Reina (麗奈 れいな?), usually pronounced "Rena," is one of Yoshida's two consistent friends notable for her hair and hats perpetually obscuring her eyes in shadow.


Reina begins as one of Yoshida's two unnamed friends along with Anna Haruna. Tomoko and others view her as a "delinquent" like Yoshida and Anna. She initially appears dismissive of Yoshida over her devotion to for copyright and trademark purposes Not Tōkyō Disney, and the two have had violent conflicts initiated by Yoshida. However, the two remain friends, and Reina does


Reina initially appears Despite Tomoko's characterization of her, Yoshida, and Anna as "delinquents," she does not denigrate others such as Tomoko or Futaki. Instead, she invites them to play a video version of majong in Chapter 147. In that chapter she claims that she will attend a vocational school after high school. She acts friendly to Tomoko when she meets her on a train and later includes Mako and Yuri blah!


She has long presumably dyed-blond hair which perpetually casts a shadow over her eyes.


  • None


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Masaki Yoshida

She does not understand Yoshida's love of childish and cute things which occasionally elicits the latter's wrath.

Anna Haruna

Tomoko Kuroki

Miyazaki initially only knows her as "the girl you're [Uchi] always talking about." Miyazaki has come to think of her as Uchi's friend. What Uchi has said about Tomoko over a year of time in the story remains unrevealed. They share the same train to and from school, and Tomoko tends to get pressed against her when the train is crowded. Uchi see this and is shocked by it in Chapter 145.

In Chapter 152, she learns that Tomoko is the one Uchi has a crush on. While Tomoko of course has no idea that Uchi has a crush on her, Miyazaki supports the two developing a "close friendship," which suggests that she and Uchi's other close friends have come to assume that Tomoko would share such a crush.

Shiki Futaki

Mako Tanaka

Mako Tanaka


  • A Girl has a Name!": Based on the furigana, Anna and Yoshida pronounce her name "Reina" in Chapter 147 and Chapter 155 respectfully. Given that the first kanji (麗) has the on-yomi reading of "rei (レイ)," this suggests that "Reina" is her actual first name with "Rena" being a nickname. However, Yoshida will later pronounce the kanji to Tomoko as "Rena."



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