Miyazaki (宮崎 みやざき?), is Tomoko's third year classmate and one of Emiri Uchi's friends.


Miyazaki begins as one of Uchi's friends of whom initially much is not known. She did not interact with Tomoko significantly other than being pressed against her in the train they ride to school in Chapter 117, but she becomes more aware of her as do all of Uchi's friends from Uchi talking about Tomoko without apparently naming her. She does have Mako Tanaka's phone number on her phone.


From her limited appearances, Miyazaki seems a pleasant person. She does not know Tomoko other than as the girl Uchi talks about.


Miyazaki has long hair worn in a ponytail with front bangs. Like many female characters depicted in the black-and-white manga, her hair has no color which suggests it may be dyed blond like Yū Naruse's or brown like Okada's. Chapter 144.1 reveals that her natural color is dark. She is slightly taller than Uchi.


  • None


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Emiri Uchi

As one of Uchi's friends, she is the first to have her name revealed. They share three other currently unnamed friends. Chapter 145 reveals that she believes Tomoko is a friend of Uchi, and, for reasons unspecified, she and Uchi have drifted apart recently.


A mutual friend of Ucchi and Miyazaki who has light short hair. Chapter 129 reveals that she has a boyfriend.

Mako Tanaka

Mako does know her since she has her number on her phone.

Tomoko Kuroki

Miyazaki initially only knows her as "the girl you're [Uchi] always talking about." Miyazaki has come to think of her as Uchi's friend. What Uchi has said about Tomoko over a year of time in the story remains unrevealed. They share the same train to and from school, and Tomoko tends to get pressed against her when the train is crowded. Uchi see this and is shocked by it in Chapter 145.


  • Miyazaki is a prefecture of Kyūshū. 宮 (みや・miya) means "shrine" and 崎 (ざき・zaki) means "promontory" and "cape."
  • While she does not officially appear in the anime, a number of well-known characters from the manga such as Hina Nemoto appear without being named. There is a girl with a brown ponytail similar to Miyazaki's. Hina's hair color in the anime is the same color of brown.
  • She shares her name with Chiba Lotte Marines pitcher Atsushi Miyazaki.



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