• Re-Edited Below: This is NOT a Request to Settle a Dispute! . . . just want some input. Re-reading it, I think what I wrote could give the impression this request to settle a dispute so I have completely edited this.

    I just want some input on deciding what are and are not legitimate character titles in the Info Box. Another user spent a night adding Character Navigation to character pages--nice!--and also character titles. Looking over I happened to catch a few that seems "questionable": such as Akari as "Dick Sister Junior" or Katō as "Class Mom" Yuri as "Plane Jane with yandere tendencies." 

    We sort of wonder what is and is not a legitimate title. For example, should all students be "Students?" I would agree with him that Tomoko is "mojyo" and "Queen" given the first is her literal "booking card" in the anime opening titles, and "Queen" is something a bunch of card playing kids call her, even though no one else does. I would not include "The Dark Lady" she calls herself in just one chapter's fantasy.

    Cool! Do we extend HER inner nicknames and slurs so Akari and Kotomi become "Dick Sisters?" No one else knows them as that. However, for a number of chapters Ucchi was only known as "Emoji," and I think other characters recognized that.

    Anyways, would welcome your input.

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    • "title" doesn't seem like the right term to use, probably "nickname" would be better. And a nickname is really something more than one persons uses, so the inner ones could be added as necessary in the article or trivia section but not the infobox.

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    • Thanks for the reply. I agree with "Title" being, well, a "title" like "Student," "Teacher," or "Parent." For WataMote, that is pretty much what you are going to get--there is no "Grand Inquisitor of the Holy See" so far!

      There are some Wiki that simply add a "nickname" spot to the infoboxes of characters, and those are sort of accepted and understood nicknames used by the character, other characters, blah . . . blah. Say if there was a "Cool Hand Luke" Wiki, you would have "Lucas Jackson" with a nickname "Cool Hand Luke," and "Dragline," "Society Red" . . . blah . . . blah.

      I am a bit loath to alter infoboxes on my own or certainly tell another editor to do that. So to use Ucchi as an example:

      Perhaps she should have a "Nickname"--say under "Title"--section for "Emoji" which, I think, was used enough in chapters to be a "nickname."

      For Mako, who I think meets your criteria for "the inner ones," I think that is best in the "Trivia": "Tomoko refers to her as 'Lesbo' because in Chapter blah . . . blah . . . yadda . . . yadda." That also works for Akari and Kotomi ala "Dick Sisters" and the like.

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    • I added "Little Fanged Bitch" to Koharu Minami's Title, now re-reading your reply above, thought better of it and removed it. There are characters like Tomoko, Kotomi, and now Hina Nemoto who have nicknames they use. Then there are the "Inward" ones that only Tomoko uses save for Ucchi who is, well, "Emoji" ^^,

      Anyways, if you want to add a "Nickname" section to the Infobox that might be a good thing for shared nicknames that readers encounter in both the English and Japanese.

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