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Chapter 177-1
Cover c177.png
Volume Number Volume 19
Chapter Title Because I'm Not Popular I'll Go to the First Comi. (Part One)
Published June 3, 2020
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


A part of the crowd, Tomoko walks with Nemo. She remarks that it is the Summer Comiket after all. Surprised by her remark, Hina asks if it is Tomoko's first time as well. Tomoko explains that she has never actually entered the venue, and Hina replies that it will be the first time for them both.

Tomoko continues to ask her if she is interested in dōjin. Hina replies that she is not interested in the actual books, but she is a little curious. She explains that a light novel writer (ラノベ作家・ranobe sakka) or a voice actress should attend at least once to Tomoko's blush.

Tomoko notes that "Okada-san" is not there. With a flashback of a shocked Akane saying "Hinaa" with a strawberry background, Hina admits that bringing "Ā-chan" along would be a bit difficult. She continues that Akane will not be joining them for the place they will visit the next day. Tomoko asks her where they are going as she complains about being made to spend the night. Hina merely replies that she will have to wait and see. Tomoko insists that she does not take her to "someplace weird (変な所・henna tokoro)."

Shown: Hina not at all interested in anything unwholesome, goodness no!

The sweating masses file their way. Also sweating, Hina laments the heat and crowd as she consults her phone. Tomoko looks at it and asks her where they are heading to. Her phone shows a message from a girl that announces that she is in the "East A64" as Hina explains that someone who attends the same training school is apparently putting out a CD. As they continue walking, Hina adds that it appears that the sales on download sites are doing well.

"Ah! There I think!" she annouces. Hina stands for a moment with a smile, then a table is revealed with a display that will require WataMote Wiki a few moments to . . . translate. 

Starting from the top:

  • Social Worker Succubus Picture:
    • "Circle"
    • In Heart: "Ear-Rape (耳レイプ・mimi raipu)"
    • "Mind-Rape (マインドレイプ・maindo raipu)"
  • CD Displays:
    • "Brain Washing (洗脳・sennō)"
    • In Heart: "New Work"
    • In Heart with Little Heart: " Dry Orgasm (ドライイキ・dorai iki)"
    • In Box: "Dry Orgasm (メスイキ・mesu iki)"
  • Table Sign:
    • New work - Succubus Earlicking - 1000 yen 
    • ¥1000 signs in front of individual CDs.
  • Bear with Earphones Holding Tablet:
    • "Dry Orgasm (メスイキ・mesu iki)" on tablet picture "held" in paws.
    • Speech Bubble: "Flip-through OK"
  • Table Banner: "Crossdressing (女装・josō) Oneshota Hypnosis Masturbation (オナ・ona): Binaural & High Resistance"
    • Sharp Bubble: "Mind Orgasm (脳イキ・nō ki)"

Shown: Wholesome Entertainment for the Whole Family!

at the table stand two girls who both wear collars and dress basically in fetish wear. The one with her face in view is Hina's Voice Actress Friend – later identified as Hitomi – who brightly greets her as "Hina-chan (陽菜ちゃん)" and thanks her for stopping by. A blushing and smiling Hina gives her the traditional compliments for her hard work and presents her with a bag of souvenirs which the girl squeals "Wa! Thanks!" in reply.

Focused on the CDs, Hina thinks that she heard that the girl was releasing "drama (ドラマ) CDs," "but. . . . THIS IS EROTIC RIGHT?!" The CD depicts a high school girl with a blushing boy sitting between her thighs as she caresses him. The cover has "Crossdressing oneshota hypnosis masturbation" on it along with "binaural & high resistance."

The display card reads the same with the price of  ¥1000 in case the readers wish to purchase a copy.

WataMote Wiki does not judge.

Hitomi observes that now things have slowed down and invites her to browse. Inwardly, Hina panics that she does not know what to do since even though the material is erotic, there are so many terms that she does not know. "Hypnosis masturbation thing. . . .?" Tomoko calmly remarks; "YOU KNOW?!" Hina screams inwardly in response. Hitomi removes the headset from the bear and invites Tomoko to listen. Stammering, Tomoko asks if it is alright. With a flower background, the voice of Hitomi reveals that the material is for 18 year olds, and a smiling chibi Hina proudly announces that she is 18. Hitomi decides that a trial will be fine.

Tomoko places the headset on her head.

Tomoko appreciates the emotion of the violins.
[Citation Needed – Ed.]

Tomoko hears, "from now on . . . Big Sis (お姉ちゃん・onēchan) . . . will make you feel . . . really . . . good, right. . . ." As Hitomi pleasantly watches Tomoko realizes that the voice actress she is hearing is Hitomi, and she is standing right in front of her.

Tomoko blushes and looks with shock as she hears, "I will give you loooots . . . of sweet whispers  . . . . . . " "She's whispering into my left ear?!" Tomoko inwardly shrieks. The voice continues: "From your ear . . . inside your mind . . . I will ravage. . . ." Tomoko inwardly screams, "This time from the right ear?!" The voice then declares, "I'll lick the nape of your neck, right . . . slurp. . . ."

"She's gone around behind?!"

Blushing and sweating, Tomoko grips the headphones as she hears, "Come on . . . Onēchan . . . will make a hole with her hands, so . . . with your hips . . . thrust . . . thrust . . . one two . . . one two." In response, Tomoko screams inside and starts thrusting her hips as Hina watches her with a questioning exprestion.

Panting and rubbing her brow, Tomoko happily declares to Hina that even though she does not have a penis, she could see one and thrust her hips unconsciously. Hina demands to know if she is an idiot. Tomko continues that she heard rumors but finds it really amazing. She tells Hina that she should try it too. Hina stammers some reticence, but Hitomi insists that she tries it. Hina sheepishly dons the headphones and hears, "You win if you can withstand this pleasure for ten minutes . . . but if you lose. . . ." She inwardly notes that her friend has been practicing her voice acting. She tries to concentrate on the voice, but she begins to blush as she hears, "I will start with the right ear, right . . . hmm . . . lick. . . ." She admits that it really feels like she is licking her ear. She blushes further and stares intently as she hears Hitomi's voice licking and nibbling sounds. She tries to protest inwardly that there is barely any actual dialogue as she sweats.

Hina Not Enjoying CD c177.png

Hitomi's voice continues to make slurping, licking, and munching onomatopoeia. Hina removes the headphones blushing deeply, sweating profusely, with her eyes swirled in a fashion WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe.

Nevertheless as she pants, Hina folds her arms when Tomoko asks her how it was: "awesome?" Hina tries to downplay that it may be stimulating to "Kuro," but Tomoko notes that she is drenched in sweat.

Hina tries to claim it is due to the heat in the convention room.

Still blushing she does compliment her friend, whom she calls "Hitomi-san (仁美さん)," by conceding that it was awesome in many ways. She asks Hitomi if she produced it all herself. Hitomi replies that she just supplied the voice as she looks at the other unnamed girl beside her and identifies her as the one who did the planning, illustrations, and the text. The girl smiles and greets them. The panel focuses on a CD as Hitomi explains that her friend specializes in the material and when her friend learned that she planned to become a voice actress she asked for her help.

In a flashback to their high school, Hitomi sits in a chair staring at her phone. At a desk, the girl writes in a notebook and smiles as she looks at Hitomi. Hitomi explains that at school they were not really close so she was surprised when the girl approached her and told her that her voice was perfect for this material. While Hina laughes, the girl happily reveals that she always wanted to be friends with Hitomi to Hitomi's surprise. Hitomi does admit that the material helps her pay for her living expenses. While Hina responds positively, Tomoko inwardly marvels that the material sells.

As they walk away, Tomoko, holding CDs, confesses that she feels a bit bad that they gave her a free copy: "I guess adult women really are generous." Hina corrects her that Hitomi only gives out two just to be safe, to which Tomoko quips that she expected her to give away twenty five since it is so erotic. As they walk, Tomoko remarks to Hina that the convention has a whole lot of things beyond books. Hina agrees. To herself, Tomoko muses that she heard that Fate (フェ●ト) started in such a convention. Since erotic drama CDs like the one given to her make a profit, she guesses that dreams do come true.

Tomoko startles as she recognizes Hatsushiba, calling him "Andō (安藤)." Hina startles at this reference, but then recognizes him as they approach his table. She happily notices that the school's manga club has produced a manga and offers to buy a copy for ¥500. Hatsushiba thanks her, but another club member offers to give her one for free since they are aquaintances. Hatsushiba seems irritated but agrees. Meanwhile, Tomoko watches from some distance. As the other member tells Hina that Hatsushiba drew the cover of the manga and Hina compliments him on his skill, Hatsushiba sees Tomoko who notices him looking at her. He picks up his sketch book and flips through it as he tells Hina to wait. He furiously scribbles, tears out the sheet, then hands it to the surprised Tomoko telling her to take it as well.

A view of the sky marks a transition. A sign marks the entrance to the "Cosplay Garden."

Both stare in shock at a girl who is attired in a revealing strap costume.


In order of appearance:


  • "Hinaa!": Akane famously cried out to Hina in Chapter 129 when Tomoko suggests that as a voice actress, Hina will have to voice eroge.
  • Mistress Nemoto? Allow Us the Signal Honour of Introducing You to Hentai: Hina tried to one-up Tomoko by planing to shock Akade by entering a sex store only to be shocked herself. She felt she "lost" to Tomoko when Tomoko revealed that she really did not know what eroge is. She buys a game that Chapter 144 reveals she played and actually enjoyed, despite her denials. Hina imagines that she is in some competition with Tomoko, hence her proud announcement that she is 18 and her irritated surprise that Tomoko knows about the type of CD Hitomi voices.
  • Girl Talk: Hina asked Akane if she and Yoshinori Kiyota are dating. When Akane denies that they are, Hina continues to pointedly ask her what she would do if Yoshinori wanted to touch her breasts or have sex with her. Despite Hina's conception of Akane, she merely dismisses the question without being shocked.
  • "Hatsushiba 'n Tomoko Sittin' in a Tree!": Tomoko first encounters him in Chapter 9, depicted in Episode 11, when they have to complete portraits of one another for their art class. While Tomoko reluctantly imagines what would happen if they dated, Hatsushiba appears to show no interest in her. She does find his portrait flattering and asks the Art Teacher to let her keep it, though it is later revealed that he simply drew his ideal manga girl. They have little to no interaction until Chapter 131 when he sits in the For Legal Reasons Totally Not Disney World drawing girls as material for his club. He notices Tomoko walking and recalls that he did not really draw her. He draws a more accurate portrait of her from memory after she passes.
  • "An emergency meeting": The manga club which Hatsushiba belongs had a meeting in Chapter 164 where they likely talked about their preparations for the Comiket.
  • "Never made it into the hall": Tomoko, together and Kotomi went to the Comiket held on August 17th of their 2nd school year; however, because of the crowd only Kotomi stayed in the line to the hall entrance.
  • Tomoko the Christian Otaku Girl: Just like in the last Comiket of Chapter 64, Tomoko wears a cross pendant as well as the same hat.

Cultural References


  • ¥1000 = $9.18 on date of publication.
  • ASMR  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: this is the term that Fanilators use when Tomoko says "Hypnosis Masturbation." The link goes to a popular article.

Memorable Moments

  • Tomoko and Hina listen to Pachbel's Canon in D . . . probably.
  • Tomoko's Formality: this has been noted in a number of chapters. In this one, she refers to Akane as "Okada-san" to Hina even though the two are alone and Hina insists on using nicknames. This possibly implies that Tomoko does not wish to convey she is that close to Akane.
  • Hina's Innocence . . . So to Write: as noted in the Referbacks Hina obviously appears curious about sex, but she also feels embarrassed, particularly with regards to her own inexperience. She plays off her "interest" as she did to Tomoko regarding the eroge game. What is interesting is that while she blurted out a discussion about sex with Akane, she has not, as thus far depicted, had any such discussion with Tomoko. This may be due to her perceived inferiority to and rivalry with Tomoko.
  • "The Girl with No Eyes": Hitomi's currently unnamed collaborator appears to share Reina's penchant for not revealing her eyes.


  • "As people who are aiming to become a light novel author and voice actress respectively, it'd probably be better if we went at least once." – Hina Nemoto to Tomoko Kuroki about Comiket
  • "Bringing A-chan to Comiket would be a bit. . . ." – Hina to Tomoko
  • "Hypnosis masturbation thing. . . .?" – Tomoko Kuroki
  • "Man. I felt like I saw a dick even though I don't have one and unconsciously started thrusting my hips" – Tomoko to Hina



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