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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!

Title: Because I'm Not Popular, I'll Give Thanks

Published: 20 October 2016

Volume TBA

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Next Chapter → 106


After the winter break, Ucchi brings back a box of cookies she got from her trip to Hokkaido. She hands them out to her friends and decides to give the extras to her group mates from the Kyoto trip: Yuri, Yoshida, and Tomoko. Unable to confront a “sleeping” Tomoko, Ucchi simply stuffs the cookies in Tomoko’s jacket pocket and leaves. Later on, Ucchi gets creeped out when she finds a “thank you” note from Tomoko in her shoe locker.

Long Summary

Winter break is over so Tomoko is back in school. She sits down alone while her classmates discuss what they did over the break. Ucchi brings back White Lovers Biscuits as a souvenir from her trip to Hokkaido. After handing them out to her friends, she is left with six. Ucchi contemplates taking them home but decides it’s better to offer them to her Kyoto group mates.

The first person she approaches is Yuri, who is busy listening to music at her desk. Yuri questions Ucchi’s kind gesture, which prompts Ucchi to remind Yuri that they were in the same field trip group. After this reminder, Yuri accepts the cookie, albeit still with some uncertainty. Next, Ucchi looks for Yoshida but is unable to find her at her desk. She goes out of the classroom and spots Yoshida leaning against an open window. Ucchi hands her a cookie, and she gets questioned again. This makes Ucchi privately judge them, believing that they have no friends because of their attitude. When Ucchi explains that she is giving her the cookie because they are in the same class and happened to be in the same field trip group, Yoshida angrily calls her liar. Ucchi is incredulous and gives up on trying to be nice so she simply tells Yoshida to take the cookie and throw it away if she doesn’t like it. Yoshida finally relents and tries the cookie. She then angrily declares that the cookie tastes “fuckin’ amazing!” Despite Yoshida’s overall positive reaction to the cookie, Ucchi is unhappy with the way Yoshida expressed herself and tells her to talk like a normal person.

Ucchi begins to regret giving out souvenirs to her group mates but decides to give one to Tomoko as well since she already gave some to the other two. Ucchi finds Tomoko with her head down on her her desk. As she stands next to Tomoko, she begins to worry that it might make Tomoko pine after her again. Unbeknown to her, Tomoko is just pretending to be sleeping. She turns her head to the side and sees Ucchi’s reflection on the window. To remain anonymous, Ucchi quickly stuffs the rest of the cookies in Tomoko’s jacket pocket and runs out of the classroom. After she leaves, Tomoko digs the cookies out of her pocket to inspect them. Mako, who just walked in, informs her that Ucchi was giving out souvenirs to everyone in class. Tomoko correctly assumes that Ucchi did not want to talk to her but decides that she should still thank her. She incorrectly believes that Ucchi is trying hard to fit in with the cool kids so having someone like her talk to her (Ucchi) in front of them would hurt her reputation.

After school, Ucchi and her friends walk to their shoe lockers and discuss where to eat. Ucchi is distracted with thoughts about what Tomoko might have done with the snacks. When she opens her locker, she is surprised to find a “thank you” note from Tomoko. One of her friends ask her if it’s a love letter, and Ucchi simply says how creepy this is. She privately wonders how Tomoko knew it was her who gave her the snacks, and questions why Tomoko had to write a letter to thank her.


In order of appearance:


  • Ucchi mentions to Yuri and Yoshida that they were in the same field trip group. This took place between chapters 7180.


  • The cookie box Ucchi brought back is the 18 count one, which costs approximately 50 USD.
  • Ucchi is under the impression that Yuri and Yoshida have no friends, which means that she is unaware that Mako and Yuri are close friends.
  • Even though Ucchi thought the least of Tomoko, Tomoko actually received 4 cookies, which is the most out of anyone.

Cultural References

  • Shiroi Koibito, the White Lover Cookies Ucchi brings back from Hokkaido are actually a very popular souvenir, as these cookies are only sold there.

Memorial Moments

  • Yoshida forgetting who is Ucchi.


“Liar. I don’t know who the hell you are, or what you’re after, but I’m not buying it.” – (Yoshida to Ucchi)