• I hope it does. I wanna see the  growth of this character because she is intelligent, adorable and I find her as a true-type (if not 100%) depiction of people with neurotic tendencies. I also think she has such a distinct and strong sense of individuality it is really fun watching her and hearing her think. It is also fun how she is once, in the manga, compared to Kii as the lesser mature person and more energetic. I wonder what would be her life plans too. It would be interesting to know what she would want to do. I think she wouldn't make a bad seiyuu but at the end it would be more miraculous and welcomed if she became a doctor or mathematician or something people did not expect (Why do I have a feeling she might become a part-time teacher?) But I really love Tomoko's character. She is quite unique in the anime world. Not considered sexy or pretty but I find her beautiful in many ways. Love to know what you guys think of her future. 

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    • I will stick with Tomoko the whole way, even if it includes her university days. i've always seen watamote as this strange mix between social anxiety amd hormones, which is more of a high school thing. i kind of hope that Tomoko in university will at least be mature enough to seek help for her social anxiety, or else it will ruin her whole life.

      right now, tomoko has a incredibly negative view on how her future is gonna look like, i sure as hell hope she doesn't become a NEET, and will instead at least try until she can't try anymore.

      Hopefully she will with some support of yuu and komiyama get better. she doesn't need to become a "social" chick, but she needs to become a person who can feel better about herself.

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    • It probably won't, but I'd love it if it did. A character like Tomoko has the potential to be deep and complex, and is unrivaled in the manga world. Her story needs to be viewed from all stages of life.

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