 155, and she walks home with Katō blushing.

Fūka Sasaki

An occasional background character affectionately nicknamed by WataMote Wiki as the "Depressed Black-Haired Girl" until the revelation of her name in Chapter 154, Katō happily compliments her softball play even though it resulted in Fūka's class defeating Katō's. For her part, Fūka pleasantly teases Katō that she did not think Katō was the type to play table tennis to which Katō cheerfully protests that she is wrong. This somewhat contradicts Katō's later claim to Hina that she does not really like table tennis. The back story regarding Katō and Fūka's relationship remains currently unrevealed. However, Chapter 155 reveals that she wishes to attend the same university as Katō. She is shocked when Katō responds to Tomoko blurting out what she is thinking by inviting Tomoko to do so. She inwardly rationalizes it as a "joke" only to admit that Katō never makes such jokes. Katō leaves with Tomoko, and when she returns, Fūka is left wondering if Tomoko did fondle Katō. She tries to ask Tomoko then Katō directly, but both scold her for raising the matter publicly to her inward exasperation.

Katō Teases c160

Asuka Katō
Master Troll

In Chapter 160 when they both apologize to one another for their behavior, Fūka politely pretends she no longer remembers the actual substance of the rudely "weird" question she asks Katō. Katō happily reminds her and reveals that Tomoko did not fondle her. Inwardly, Fūka wonders why she feels disappointed to learn that. Katō then through giggles starts to tell the story of Tomoko offering to touch her "hair" as discussed above. She interrupts the story when the bell rings and excuses herself to go to class while still laughing. Fūka is left thinking of the term "hair (毛・ke)." Later, in her class she sits trying to study when she suddenly thinks again 毛?!! This all suggests that Katō knows very well that Fūka is surprised and curious about her offering to let Tomoko fondle her, and she takes the opportunity to torment her a bit by first scolding her for asking a rude question in public, then cheerfully telling only part of a more sexually suggestive story.

Chapter 162 confirms that Fūka has become obsessed with the possibility of a sexual relationship between Katō and Tomoko and jealous of their friendship.

Emiri Uchi

Katō does not interact significantly with Uchi until Chapter 161 when she overhears her apology to Tomoko for calling her キモい (kimoi・disgusting/creepy). Smiling, but uncomfortable, she lectures Uchi on how she should not call someone something she would not herself want to be called. She uses the more formal term 持ち悪い (kimochiwarui) to describe being disgusted, but Uchi angrily insists that Tomoko is not 持ち悪い, but she is キモい. The explanation confuses Katō and everyone else listening. Uchi does insist that while there are aspects of Tomoko's キモい that disgusts her, there are others that make her feel good. Whether or not Katō picks up on the meaning of this is not made clear. Previously, they both acted as cheerleaders in Chapter 87, and Katō revealed the cow keychain Tomoko gave her in Chapter 161.

Memorable Quotes

  • "So . . . vagina." – confirming what Tomoko saw that upset Hina
  • "So during break do you want to touch?" – offering to let Tomoko touch her . . . keychain . . . probably.
  • "I've never done that sort of thing like a normal girl, I wanted to do it a bit." – explaining why she wants Tomoko to touch her . . . keychain . . . probably.


  • Katō (加藤) means "Fujiwara in Kaga". The individual kanji mean "add/increase" and "wisteria." Asuka (明日香) means "tomorrow's fragrance .
  • Her first name is pronounced "Aska" with the "u" of "su" (す) diminished before a consonant.
  • She shares her name with Chiba Lotte Marines pitcher Shohei Katō.



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