• Do not add made-up information to character infoboxes. For example, no one refers to Yuri as "Plane Jane with yandere tendencies." One might think that she is--a subject of debate--but that is not what she is known as. Thanks for the Character Navigation, though!

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    • Sorry I kind of went insane last night creating the navigtion and adding it to every character page and I got inspired by Tomoko's page where she has Mojyo and Queen as her title.

      I still stand by adding 'Goddess' as Imae Megumi's title though :)

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    • No problem, been there--I wasted a night creating a page and adding pickies for what turned out to be the wrong character!

      I asked one of the Powers That Be to sort of make up a "rule" or "guide" for such titles.

      Bear with me for a moment: "Mojyo" is connected to Tomoko primarily in the anime opening and she apparently was called "Queen" by card-playing kids. So that works.


      But with the others, it is a bit of a problem "where" the title comes from. So Imae Megumi may be a "Goddess" but who calls her that and how often?

      Do we just follow what Tomoko calls people in her head? That could work, but if someone is reading about a character that person may assume that everyone in the story refers to Mako as "Lesbo!" for example. However, I think Yoshida is "delinquent" to a few characters. I also think that "Emoji" is understood by enough people and, for a few chapters, was the only name for Ucchi, so there you go!

      Anyways, I we will see what he/she/not-sure thinks. ^^,

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    • I received a reply from this Power That Be

      I agree with him/her/not-sure-don't-pressure-me that "nicknames" are not necessarily "titles." I will see what he thinks about adding a "Nickname Section" to Inboboxes. Currently, as I suggest in my reply, WataMote really does not have much in the way of "Titles" other than "1st Year High School" or "Homeroom Teacher."

      I also agree with him/her[Get on with it!--Ed.] that most of Tomoko's internal nicknames belong in Trivia and/or the character description: "based on their confessions in Chapter Whatever, Tomoko refers to Akari and Kotomi inwardly as "the Dick Sisters.'"

      However, to take the example of Katō: if a few students refer to her as "Class Mom" that would become a nickname. As it stands, I think the only "nicknames" are Tomoko--because of the anime "Mojyo" and "Queen"--and perhaps Ucchi since she was known as "Emoji" for so many chapters. Now that I wrote that, I guess one can include the nicknames Yū uses for Tomoko and Kotomi as well as Hina's nickname "Nemo" she likes.

      Anyways, I will see what he/she thinks before altering all of the Infoboxes.


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