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Chapter 174.5
Cover c174.5.png
Volume Number Volume 18
Chapter Title Tanigawa Nico Catches a Cold
Published March 18, 2020
Previous Chapter Chapter 174
Next Chapter Chapter 175-1


Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


The Author and Artist team of Nico Tanigawa sit back to back of one another. The side narration reads, "This week's WataMote (ワタモテ) is post-poned." The Author appears to be shivering. He admits he feels cold and has a headache. He checks his temperature which is 37.4℃ (99.32℉). He informs his partner that while there is a 9 out of 10 chance he just has a cold, there is a risk that he has the corona (コロナ) virus (Covid-19) . As such, if their assistant were to catch it, it may get reported in the news that they are the manga creators who spread corona, so they should post-pone this week's release.

While the word "post-poned publication (休載・きゅうさい・kyūsai)" hangs, the Artist happily replies that taking care of his body comes first, and it is best for him to rest. The author agrees that since the assistant does not arrive until two days later, if it is just a cold, he should be better. The Artist reminds him not to over-exert himself, then declares she will also go home just to be safe.

At home, the Author takes a number of remedies then sits before his computer to research the virus. After thirty minutes, he searches for "masturbation with a cold (風邪オ●ニー・kazeo●nī)," with the "n" (ン) censored in the Japanese Original. He reads the claim that masturbation helps boost the immune system, specifically increases white blood cells, and therefore help alleviate the cold.

The next day, bathed in animesque lens flair, the smiling Author bikes to work. WataMote Wiki will not speculate upon the reason for his smile. He announces to the Artist that he already feels better and has a normal temperature. The Artist meekly congratulates him. He asks why she seems disappointed, but then sheepishly admits that his throat is more sore despite the fact that he no longer experiences chills or drowsiness.

That evening reveals that he has a low-grade fever (38.1℃/100.6℉).

Bathed in animesque flowers, the Artist chirps that he could have corona. He protests that colds behave in the same manner. He then reminds her as she happily eats a banana, that if he does have corona she is at risk as well. She dismisses this by claiming that she will think about it when the time comes. He wonders if she so badly wants to postpone the chapter. She continues that it would be best not to call in the assistant, and if his fever persists for two days he should see a doctor. He looks at his lower temperature (37.4℃/99.32℉) when she suddenly rushes out while declaring that she will not stay in such a dangerous place. He inwardly curses her for not drawing anything that day.

He then reports that he properly recovered the following day as he apologizes for the and she looks disappointed.

The side narration conveys the wishes of all to take care of themselves from Gangan Online.


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Cultural References

  • Sword Polishing:


    the こわい かわいい Misa-chan explains オンニー as well as a lot of "rude" words. Many of them are used in WataMote such as various WataGirls referring to their Roads to a Christening as あそこ (asoko) which, while literally meaning "over there," implies "down there" and is translated as such in most fan translations.
  • A Hasty Withdrawal: the term is most likely from "onanism" and its namesake Onan (אונן) from Genesis 38:9 of the Hebrew Bible which has historically been misinterpreted as a moral story against masturbation. The specific term appears to have entered the English in the late 1800's according to the Oxford English Dictionary. It appears that the Author stumbled upon the a page that cited the article published in Neuroimmunomodulation[1]


  • A Manga has a Name!: The author and artist do use "WataMote" as an abbreviation for their work.




  1. Haake P, Krueger TH, Goebel MU, et al. Effects of sexual arousal on lymphocyte subset circulation and cytokine production in man. Neuroimmunomodulation. 2004;11(5):293-8.


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