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Fūka Sasaki (佐々木 風夏 Sasaki Fūka?) spent much of her time as an occasional but striking background classmate until revealed to be an acquaintance of Asuka Katō in Chapter 154.


Affectionately deemed the "Depressed Black-Haired Girl" by WataMote Wiki until she finally receives a name in Chapter 154, Fūka first appears as a distinct but uninterested member of the cheerleaders at the school intramural games. She returns in Chapter 148 as a passenger on Tomoko's train to school, looking similarly disinterested. She is the skilled pitcher Kotomi Komiyama scouts in Chapter 153, only to have her win the game with a two-run home run in Chapter 154 where she receives her name. She reveals her last name in the next chapter. Those chapters suggest that she is a gifted athlete. Miho will later reveal that she is a very good singer.

She is a friend of Asuka Katō and Miho Narita. She and Miho join Katō, Tomoko, and Kaho's study group where a tired Tomoko blurts out that she wants to touch breasts. She is shocked when Katō offers to let Tomoko touch hers during a break. While she first assumes Katō is joking, she inwardly protests that Katō has never made such a joke before. When Katō and Tomoko return from a break together, she wonders if Tomoko actually fondled Katō. This becomes a bit of an obsession for her. She will later try to ask Tomoko directly, then later Katō, only to have both rebuff her for her rudeness to her inward irritation.


For much of the series little is known about Fūka. Prior to her friends then Katō congratulating her in Chapter 154, she does not speak and her expression seems disinterested, hence her WataMote Wiki nickname. With her friends she is cheerful, and when she joins Katō and Tomoko's study group, she politely introduces herself to Tomoko. She is shocked by Katō's offer to Tomoko, and while she does not express it out loud at the time, in subsequent chapters she tries to ask Tomoko and then Katō whether or not Tomoko actually touched Katō's breasts. Subsequently, she becomes obsessed with the possibility that Tomoko asked Asuka if she could touch her hair "down there" to the point it affects her studies and relationships. Currently, the exact reason for her obsession, from simple curiousity all the way to jealousy, is unrevealed.


Fūka has very long black hair which she puts into a long pony tail. She stands as tall as Katō which, as Chapter 175-2 demonstrates, makes them the tallest of the "WataGirls." The color cover of Volume 17 suggests her eyes are light blue to grey.


  • None


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Tomoko Kuroki

Fūka first introduces herself to Tomoko when she joins her study group with Katō and Kaho; however, she is aware of Tomoko's reputation for being "strange." For her part, Tomoko does not seem to know her. Tomoko blurting out during this study session that she "wants to touch boobs," Katō inviting her to touch hers, then taking Tomoko out of the room greatly disturbs Fūka. The next day she sees Tomoko on the train, and when she overhears Tomoko discussing a sexual matter with Reina, she confronts her with whether or not she fondled Katō. Tomoko refuses to answer since it would embarrass Katō. Though Fūka inwardly protests that Tomoko had just been publicly discussing cunnilingus, she accepts this explanation for the moment. Katō teasingly telling her about Tomoko's offer to touch her hair while implying that she thought Tomoko actually wanted to touch her "hair down there" triggers an obsession in Fūka: she is stunned by and fixated on the idea of Tomoko tending to the foliage about Katō's Road to a Christening. This leads to some hilariously embarrassing moments at the expense of Fūka. When they attend the same Study Camp and end up rooming together, Fūka vows to question Tomoko on the subject, but does not. Instead, she accidentally walks in on Tomoko using the toilet during the night while still half-asleep. While she apologizes, she becomes disturbed the next day trying to recall something she saw. Remembering that Katō remarked that she and helped dye Tomoko's hair, she realizes she saw Tomoko's still-dyed "hair down there" and concludes that Katō helped her dye it which means, then, that Tomoko wanted to touch Katō's. This obsession ruins her study which leads her to dropping a level at the camp. Undaunted, Fūka feels she has solved the "riddle of the hair" and now need to learn more about Tomoko.

Their relationship, such as it is, remains strained with Fūka calling her a "pervert" (変態か・hentaika) in Chapter 166. For her part, Tomoko inwardly describes Fūka as "Sleazy Maiden (ゲス乙女・kusuotome)" in Chapter 171. When they meet again on a train, Tomoko becomes jealous at hearing how popular Fūka is, particularly with the possibility that she may have dated the captain of the basketball team. Based on her prejudice, Tomoko decides that Fūka can only interact with boys in sporting situations and accuses her of being a virgin. Fūka claims she is not a virgin then tries to impress Tomoko with her experience based on stories she has heard from others in high school. In the second part of the chapter, she pumps a classmate for sexual information while Tomoko talks to her younger friend Shizuku Hirasawa who has a boyfriend. Tomoko subsequently challenges Fūka to show her how much she actually knows with a clay model she fashioned. Fūka fails hilariously, but Tomoko also admits that she does not have any experience in such matters either.

Since that time, she has continued to imagine some competition with Tomoko regarding sexual experience and knowledge. Since her boasts are public, this has led to gossip about her in recent chapters which, ironically, proves quite far from the truth.

The "Expectation versus Reality" section of Volume 16 reveals that Fūka wanted Tomoko to describe what it was like to fondle Katō.

Asuka Katō

The two do seem to know one another, but they do not appear to be actual friends. Katō congratulates her on her beating her class in the softball game, and Fūka suggests that table tennis is not something she would expect her to play which Katō then denies. When Katō offers to let Tomoko touch her breasts, Fūka is stunned but then rationalizes that Katō is making a joke only to think that Katō never makes such jokes. Katō taking Tomoko from the room shatters this rationalization, and it leaves Fūka wondering if Tomoko actually did fondle Katō. This question bothers her enough to try to confront Tomoko the following day. Tomoko replies that the question would be rude to Katō, which leaves Fūka inwardly frustrated.

Unlike Katō and Tomoko who text and call one another, Fūka does not appear to do either with Katō. Instead, she takes the opportunity to ask Katō if it happened when she sees Katō in school and mentions to Katō that Tomoko has been suspended. Katō similarly rebuffs her to her irritation. If they were friends, one would expect her to text or call Katō privately.

Nevertheless, in Chapter 160 when the two meet in a hallway, Katō walks off with her to let her talk to her. Katō begins by apologizing for her behavior towards her. Fūka apologies for her "weird" questions but when she pretends, politely, to have already forgotten its substance, Katō happily reminds her then smiles and reveals that Tomoko did not actually fondle her. Fūka inwardly wonders why she is disappointed to learn that. Kato then through giggles starts to tell her about Tomoko asking to touch her "hair" (毛・ke) but then cuts off the story when the bell rings leaving Fūka stunned and thinging about 毛. This suggests that Katō is aware of Fūka's curiosity and takes the opportunity to slyly tease her.

Chapter 162 reveals that Fūka has become jealous of Tomoko's friendship with Katō and is obsessed with the idea that some sexual relationship exists between the two. She inwardly rages that she needs to know what Tomoko asking to touch Katō's "hair" meant so much she cannot think of anything else even when she is studying.

During the Summer Study Camp, Asuka comes to believe that Tomoko can talk easily with Fūka. Both Miho and Yū suggest, to Fūka's irritation, that Tomoko is more comfortable with her because of her "worthless" points, and they suggest that Asuka let Tomoko see her flaws. Asuka asks Fūka to teach her how to be a "worthless human being," to her further irritation; however, she does suggest a "joke" Asuka can play on Tomoko that might make her more comfortable around her.

In a curious moment in Chapter 192-2 when Miho starts to reveal to Tomoko that Fūka is a very good singer, Asuka suddenly becomes quiet and leaves before Miho completes the story that Fūka sang Asuka's favorite song for her birthday which moved Asuka.

Miho Narita

She congratulates Fūka on her win, and when Fūka declines the invitation to accept their class award, Miho eagerly rushes to the stage. They appear friends in that the two enter the study hall to study together, and when they cannot find an open desk, Fūka asks Katō if they may join them. When Katō invited Tomoko to touch her, she appears intrigued while Fūka looks shocked. She teases Fūka about her behavior, such as in Chapter 174 when she teases her about peeping at Tomoko in the bathroom. She later explains to Asuka that while Fūka is good at studying she is a "natural airhead."

Yū Naruse

Fūka first really encounters Yū at the Summer Study Camp. To her irritation, Yū explains to Asuka why Tomoko seems uncomfortable around her by comparing how she hides her flaws from Tomoko unlike Fūka. However, Chapter 189 reveals that she studies with Yū under Asuka's direction. When in that chapter Yū learns that Tomoko claimed she sent her a picture of the Matrimonial Peacemaker, Fūka, as part of her effort to appear experienced, invites Yū to send such to her. She will later boast to Tomoko that Yū is sending her all of the Matrimonial Peacemaker pictures she use to send to Tomoko.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Kuroki-san's kind of strange but Asuka?!!"
  • "You were just saying a lot about cunnilingus and penises!"
  • "You're the one who told her to touch your breast right in front of us!" – Fūka thinking in response to Asuka Katō's rebuke
  • "E?! Hair?!
  • "I-It's not what you think, Asuka! At first I was curious about your boobs, but then you started talking about your hair, and I couldn't stop thinking about it so . . . I'M THE VICTIM HERE!"
  • "SILVER?!!"
  • "When did I become the worthless human being model?!"
  • "The first time hurt, but the second time felt really good. . . .so I've heard."


  • While Sasaki is a very common name, in keeping with Nico Tanigawa's trend, she shares her name with Chiba Lotte Marines pitcher Chihaya Sasaki.
  • Fūka pitches right but can bat left.
  • Fūka (風夏) means "Summer Wind."



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