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Chapter 174
Cover c174.png
Volume Number Volume 18
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular, training camp days.
Published March 4, 2020
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


The cover depicts TomokoMiho, and Fūka in their beds. Tomoko sleeps to Fūka's right in her "chick" pajamas. Miho sleeps to her left embracing a body pillow whilst wearing cat blinders. Fūka lays awake with her arms folded. She looks over at the sleeping Tomoko. She inwardly complains that though she has watched Tomoko the entire day, aside from one strange look at Miho, Tomoko had not done anything suspicious. Still, she rationalizes, since Tomoko has her, Miho, and Asuka as objects of her libido, she cannot let down her guard. She reminds herself that there is still that subject of Asuka's "hair" that she needs to resolve, and she has four days to find the answer.

"You are welcome!" – WataMote Wiki

Tomoko arouses and seems surprised to see the ocean outside her window. She quickly remembers that she is at the Study Camp as she notices the now sleeping Fūka next to her. She then declares that she has to "pee (おしっこ・oshikko)." As she walks past the foot of Fūka's bed, her leg seems to pull over Fūka's covers. She gets a quick view of Fūka in her colored shorts as well as Miho. Fūka mutters a bit.

Shown: "Wait . . . what?!" – WataMote Wiki

Tomoko sits upon the Throne of Contemplation as she plays with her phone. Without a word, Fūka opens the door to the bathroom. As Miho slumbers with a mutter, there are the screams of Tomoko and Fūka with Fūka apologizing and declaring that it was not on purpose.

The scene shifts to the cafeteria. Tomoko looks over the choices as she chooses her breakfast happily noting that they include grilled fish, miso soup, seaweed, natto, weiners, bacon, and even potatoes. She observes two anonymously drawn girls happily choosing and inwardly complains that girls who just grab everything are "major amateurs (ど素人・doshirōhito)."

She spies Asuka and notices that her tray contains what a model would eat: vegetable juice, a boiled egg, fruit, cereal, and yoghurt. She then notices Fūka's tray and concludes that she has the appetite of a gorilla: milk, curry, two boiled eggs, "mountains" of weiners, potato, and salad, two bananas, and two rolls of bread.

Yuri approaches her from behind and asks her where they should sit. Tomoko quickly surveys Yuri's tray and asks her if that is all she is getting: porridge, pickled plums, and a banana. She adds that it is the type of meal "Baki the Grappler" would have before a match. Yuri protests that she does not eat a lot in the morning. The two sit with Kotomi and . Tomoko asks her watch she did "alone" the day before. Yuri replies that she was not alone to Tomoko's surprise. In the next table behind them, Nagi sits with Uchi. Nagi interjects that the "four of us" went to the hot springs. Bathed in animesque flowers and light, Nagi suggests that Tomoko should join them sometime.

Uchi thinks, "this is it (きたか・kitaka). . . !"

As she eats, Tomoko muses that she thought without the "Crazy Lesbo" Yuri would have been bored but she seems to have been fine. She then asks Yū what she did. Yū replies that she went to the baths with Kotomi and others. In more anime flowers, she happily admits that she got a bit "dizzy." She rhetorically asks Kotomi if she agrees that it was amazing. Kotomi agrees but discourses on how she thought the Chiba Lottes were going to lose when they ended up winning only to confess she is not sure. Tomoko wonders if saunas are a legal form of getting high. Sitting at a table behind Yū and Kotomi, Itō listens in on their conversation.

Shown: "Conscientious Contemplation!"

Meanwhile, Fūka pauses with her chopsticks in her mouth staring down. A smiling Miho regards her then teases: "what? Already tired? On just the second day?" Fūka replies that it is "not that" as Asuka and Kaho eat from across the table. Fūka tries to explain that she has this feeling that she saw something "weird" that morning. Miho teasingly asks if it was weirder than her peeping at "Kuro-chan" when she was on the toilet!

Shown: Uchi Talks Shit

 Fūka protests that that is not what happened; she merely walked in on Tomoko while half asleep. Uchi stands and explodes, "You watched Kuroki shit?!! You're the worst!" Tomoko startles in shock as the smiling Asuka quietly advises: "Fūka. . ." Tomoko screams that she was not doing that, and a standing Fūka confirms and declares that Uchi has it all wrong. She appears searching for something, and her salad sparkles. She picks up the bowl, pokes at the contents with a spoon, as she replies that she did see something.

"Fūka? Would you like to see my basement?" – Asuka Katō [Citation Needed – Ed.]

Tomoko protests the ideas that Fūka may get from looking at her curry and insists that she was only playing with her phone. As they go back and forth, Asuka quietly smiles. Fūka insists that it is not the curry, but something in her salad reminds her of something she is trying to remember, and she demands that Tomoko be quiet.

Bathed in animesque flowers and light, Asuka finally speaks to calmly advise Fūka that while she knows that Fūka likes to discuss such matters, she must kindly refrain while they are eating. Fūka collapses in defeat cursing then inwardly laments that she was so close to remembering. Meanwhile, Uchi thinks, "she didn't see shit?"

In class at 7:30 A.M., Tomoko inwardly deems that starting study at 7:00 A.M. is earlier than in her school. At 10:00 A.M. in their class, Uchi helps Kayo understand a point. Sitting next to her, Yuri thinks that Uchi is smarter than she appears. By 12:40 P.M., Itō laments being sleepy while observing that Kotomi, sitting next to her, also did not get much sleep but does not seem sleepy. For her part, Kotomi inwardly wonders about the bento served for lunch.

At 2:30 P.M., Asuka sits in her classroom.

During break, Asuka sits next to Yū who smiles with animesque steam billowing from her head. Next to her, Yuri sits with Tomoko who stares upward. The "peeping chicks" appear, and Tomoko declares that she has studied so much she is becoming stupid. Yuri reminds her that there will be a proficiency test at the end of the day, and she asks if Tomoko will be alright. Tomoko confesses that she is not sure, to which Yuri replies that there was little point for the two of them to attend if they were not going to be in the same class. Tomoko assures her that she should be fine if she performs normally, then remarks that Yuri really is lonely. Yuri denies this. Next to them, Asuka has applied a compress to Yū's forehead. She applies one on Tomoko assuring her that it will help wake her up. Meanwhile, Fūka stands some distance away regarding Tomoko sternly as Miho pleasantly chats with Nagi.


In her class, Fūka's lesson transforms in her mind. It is a lesson on English grammar, but the teacher appears, in Fūka's mind, to teach what she is thinking: "overlook something." The teaching continues to say "dye my hair silver." Fūka fixes on this point. She writes down the phrase. She then suddenly realizes as she recalls Tomoko sitting on the Throne of Contemplation as she plays with her phone with her legs spread: "SILVER?!!" With concern, Miho notices Fūka spacing out. Fūka inwardly remembers that Tomoko's hair was silver "down there (あそこ・asoko)." She then recalls Asuka and Yū the day before discussing dying Tomoko's hair. 

"Fūka . . . recalls . . ." WataMote Wiki has got nothing.

She then imagines Tomoko sitting with her legs spread as the happy duo of Asuka and Yū attend to her and concludes that they meant Tomoko's hair "down there." She then recalls the laughing Asuka and concludes she meant that Tomoko wanted to touch her hair "down there." She stares intently while the smiling Miho waves her hand in front of her face. She begins to think that something was wrong that morning as she wonders what type of girl would not lock the door to her bathroom. Was she waiting for either she or Miho to find her? She fears that while she intended to probe Tomoko, perhaps she has been dancing in her palm!

Meanwhile, the teacher announces the proficiency test.

The following day depicts lists for the new classes with the panel centered on class "B." In a classroom, Yuri sits next to Tomoko who sits next to a smiling Asuka and a beaming Miho. Behind Yuri sits Miyazaki, then a smiling Uchi, then Nagi, and finally Kayo. Miho teases Asuka about dropping a class level. Asuka replies that it is fine since the class consists of people who have ambitions greater than she. She describes them as very knowledgeable. As Tomoko looks on, Asuka continues that it would be lonely if she were all by herself when all of them came together to study.

Yuri Smiles!
"You are Welcome." – WataMote Wiki

Tomoko pleasantly notes to Yuri that she must have also been lonely, but Yuri denies that she was. Behind her, Miyazaki cheerfully adds a "good for you," and Yuri replies with a smile and "yes." Tomoko asks her if something is different, but when Yuri asks her why, Tomoko retreats and says it is fine.

Asuka notes that Fūka did not make it to the class. Miho responds that while Fūka is good at studying, she is a "natural airhead (天然・tennen)."

Meanwhile, Fūka sits next to a "bleached" and smiling Yū, who is muttering "Mokocchi," in the "C" group. She stares at Yū intently as she thinks she has finally solved the "riddle" of the "hair," but the mystery surrounding Tomoko has only gotten bigger. 

She feels sure that "this girl" must be her key to solving it.


In order of appearance:


  • Dig These Chicks: WataMote Wiki has noted the "Peeping Chicks" in the background during moments of "cute." When Asuka stares into Tomoko's face after she catches Tomoko looking at her from behind in Chapter 106, the "chicks peep." Tomoko apparently has pajamas with the motif.
  • "Come on in! The キモい 水 is Fine!": Uchi fantasized about sharing a bath with Tomoko in Chapter 172.
  • Uchi Talks Sh[Excrement – Ed.]t: Uchi appears to imagine fetishes that require WataMote Wiki to request a fan and a cool compress. She assumed that Tomoko was in the bathroom to listen to girls urinate. She claimed that she is Tomoko's "fetish fuel" when Tomoko had little regard for her. She repeatedly imagines that Tomoko is flirting with every girl to the point she publicly warns Fūka about her panties. To be fair, Tomoko did give her shit poop-shaped chocolate, which she did eat, and Tomoko did . . . um . . . "summit" when Asuka applied make-up to her face. As to why Uchi would then leap to the conclusion that Tomoko allowed Fūka to watch her sh[read a particularly challenging passage from Finnegan's Wake – Ed.]t, and then appear somewhat surprised to learn that never happened, WataMote Wiki fears over-speculation whilst calling for the smelling-salts. What does seem clear is that Uchi has embodied all things sexual in Tomoko under the umbrella of "disgusting." How much of this "disgusting" she wishes to experience? "Stay tuned!"
  • Hair!: Asuka feigns misunderstanding Tomoko's offer to touch the hair on her head for the hair "down there" in Chapter 156. She teases Fūka about it in Chapter 160 which generates Fūka's obsession with Asuka's hair "down there." Asuka and Yū helped Tomoko dye her hair with Tomoko subsequently deciding to dye her hair "down there" in Chapter 170.

Cultural References

  • Baki the Grappler (グラップラー刃牙・Gurappurā Baki): with the 刃 censored in the Japanese Original


  • Silver . . . Salad?: Why would Fūka's salad remind her of seeing Tomoko's dyed Entrance to a Road to a Christening? From the Credit Where Credit is Due Department, reddit user RedCarConspiracy suggests that it could be Japanese Silver Grass.
  • "I want myhair dedyed silver": As shown in the Gallery, this gives a little hint about how skillful Fūka is in writing in English.

Memorable Moments

  • "Come Here Often?: Tomoko + Throne of Contemplation + Fūka + Silver = WataMote Wiki will not answer in the interests of decorum and to not frighten the horses.
  • "Hey, Mistress Fantasy Play Me a Tune": Uchi's leaps of imagination. "Disgusting!"
  • "Lillies of the Field:" WataMote maintains veiling its views on sexuality and lesbianism in particular. Despite fan fantasies and opinions – and  the learn'd and concise discourses of WataMote Wiki in various Comments – what is known is that Tomoko finds boys attractive sexually but other than a few comic moments has not, yet, pursued a boy. Even Kosaka was more of an imagined relationship that became a very, very short crush. While she is stunned to see him again she has as of this chapter not thought of him. She inwardly admits that her derogatory nickname for Mako is just that, and while she at an early point did not feel she could be a lesbian, she also feels that she understands the feelings. She finds physical play with Yū and even Yoshida as fun and ultimately harmless; she declines Asuka's invitation since she fears she could go too far. None of that is determitive. Meanwhile, Uchi's "coming of age," as it were, while sometimes comic, is not depicted as demeaning. Indeed, the "Emoji Gang" seem very supportive even if they do not quite understand her crush. While other characters seem willing to broach sexual subjects, for most the topic remains "dirty" or "perverted." Case in point from the previous chapter, while Akane expresses surprise at Hina's rather direct questions, she does not become angry. Then there is Fūka. At this point, she seems fascinated, if not obsessed, with the idea. She clearly, like Uchi, thinks Tomoko is a lesbian. Also like Uchi, she labors under the misconception that Tomoko is constantly flirting with multiple WataGirls. Granted, Tomoko's panty fascination does not help, but this is similar to Sayaka and Tomoko's belief that boys like Tomoki wander about with constant erections. What all of this means for any of them, as always, WataMote Wiki advises to "stay tuned!"
  • The Lady Smiles: Yuri has made some progress with her own social anxiety that Tomoko notices.
  • More Girl Talk: Despite Fūka's vow to probe Tomoko, it is clear that she did not. She appears to have expected Tomoko raise such subjects or even flirt with her or Miho. In this way, she displays the reactive behavior of many other WataGirls who expect changes to happen to them rather than create them.
  • "Go to the Head of the Class": Asuka was alone in the higher class. She was well aware of the progress of Tomoko and others. Did she purposely place herself in a lower class to join them?


  • "I've watching her all day, but aside from looking at Miho in a weird way, she hasn't done anything suspicious. But I mustn't let my guard down. That girl has Asuka, Miho and myself all in her lustful sights. And there's still unresolved matter of Asuka's 'hair,' I need to find the answer whitin these four days. . . !" – Fūka about Tomoko
  • "And that girl's got the appetite of a gorilla... That's way too much..." – Tomoko about Fūka
  • "Are saunas one of those places where you can legally get high or something?” – Tomoko
  • "You mean peeping on Kuro-chan on the toilet wasn't weird enough?" – Miho
  • "You watched Kuroki shit?!! You're the worst!" – Uchi to Fūka
  • "I studied so much that I feel like I'm turning stupid..." – Tomoko
  • "Or rather, you really are feeling lonely, aren't you, Yuri-chan?" – Tomoko
    • "I'm not lonely." – Yuri
  • "That's right...! Her hair down there was silver! What the heck was all about...?" – Fūka about Tomoko
  • "Wait, so that means Kuroki's hair was the lower hair!? And they both dyed it . . . !!? Which means back then . . . it wasn't really the hair on her head. . . ?" – Fūka about Tomoko
  • "Looking back on it, something was off about what it happened this morning. What kind of girl forgets to lock the bathroom door? Was she waiting in the bathroom on purpose so either me or Miho could find her like that!? I was hoping to probe Kuroki, but could it be I've just dancing on her palm this entire time!?" – Fūka about Tomoko
  • "I've solved the riddle of the "hair"... but the mystery surrounding Kuroki herself has only gotten bigger. I'm sure this girl must be the key to solving it..." – Fūka about Tomoko and Yū



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