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  • I do not dislike it, but I would prefer the original manga page-scan rather than a color picture from a volume or something else--I am refering to Chapter 1.

    Obviously, you have to replace the information "lost" in your new box which I assume you are doing.

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    • I'm just copying the information and image links from the old chapterbox using the classical editor because my main focus is to see if the infoboxes work correctly.

      And I'm also working on a new Character infobox which I will add it to Hina's page to test it.

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    • Sorry, my mistake--I was thinking "WataMote" and that is the first chapter of TomoMote!

      I would check with a Power That Be like Sxerks to see if people like the new look.

      Reminds me, I need to look over the TomoMote chapters. . . .


      Hmmm . . . as someone who is perpetually "NO! CHANGE BAD!!" I like it. Thoughts:

      1. Thought the First: I like that it has a "space" for Nickname. I am of the opinion that "Nickname" is one more than a few students use OR a specific one Tomoko uses. I have tried to provide the Japanese Original [Tm.--Ed.] of those in the respective Trivia.

      2. Thought the Second: I like the separate "tab" for Anime and Manga which allows for different pictures. You might want to "switch" them so manga goes first since most characters appear primarily in the manga

      Sadly . . . there probably will not be a Season Two :( so for some like Ucchi and Yoshida, the only "color" is from volume covers or if Tanigawa NICO ever decide to create more "official" color depictions.

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    • 1. Yes I added the nickname row because of the earlier Title fiasco we had.

      2. That's optional stuff where you can add a galery or a tabber in a portable infobox and I tried out to see how it looks but we can just use a single image in most places.

      About the new look... The portable infoboxes look the way they are, because on this wiki has the Europa theme enabled which define the style of our portable infoboxes. It is possible to customize the style of our infoboxes using themes and theme-sources but that requires someone with admin rights to add CSS classes in this wiki's Wikia.css.

      Despite this I think it's a good idea to change to portable infoboxes where applicable as a Step 1 and Step 2 is the styling which can be done later by one of the admins.

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      • Scratches Head*

      Yeah . . . that. . . .

      Seriously, I like it, and I think it helps with giving information which is what this is all about. So I took the liberty to start updating the Title and Nicknames. I think:

      Title: Who they are with respect to Tomoko and Society--"Brother," "Mother," "High School Student," "Homeroom Teacher," "Man Who Hides in the Park and Scares Children," et cetera.

      Nicknames: what Tomoko inwardly calls someone AND what others call the character.

      The last one can be difficult, and I think people just have to be reasonable. For example, for some characters like Ucchi, all she was known as for chapters was "Emoji." Tomoko still calls her that, so that is what readers know. More than one person refers to Yoshida as a "Delinquent."

      Now no one calls Tomoko "Mojo" but I think it is hard to separate her from that! Others I think are fun--like Tomoko calling Okada "Beetle-Brow" or "Forehead" however you translate it. So I think a good compromise is to indicate "who" says it. I figure something like:

      English Nickname [Japanese Kanji ・Hiragana/Katakana ・transliteration] (Who uses it)

      So for Yoshida:

      Delinquent [ヤンキー・yankee] (Tomoko and others)


      "Emoji" [絵文字・えもじ] (Tomoko)

      "Ucchi" [うっちー] (Friends)

      in the first the slang "yankee" what is used for "delinquent." With Ucchi, the hiragana is pronounced exactly like the English so no need to add it.

      And now I have to update Tomoko!

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  • Could not remember which chapter that happened in.

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  • Do not add made-up information to character infoboxes. For example, no one refers to Yuri as "Plane Jane with yandere tendencies." One might think that she is--a subject of debate--but that is not what she is known as. Thanks for the Character Navigation, though!

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    • Sorry I kind of went insane last night creating the navigtion and adding it to every character page and I got inspired by Tomoko's page where she has Mojyo and Queen as her title.

      I still stand by adding 'Goddess' as Imae Megumi's title though :)

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    • No problem, been there--I wasted a night creating a page and adding pickies for what turned out to be the wrong character!

      I asked one of the Powers That Be to sort of make up a "rule" or "guide" for such titles.

      Bear with me for a moment: "Mojyo" is connected to Tomoko primarily in the anime opening and she apparently was called "Queen" by card-playing kids. So that works.


      But with the others, it is a bit of a problem "where" the title comes from. So Imae Megumi may be a "Goddess" but who calls her that and how often?

      Do we just follow what Tomoko calls people in her head? That could work, but if someone is reading about a character that person may assume that everyone in the story refers to Mako as "Lesbo!" for example. However, I think Yoshida is "delinquent" to a few characters. I also think that "Emoji" is understood by enough people and, for a few chapters, was the only name for Ucchi, so there you go!

      Anyways, I we will see what he/she/not-sure thinks. ^^,

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    • I received a reply from this Power That Be

      I agree with him/her/not-sure-don't-pressure-me that "nicknames" are not necessarily "titles." I will see what he thinks about adding a "Nickname Section" to Inboboxes. Currently, as I suggest in my reply, WataMote really does not have much in the way of "Titles" other than "1st Year High School" or "Homeroom Teacher."

      I also agree with him/her[Get on with it!--Ed.] that most of Tomoko's internal nicknames belong in Trivia and/or the character description: "based on their confessions in Chapter Whatever, Tomoko refers to Akari and Kotomi inwardly as "the Dick Sisters.'"

      However, to take the example of Katō: if a few students refer to her as "Class Mom" that would become a nickname. As it stands, I think the only "nicknames" are Tomoko--because of the anime "Mojyo" and "Queen"--and perhaps Ucchi since she was known as "Emoji" for so many chapters. Now that I wrote that, I guess one can include the nicknames Yū uses for Tomoko and Kotomi as well as Hina's nickname "Nemo" she likes.

      Anyways, I will see what he/she thinks before altering all of the Infoboxes.


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  • We might.

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  • Hi, welcome to WataMote Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the WataMote Volume 11 Special Edition page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

    (this is an automated message, but I am a real person)

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