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  • Good afternoon, I write this message with the purpose of saying to you about all that affair of Yoshinori-Yoshida's names in the wishes paper sheets of Tanabata in chapter 162, which had already been clarified by the moment the chapter got released, as you can see, you were agree with the correction back then.

    I also take the chance by publishing this with the purpose of complement two affairs related to series which had already discussed in the past.

    • If you can remember well, it has already been discussed about the veracity of certain "What if..." chapters, and according discussion in 4chan, those ones are official material.
    • The other thing, so long ago, I shared to you a picture about a possible proto-Tomoko version page. In a thread of reddit, someone appeared like the one who published it, talking about how it was from an interview of NT which was released in 2013 year. Perhaps you have luck with finding that link the user is talking about (in my case, I got nothing more).
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    • OOh!, New comment from the user who commented the other time, well, that clarify things, I guess.

      Among other news, seemingly the artist is sick of fever, and that could delay the publishing of next chapter, please, don't be Coronavirus, ok, ok, calm myself down, breath in, breath out.

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    • Cool! I will later add it to Tomoko's Gallery with links to the discussion.

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  • I took myself the freedom of editing the articles for putting in more characters whose names do match with the one from Chiba Lotte Marines players, and I'm not aware if you already put in articles, but while I was doing the mentioned early, I found two interesting facts:

    1. It corresponds to Omake Chapter from Volume 15, being especific, by checking the Komiyama's chart of players for softball team. Unless there is any girl(s) who reported sick and who didn't attend during the sports tournament, the class 3-5 is conformed (in its female part) by at least 14 girls.
    2. Coming also from the same chart, and also under the same condition of a female student who didn't attend for tournament. While I was searching information about the 'Matsuda' of Lotte Marines for putting in the trivia section of chapter, I was wondering myself who Matsuda could be, and I remembered to the 'Girl with Short Hair', the one from psychology testincident, she is a student from class 3-5 according students shown in the match, being her the girl to whom Ucchi asked for Tomoko during suspension period, and by counting Komiyama's chart and combining it with the list of integrant of table tennis team, she is the only with no name assigned, and being logic (and just if NT decide to give her a last name, crumbling down that deduction), it must be her.
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      1. Done, furthermore, I also added a pair of trivia elements to article.
      2. I see, I have also heard rumors about Japanese people still manage fax machines, though I don't know if that's true. And I guess Japanese phone books work differently from the ones from here, I mean, how does Asuka even know Tomoko's parents first names to begin?
      3. In all these years I have been following the series, I have never found with a sketch version of Tomoko, it's for that reason I'm so renuent to believing the picture shown there is whether or not authentic.
      4. I'm going to do it, though I'm not still sure about how it should be managed the content about that specific part of her outfit in the article.
      5. I almost forgot it, for so long, I've read rumors spread around internet from people who said that the manga was going to finish in volume 20th (or chapter 200), finally, I could find where those came from, being this afterword chapter the origin.
      Watamote afterword chapter volume 10 p1-2
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    • Sorry for the delay.

      See I have to add those to Volume 10!

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  • Hey, Doc. Hope things are going well. Thank you, as usual, for all your work. As usual, I'm increasing it.

    I looked on Asuka's page and saw there isn't a relationship item about Yuu. Since Yuu is actually very important for Asuka, especially since the blessed events of Ch. 170, I thought I would offer an item for that.

    I haven't dealt with the wiki in a long time and you have your own way of doing things, so as I often do I'm sending it for your consideration:

    Yuu and Asuka

    For a long time, Asuka imagines Yuu as a spectral rival for Tomoko’s attention, from the issuer of dick pics to the one who Tomoko wants to fondle to the exalted one who talked to Tomoko during suspension, when Tomoko communicated with Asuka very little. So Yuu is a real part of Asuka’s life. As of Ch. 170, she is someone who with whom Asuka has an actual relationship.

    Asuka and Yuu both show up at Tomoko’s house to dye her hair, not knowing the other is coming. They get along well, even though Asuka lies (says she doesn’t know Yuu’s name). Yuu, in a lovely conversation between them without Tomoko around, actually straightens Asuka up about Tomoko’s attitude and actions toward her, saying that Tomoko is awkward because she is afraid of disappointing Asuka. Then, Yuu flat-out puts a finger on the volatile issue of Asuka’s jealousy, and says that she ought to be jealous of Asuka and all the “girly” stuff Asuka brings into Tomoko’s life.

    Yuu tells Asuka that she wants to go to Aoyama University, and Asuka helps her study, which almost obliterates her. As of the end of 170, Yuu as ghost has graduated to Yuu as Tomoko’s charming friend, for Asuka. How Asuka will treat her in the future is a real question.

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    • You read my mind and the last chapter sort of brings out a lot of interesting information. I am currently with intermittent internet so I have not been able to explore it. That will be solved tomorrow so I hope to expand on that. 

      Lot to think about. Notice that Asuka stares at Tomoko's toys which she arranged in a salacious fashion!

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    • It's true. She really liked those plushies.

      I don't know what the "thing" is, but it can't be clearer that Asuka has one for Tomoko. A thing is a thing.

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  • I think I already said it in the past, I had promised to read other manga from NT with the purpose of understand what it made Watamote to outstand above them.

    As I had read Choku! of beforehand, I put there again interesting elements which I found there.

    The another NT's manga which I read was Number Girl, if I had to describe it, for the moment, I'd say it's the most 'moe' work made by them, and as in Choku!, I also found interesting elements.

    • The joke of bar hostess girl didn't stop only with Tomoko.
    • I know it's not strange mangakas have the trend of making similar characters in different work of them, but I couldn't my eyes apart when I noticed the doppelganger versions of Nemo and Akane, a possible Mako/Wada, and is that a toddler Ucchi?
    • A less uncoincidentally event, but there is also the purikura.
    • And maybe this one was used like reference (well, that depends whether that chapter was published before or not) for chapter 135, the make up disaster.
    • And maybe I'm just over-seeing things, but that alien from fantasy looks kinda similar to certain well known plushie in Watamote.

    I'm not sure if this information is useful to this wiki, but I wanted to share it with you.

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    • I will look it over, thanks!

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    • Now going with "Write Sisters", unless there are other chapters which have not been translated, I'd say it's the biggest NT's failure in their career as authors, in view it had only 8 chapters and the las one doesn't show any 'end'.

      Regarding story, it can be noticed elements shared with Watamote, such as cringe seen in first chapters, as well as meta-references to otaku culture. However,  it feels like if metaverse of series goes out from boundary of 'realism', like if this were losing any factor of credibility in certain moments, and that I'm saying while having knowledge Choku! and Number Girl manage with even more unrealistic moments, yeah, I know, I myself don't know how explain I'm talking about, though of course, that is just my conclusion with basis in my reading. 

      And in what concerns to elements, this time I couldn't find so many of those,  lets see, Watamote wasn't first series in making reference to One Piece, the well known place where Tomoko and Yuri went to practice table tennis,  and I recognize it sounds too ambiguous and risky to assert it, but it seems like if those background students are wearing the school uniform of Haramaku.

      PS. By looking the appearance of those two protagonist of Write Sisters, I'm kinda curious about how the things would be if Tomoko and Asuka were sisters.

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    • And finishing with "Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise)", I'd say that together with Choku, it was one of Nico Tanigawa's series with more potential (not counting Watamote of course, that series is in another league).

      With regard to elements, the set is quite ambiguous. However, I'll post what I found.

      • Taking borrowed dad's gloves, by similar way than the happened with Tomoko's dad glasses.
      • In more one occasion, I found comments about a recycled idea concerning lo looking at someone less attractive for calming him/herself down (reference to Aoyama University), now I know what they were talking about.
      • Watamote wasn't the first NT's series in managing the No-Disneyland trip trope.
      • Bad actions aren't exclusive from Tomoko, and taking dad's credit card without permission for the buying of inappropriate +18 content seems like a common issue in middle school.
      • In a more lasting extension, the gag of Another is used once more, though this time is focused mainly in the book, instead of Anime, I mean, it's almost like an entire arc talking about that novel.
      • Because jokes about what it sees underneath skirts are never enough.
      • Reading the mood, living true to yourself, one of subjects used in second chapter of No-Disneyland trip arc.
      • Looking for familiar faces, the name of that chapter, and maybe a too convenient one by considering what one can see there, Ucchi is in everywhere.
      • Someone didn't have the same blessing than Ucchi when she got the disgusting water bottle.
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    • Once I've listed the different interesting elements which I managed to find in other Nico Tanigawa's manga, I'm going to post my ranking of these ones with basis in what I interpreted at reading them.

      1. Choku!: The first manga published by Nico Tanigawa, it could be said it's the Watamote's elder sibling, and among all other NT's works, I'd say it's the one with more potential, it can be noticed authors were experiencing with their characters, there are cringe humor with extravagant elements which almost touch into the surrealist mood and sometimes something very sadist, the protagonists are interesting and it's fun their interactions, and there are also misunderstandings which accumulate until moment of big catharsis, this manga is the closest what NT has made regarding developing a romantic story (by their very peculiar way), which I appreciate a lot. If there is something which I'd consider a fail in this series, it's the fact the male protagonist frequently doesn't have pants to make front to the girl when situation gets more awkward, literal and figurative talking (You'll understand by reading it). It's a shame Choku! didn't keep on, I'd like to have seen a real conclusion of relationship between its protagonists.
      2. Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise): The last one manga made in parallel with Watamote by authors, and which ended up with an open finale, in view this one got cancelled due its low sales, more than one in 4chan blamed Watamote because of that. If there is something which I have to give thanks to this series, it's this gave leadership to male characters (one thing which its lacking in Watamote is still frustrating for me). One can find there cringe, misunderstandings, and references to novels, being the latter one an important argumentative pivot in story; one can notice a slight character development in characters as one goes reading the manga. However, I'd say there are two main fails, the 4koma format in it definitively doesn't help to course of story, because this does it feel paced, and that goes strongly linked with the other issue, around 70% of story is set in school library, and when it isn't so, characters spends big part of time reading novels, I know literature is a main aspect of this series, but it does the same feels claustrophobic, if in Watamote this aspect is a slight problem, in Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise), not even in Watamote characters spend a big part of talking about either manga or anime; and in a lesser aspect, whereas characters aren't necessary hateable, they lack of enough desirability for you to care about them. For concluding, Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise) finished where it seemed an important twist for story, which it's a shame because in case of not having been cancelled, this could have given to it a new breath of fresh air.
      3. Number Girl: Among all mangas from this list, this manages the most fanciful setting. I said it already in the past, all the mangas created by Nico Tanigawa exist in a same Universe, except for this one, that unless it's set in a far future where the Number Girls are actually modified clones made from Tomoko's cells, though I can't imagine why scientists would use Tomoko's DNA for that purpose, ok no, I'm branching off from core subject. Talking about plot, this is filled with cringe, misunderstandings, and a little of philosophy in story, I myself must admit I laughed more by reading Number Girl than with other 3 mangas from this ranking, at difference of Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise) where the 4koma format played against of it, with Number Girl, this isn't a problem, maybe it helps the fact characters is constantly changing of location. However, it holds a big problem which I couldn't look away my sight, series manage a big amount of characters, and this causes not all of them have the enough screen-time for developing them the enough (a similar problem shared by Watamote), and given the fact of what it says in its premise, this is counterproductive, it's like reading a manga about Emoji Gang, where only two of them outstand, and the other three are little more than background characters, and even so, the outstanding two are memorable just because of either a change in their appearance or a gag built in past chapters, that is like I felt Number Girl, perhaps with more duration, that problem could have been corrected.
      4. Write Sisters: Probably the one with the most premature end. Charged with the proper Nico Tanigawa's cringe humor and references to otaku environment. Although I consider its premise a pretty interesting one, as well as how this could be developing itself, the elements involved around this manga, as well as the cause-effect relation feels quite implausible and unrealistic, and that the events which happen in Choku! and Number Girl are way more extravagant and out of place, in some way I feel the plot of Write Sisters is quite unbelievable like as for that I can buy it; and it's pretty clear series was cancelled instead of having at least an open finale. Who knows, if series would have lasted a little more, perhaps this could have been more outstanding.

      I must put clear this listing, I did it with basis in my observations and my likings, it isn't absolute truth, though you're free to debate it.

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  • Hi. I just wrote up a wordy update on Shizuku's page, showing that chapters 157 and 158 show a developing but real and stable senpai/kouhai relationship between Tomoko and her.

    If you would put up whatever seems appropriate, I'd appreciate it. I'm very tired and inert, and you can put it in a sharper form:

    Evidence of a continuing and stable senpai/kouhai relationship between Tomoko and Shizuku appears in Ch. 157. Tomoko, who is just beginning her suspension, has remembered that she was going to have lunch with Shizuku and gives her a call to let her know. Yuri, who finds Shizuku alone at lunch, tells her that Tomoko has been suspended and Shizuku tells her that her senpai informed her of that. This bemuses Yuri, who feels out of the loop.

    In Chapter 158, before the 157 incident, while looking out a window, Tomoko sees Shizuku walking by and realizes she needs to call and tell her they won’t be having lunch.

    These things suggest that since Tomoko took a leap of faith and comforted Shizuku as Megumi comforted her, she has taken her senpai responsibilities seriously, a huge change from when she first assumed the role because she wanted to use Shizuku for her own purposes.

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    • No problem! I will take a look at it in a few hours and add it to the article!

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  • Greetings, I wanted to ask you if you have read the second part of radio interview made to Ikko.

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    • I did link it to the NicoTanigawa article. I started skimming it because the intervieweres were silly and Nico clearly does not want to give away a lot of information about himself or the series. He does admit changes, but what series does not develop.

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    • "He does admit changes, but what series does not develop."

      That sounds contradictory, taking in account all it has happened along series.

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    • I do not see why it would be. Unless he sat down and mapped out a 200+ chapter series, his characters will develop as they will. It is not as if he wanted 200+ of constant and increasing cringe until Tomoko was either arrested, committed suicide, destroyed the school, or joined a J-Pop group but then suddenly thought, "well, what if she went to Disney World?"

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  • I don't know, but in context the term "boastful" as applied to Yoshida in Ch. 158 sounds like "bold" or gutsy", "boastful" in the sense of ready to rumble.

    This is my usual blind guess based upon nonexistent Japanese.

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    • It is more "lively" but I wonder if it can carry the idea of "intimidating." Well, the World Three translation is out so I will compare notes!

      Well, I am not sure they can justify some of their translations which are rather loose and use too many American idioms.

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  • After a while of checking, and thanks to using Tomoki's appearances as basis, I could find the ones of Nakamura.


    • Volume 01 Chapter 4
    • Volume 02: Chapter 13
    • Volume 04: Chapter 35
    • Volume 05: Chapter 41
    • Volume 08: Chapter 70.5
    • Volume 09: Chapter 88
    • Volume 10: Chapters 91, 94, 95
    • Volume 12: Chapter 111
    • Volume 14: Chapter 141
    • Volume 15: Chapter 146
    • TBA: Chapters 156

    Excepting chapters 88 and 94, where I'm not totally sure if the guy who appears is actually him, you can confirm the rest.

    By the way, I'm not sure if you got to read my other comment.

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  • Hey!

    I was wondering about the translation of the "Rumor" section of the ch. 156 narrative summary.

    Describing Akari's thoughts:

    "Akari starts to calmly reply while wondering if she should respond that it is fine since she is her best friend."

    I'm not really sure what this means. I was also wondering about whether you disagree with World Three in their interpretation. They rendered that sentence as Akari wondering whether if she punched Sayaka, Sayaka would forgive her since they are friends.

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    • In this translation, World Free is VERY loose, adding words and intepretations.

      With Akari, she does not, in anyway, in any interpretation, says "punch."

      She says what is in the summary. I rendered it literally. She says: 親友だしグーでいってもいいかな. This is "Because she is my best friend is it also good (should I) say 'good?'" In other words, Akari is getting pissed, but given her attempt to tolerate her friend who always supports her crush on Tomoki, she is trying to let it pass since she is her "best friend." Akari does not appear to be the type to punch anyone. She does not punch Sayaka when she rants to her about moving on from saying she wanted to see Tomoki's dick in their classroom.

      They do a better job than I do, and faster, but there are a lot of loose to mistranslations that miss the point:

      • Miss Fūka thinking Tomoko says "dick."
      • Miss what Miyazaki recalls what Uchi said: this is important since Uchi asks Miyazaki if she and Tomoko are together without finishing the sentence. Miyazaki thought that Uchi was asking if they were "friends." With the montage, Miyazaki is starting to wonder what Uchi meant which is probably why she wants to find out what Tomoko has been saying about Uchi.
      • Suspended?: wrong word. Heck, there is no indication that Ogino had Tomoko suspended for the Searching for Dick Incident.

      However, they figured out that when Tomoko seems to literally thank Asuka for giving her "sexual harassment to study hard" Tomoko probably means that Asuka interpreting a "non-sexual harassment" move like touching her hair--though do not try that at work!--as touching "down there"--has given her the energy to study harder given her explanation that touching Yū helped her when she was fatigued.

      So no one is perfect!

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    • Sounds like translating Japanese is a bitch.

      I don't really understand what Akari meant in its literal sense, though.

      I read a lot of Japanese stuff and am stunned by some of the divergence over the "literal" sense. Sometimes I wonder whether it isn't infinitely more tonal and associative than English is.

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    • It is since it is so "different" from the languages that we get English from. Translation is always interpretation, whatever language one translates into another. I find appeals to "literal translation" hilarious since you cannot do that with most particularly since sentence structures can be completely different. You get a mess. The phrase "dream a dream" in English comes from the Hebrew practice of combining the verb form with the noun form of the relevant root to describe an activity to give an example.

      She is basically saying that since Sayaka is her best friend she guesses that it is best for her to just tell her "it is fine" rather than explode over Sayaka's accusations regarding her "needs" with regards to dicks!

      Japanese is not tonal as in stress and accent changing meaning. Length of vowels can do that. The idioms are different and require interpretation and that you cannot always get from bloody textbooks--though I have one on "dirty Japanese" from long ago that explains what "Butter Dogs" are!

      As with my comment on origins of language, unlike French or Spanish when one finds words that come from the same origins, you do not get that with Japanese. Every word is "different" including loan words since they pronounce them the way they want and meanings change over time.

      Where I do object to World Free is when they change the meaning. From the previous chapter, the Auther included the censored Japanese rendering of "fuck" for a specific reason. Tomoko is trying to sound "cool" and "delinquent" and "speak Masaki's language" and all of that. It comes out as rude as it is suppose to be. Like the Late Great R. Lee Ermy saying to Pvt. Joker, "I like you! Hell, you can come over and fuck my sister!"

      Rendering it as "have your way with my brother" just . . . well . . . we completely miss what Tomoko is doing. Further, Masaki does not react as Tomoko would expect, but I do not think Tomoko has fully grasped how uncomfortable Masaki is with sex. Hilarious given the NEXT chapter! Anyways, does Masaki finally "put two and two together" and figure out the "Punk" she flirted with is Tomoko's brother, given she heard he is a brother of one of her friends?

      But . . .

      Many chapters ago, Kii asks Tomoko what she likes, and Tomoko responds, "I like rape!" 

      Then I realized she meant "rap music." 😰

      Made for an "interesting" interpretation of the scene between the two in Tomoko's room!

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  • I really appreciate your translation of ch. 155. World Three hasn't released a scanlation yet and I'm beginning to wonder whether they (she?) will.

    It means a lot to me that so many people do so many things I enjoy so much for no money from me.

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    • My pleasure.

      They have to take the time to clean away the Japanese and then fit in the English. I am glad they are usually able to provide a translation in two or three days.

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    • I'm grateful to them as well. They usually move at staggering speed. This is a really important chapter, so I'm glad they're not.

      I wasn't criticizing them. As a matter of fact, I don't know how they do what they do. Other than Mieru, how many people are there in the team? Not many.

      For better or worse, I think this chapter represents a major turning point, toward what I do not know. But some central questions that have been obscured by a lot of gentleness in the previous chapters are emerging in force.

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