FANDOM wrote: wrote:
Okay so , i know my comment isn't needed but i couldn't just help but write it.

If you're gonna ship Tomoki/ Tomoko, then fine. thats it. go and ship it in piece. Theres fanfic and fanart for it. quit whining, enjoy the material.

However, avoid to lightheartedly use words such as i.ncest to the topic. now, i know that it's technically a i.ncest pairing but avoid to romanticise it. real life incest is a serious topic, don't forget it.

tdlr; ship if if you want to, there are worse pairings out there. but avoid to be all "IT'S A I.NCEST PAIRING, SHOULD I SHIP IT ANYWAY??!!11" it's just a anime pairing, calm down.

Calm down, baby boy. You know you like it. 

people need to chill about anime ships, thats all i said.

(and yeah, i do like it, whats up with that?)

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