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Sachi Mima (美馬 サチ Mima Sachi?) Sachi Mima (美馬サチ) is a friend of Minami notable for being drawn without a face for most of her appearances until recent chapters. For much of the series with Koharu, she is part of a group with two other similarly faceless girls who collectively appear to spend much of their time denigrating others.


Little was known about Sachi for most of the series. She, like Koharu's other two friends Nori and Maki, was depicted without a face. They all enjoy badmouthing their classmates and each other behind their backs. This changes in Chapter 188 when Sachi observes Koharu with Shiki Futaki and her posse of otaku at the arcade. She acquires a face which thus far since then appears and disappears. She subsequently destroys their group by taking the opportunity of Koharu's misspeaking to reveal to all of them how much they denigrate one another. She explains to the stunned Koharu that their absence will give her the free time to study; however, she then spends lunch time alone to avoid being seen alone. Shiki notices her alone and informs Koharu with the hope that the two can reconcile. Koharu does try, and after a heated exchange, Sachi agrees to have lunch with her provided that she does not invite Shiki.

She unwittingly meets with Shiki again in Chapter 203.

The Volume 20 Omake reveals that as a first-year student she had her unpleasant tendencies while retaining a modicum of a conscience. In that chapter, she has and loses her face. In order to be accepted by Koharu, she shares in denigrating a student from another school who died even though she feels it is wrong.

It is not until Chapter 191 that her last name was revealed by Emiri Uchi. Koharu and others "speak in katakana," which suggests "Sachi/Sacchi," is a diminution of her first name similar to Yū's nickname for Tomoko.


For the vast majority of her Faceless existence, Sachi is a snide, cruel, manipulative, self-centered, and other negative adjectives that escape WataMote Wiki's attention that all combine to justify the Proper English name for a female canine. With her breaking up of her group during the Koharu Arc, small bits of her personality come out. She is seen sitting behind Yuri on a train listening to Yuri's conversation with Tomoko. She later raises the same subject with her group. Though she claims she will use the free time to study and feigns satisfaction with losing her friends, she fears being seen as a loner and eats lunch alone in the same place that Tomoko, then Tomoki seek refuge. She meets Tomoki there and assumes, when he talks to her, that he is trying to hit on her. When he does not pursue her further, and seems cool and disinterested, Sachi confesses to herself that that is the sort of boy she could fall for.

Desperate to avoid lunch with the Killer Chef and her Hapless Boyfriend, Koharu seeks her out, and the two agree to have lunch together. Sachi even makes the effort, despite continuously denouncing it as "annoying," to give Koharu a proper birthday party. She even agrees to sing to her. However, later she spats, "Die, Pig!" to Koharu. At the time of this edit, it appears Sachi is a "work in progress," so "stay tuned!"

The Volume 20 Omake depicts her as a middle school student. Faceless, she listens to a news reports as she readies herself for school about a boy who died skateboarding into a highway and laughs and denigrates him. When she joins a group that includes Yuri, Mako, and Koharu, when the subject of this boy comes up, she, Faceless, wonders about denigrating a boy who died. Nevertheless, she chooses to denigrate him which Koharu eagerly joins in with her.


Without her face, she appears like any anonymously drawn character. With her face, she appears to be a beautiful girl, though Koharu contends that her face is like a "mask," and insists she is cuter. Her eyes are depicted without a distinction between her pupils and irides. In her color appearance for the WataMote 10th Anniversary materials, reproduced in the Gallery, her eyes appear a deep grey. She normally has near-shoulder length black hair parted in the middle.

Your Face

WataMote currently depicts two characters with unrealistic faces: Emiri Uchi and Shiki Futaki. As their respective character pages explain, their faces eventually vary to more realistic depictions depending on the situation. Similarly, Sachi's lack of her face appears to make her to be like many other anonymously drawn characters whose actual character is not important. Indeed for much of the series, she is just that: a stereotype of a "mean girl" who elevates herself by denigrating others.

Her recent periodic acquisition and loss of her face might suggest that when she has her face her true character emerges. The problem with that interpretation is in the thus far few moments when she is honest, such as in a flashback to her first year, she has no face. WataMote Wiki will thus leave it to the Noble Readership to contemplate why she has and has not a face in the given circumstances. It is interesting, however, that when Shiki sees her alone, she mentally makes the equation that the faceless girl who insulted her is the girl who acquired her face for the first time when she confronted Koharu.

The meaning of all of this? As always, "stay tuned!"


  • None


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Koharu Minami

Koharu, Sachi, Maki, and Nori comprised a group of four girls who spend their time denigrating others. Sachi first appears entering the bathroom with Koharu where they then proceed to denigrate Tomoko. Since that initial appearance, she largely existed as a member of the trio of faceless girls who hung around with Koharu. As noted, the Volume 20 Omake reveals that she approached Koharu to denigrate a boy who died in an accident to gain her favor. How she moved from that stage to considering herself the leader of the group is currently not known.

Sachi never appeared as an actual friend to Koharu. While Koharu would seek her out, Sachi would denigrate her behind her back, though Koharu appeared aware of this. When her plans to gain favor from others during the trip to Totally Not Disney World for Copyright Reasons falls apart, Koharu refuses to join the trio when invited since she fears they will denigrate her for being unable to find a group.

Their relationship changes significantly when Koharu finds herself alone in a different class. She tries to have lunch with them in their classroom to their quiet ridicule. When she starts to hang out with the curious Shiki, and Sachi discovers this, Sachi acquires her face for the first time and makes clear her disapproval. She subsequently takes the opportunity of Koharu accidentally letting slip their derogatory nickname for Maki's boyfriend to destroy the group. She does compliment Koharu for making it all fun while claiming that she now has more time for study for her college entrance exams. Nevertheless, Sachi finds herself alone. Koharu does seek her out. Sachi initially reacts as if she expects Koharu to denigrate her for being alone, and she goes so far as to call her "fat,"[1] which will become her consistent insult towards Koharu.

With Koharu's insistence, she does agree to have lunch with her provided she never invites Shiki. Later she does, despite her inward complaints, gives Koharu a small and private birthday party like she and Maki and Nori would in the past. Koharu even convinces her to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Nevertheless, Sachi will still angrily insult Koharu. At this point, their relationship appears a "work in progress," in that Sachi initially wanted to be accepted in a group, enjoyed denigrating others with her, then in her own way missed her. She assumed Koharu would only belittle her. Why she would, despite her continued inward complaining, go through the efforts to give Koharu a birthday party, remains unknown. It seems that she does want Koharu around, but she also fears that Koharu will see herself as better than her.

Maki & Nori

These two currently faceless girls were part of the Sachi's group with Koharu. In Chapter 189 she decides to destroy the group by letting out that they make fun of Nori's boyfriend behind her back. Currently, Nori actively ignores her while Maki enjoys emphasizing how alone Sachi is by having conversations with others near her desk.

Tomoko Kuroki

She currently has very little direct relationship with Tomoko. In her first actual appearance, she apparently followed Koharu to the bathroom to find Mako who left their lunch together muttering "about Kuroki-san," according to Koharu. In the bathroom, her comment about Tomoko is muffled by Mako pressing her hands to Tomoko's ears so she cannot hear what Sachi and Koharu will say about her. Sachi appears to view Tomoko as a "loser," but she has noticed that Tomoko has acquired a collection of friends.

Yuri Tamura

In the series thus far, Sachi has little to no direct involvement with Yuri. However, a few flashbacks show that she, Yuri, Mako, and Koharu formed a group. While not shown, Yuri clearly decided to leave the group and only associate with Mako. However, Yuri is not forgotten, and, with her face, Sachi quietly sits behind her on a train listening to her conversation with Tomoko.

This potentially changes when she overhears Yuri discuss acting with Tomoki in a café. After he leaves, she approaches her to sarcastically observe that she has become very talkative.

Mako Tanaka

Mako was a member of Sachi's earlier group of friends that included Koharu, Nori, and Maki. Mako joined their group, to Yuri's irritation, during the class trip to Kyōto. Thus far, there has been little direct interaction between the two. The two do share lunch with Koharu, but Sachi denigrates Masaki Yoshida which elicits Mako's silent anger.

Tomoki Kuroki

They first encounter one another in Chapter 192-2 when they both choose the same place to eat lunch alone. She assumes he is a loner. Making conversation, Tomoki asks what class she is in, she tells him and asks him if has any acquaintances from the third year. He replies that he has plenty. When she asks if they include girls, he responds that some of them are. She follows up to ask if they are from his club, but Tomoki, still looking ahead, responds that they have been to his home.

With her face, she wonders if he is a "playboy (ヤリチン・yarichin)" who has had countless girls over to his home, then losing her face, she assumes that he is hitting on her. If he wished to be alone, he would not have sat next to her. She recalls being with Minami in their festival dress chatting with two anonymous boys. With her face back, she inwardly notes that Tomoki seems quiet and playing it cool which makes the encounter appear mysterious and unreal.

Since that time, and at the time of this edit, the two have met for quiet lunches. Unpacking this, Sachi assumes that Tomoki must have a high self-esteem and confidence, and she admits that she could fall for such a guy. For his part, while he does not inwardly voice it, it appears that Tomoki appreciates a girl who is not overtly pursuing him. Where it will all lead . . . stay tuned!

Shiki Futaki

The two have no material interaction until Sachi sees Koharu with her at the arcade and calls her a "creep (キモい)." Shiki repeats it out loud to her Otaku Posse, and when she sees Sachi later, she mentally recalls her both with and without a face calling her that. When Minami inadvertently calls out to Shiki when she and Sachi are playing with the "Coffee Cup" ride, and the irritated Sachi feigns friendliness and asks if she wants to join them, Shiki replies, "I'm a creep, though, is it okay?" Sachi wonders how she could remember, and her opinion of "this bitch" does not change. Privately to Koharu, she rages that she hates girls like Shiki who will not read the mood and fit in with everyone else. When they break the ride, Shiki insists on fixing it to Sachi's further irritation. In response to Sachi's demands that she learn to fit in, Shiki admits while she does not fit in they could fit in with her and help her.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Annoying."
  • "I've got the slimmer body. You're just fat, Koharu-chan."
  • "Eh!? A playboy!? He's had countless girls come over to his house!? What's going on here!? Now I think about it, he's totally hitting on me right now. . . . If he wanted to be alone, he wouldn't have needed to sit next to me. I've been hit on countless times before, but this is on another level. Normally, I'm wary of guys calling out to girls and trying to leave a gaudy impression on them... But this guy is tight-lipped and playing it cool. Making it feel like and mysterious and unreal encounter." – about Tomoki
  • "Having high self-esteem but somehow ending up all alone. Seeking some kind of charm to make their heart pound. If I was a girl like that, I might fall for him easily. Wait, I'm like that. I wind up alone as result of badmouthing Maki's boyfriend only to immediately become attracted to a younger guy. . . . Hilarious!" – about Tomoki
  • "Eh? I mean, yeah, it was funny, but should we really be joking about it? The kid died, after all..." – about Koharu
  • "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Koharu-chan, happy birthday to you!" – to Koharu
  • "Hyaaaaaaa!"
  • "I hate girls who can't read the mood and fit in and don't live like girls should." – about Shiki Futaki


  • Manabu Mima: appears to be the inspiration for her surname. WataMote Wiki is sure that the Noble Readership will be stunned and forced to take a seat when informed he currently pitches for the Chiba Lotte Marines.



  1. WataMote Wiki wouldn't go so far as to call the sister fat.


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