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Chapter 177-2
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Volume Number Volume 19
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular I'll go to the first Comi. (Part Two)
Published June 24, 2020
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This chapter takes place immediately after the previous. Both Tomoko and Nemo stare at a small crowd gathered on the grounds. Removing her hat in the heat, Tomoko rhetorically remarks that there are a lot of people over there. Hina suggests that they are "pro-cosplayers." "Pro?" Tomoko asks in reply.

The two find a bench that surrounds a tree to sit on. Hina asks what "Hastsushiba-kun" gave her. Tomoko opens the paper to reveal the sketch Hastsushiba drew of her walking with Yuri, Uchi, and Hina during their trip to the Totally Not for Legal Reasons Disney World. Hina declares it skilled, but wonders why he drew her, Tomoko, Uchi, and Yuri. She then recognizes the scene is from their school trip; Tomoko agrees but wonders when he saw them.

In her mind, Tomoko recalls the sketch he made of her for their art class. She agrees that he has improved but still prefers that sketch since it made her look prettier. Recalling the scene of the two of then sketching one another, she laments that since that time he has improved whereas she not changed at all.

Hina interrupts her thoughts to declare that that time was fun, and it was around that time that Tomoko and others started having fun together. Tomoko responds with surprise but then remains silent as Hina suggests that in their first year, Tomoko would not become close friends with "Ā-chan or Katō-san." She then suggests that Tomoko might become friends with Hatsushiba. Tomoko wonders about that. She then suggests if that happens, she can write her erotic novel, have Hina voice it, and Hatsushiba provide this illustrations. Surprised, Hina replies that she will have to think about it.

Exhausted Hina c177-2.jpeg

The scene shifts to the outside of a high-class hotel. Inside the room, Hina collapses on the bed complaining that there was a line simply to leave the convention. Tomoko observes the room and remarks that it is very nice but asks if Hina can afford it. Hina replies that it is fine since her mother gave her travel vouchers they needed to use up. She then adds that since she could not attend the Study Camp with Tomoko, she wanted to have a "sleep over" with her.

Hina then observes that the shower is located behind glass walls. She explains that she wants to take a shower, but Tomoko can see everything. Tomoko notes that the toilet is also completely visible. She then discovers curtains that one can lower over the glass.

"You are welcome." – WataMote Wiki

Hina sheepishly enters the shower and warns Tomoko to leave the curtain down. Inside, as she starts to undress, Hina imagines that Tomoko will pull the curtain to peep at her. Since only the top half of the wall is glass, she decides that if she crouches down she can shower and Tomoko will not see her when she pulls open the curtain. She imagines that she can then rise up and catch Tomoko, declaring her a pervert.

As she starts the shower, she thinks that she is "OK" for when Tomoko will pull the curtain. However, Tomoko sits on the adjoining bed and looks up the webpage advertised by the CD she purchased from Hina's friend. Smiling lasciviously, Tomoko remarks that the sample on the webpage is erotic as well. The voice encourages the listener to hurry and spray her with his inferior genes! Meanwhile, Hina inwardly complains about how noisy the shower is.

She emerges to find Tomoko on the bed listening to her friend demand that the listener spray his wretched sperm into her "baby room (子供部屋・kodomo heya)!" Tomoko is stunned by Hina's expression and asks her if something happened to cause that "scary look." Hina stammers that nothing happened.

As she dries her hair while sitting in a chair, Hina relaxes and confesses that she totally thought Tomoko would open the curtain. Still looking at her phone, Tomoko replies that she was looking up the "circle" of the "sisters." Hina mutters in reply, but Tomoko pleasantly continues that she has grown tired of peeping at naked girls from her class, and that she saw enough during Study Camp. In response to Hina's surprise, she adds that she already saw Hina naked during their school trip. Over her recollection of the event, Tomoko claims that it was only because Hina stepped out of the bath right in front of her, and she really did not intend to look. Blushing, Hina vigorously dries her hair as she inwardly wonders if that is how Tomoko learned how she "deals with them"; Tomoko continues to discuss the "sisters," remarking that they have been working together for about a year. Without looking at her, Tomoko notes that while she said she would write an erotic novel with Hina, she now thinks it will be difficult. When Hina asks her why, Tomoko explains that today she saw in the hall people like Hina and Andō (安藤) selling completed works and aiming to become professionals. Hina encourages Tomoko that she just has to start now and reminds her that she wanted to do it.

Hina Talks Dirty c178.jpg

Looking at Hina, Tomoko responds that it is not so easy and people cannot just do something they have never done before. She adds that she is sure Hina would find doing erotic material all of a sudden difficult since she has never done it before.

Hina intently approaches Tomoko and sits on her bed. She draws close to her and begins to speak erotically into her ear. Tomoko sweats, shivers, then draws away in horror. Hina happily tells her that it is "easy" and Tomoko can do it too. She then suggests that the problem is Tomoko acts big, but when it comes to her aspirations to make something, she becomes self-conscious like a "Someone like me (私なんで・watashi nande)" girl.

Stammering, Tomoko asks her if she thinks that is so. Hina insists that Tomoko has done more difficult things and should have more confidence. Tomoko asks her what she has done, but Hina happily accuses her of playing the "dense protagonist (無自学系主人公・mujigakukeishujinkō)" role, to which Tomoko barks at her to "shut up!"


In order of appearance:


  • "Draw me like your French Anime Girls, Hatsushiba": He notices Tomoko walking with Hina, Yuri, and Uchi in Chapter 131 when he sits in the For Legal Reasons Totally Not Disney World drawing girls as material for his club. He recalls that he did not really draw her in class. He sketches this more accurate portrait of her from memory after she passes.
  • Why Hatsushiba Scribbled: Hatsushiba scribbled furiously before giving the picture to Tomoko. As the difference between the original and current versions contained in the Gallery shows, he originally drew Yuri, Uchi, and Hina generically, concentrating his efforts on Tomoko. He added detail to Hina.
  • "Look me up sometime!": Tomoko blushes as she sees girls leaving the bath in Chapter 73. Tomoko commented on how Hina grooms herself, among other things, in her Book☆Walker Special Edition. Hina does not actually specify her . . . folliage about her Road to a Christening when she figures that that was when Tomoko saw how she grooms.
  • Hatsushiba: the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Otaku: Tomoko recognizes that Hatsushiba has improved his skills as an artist since that time in Chapter 9 when he sketched her for art class.
  • "There is no such harem, Emiri can swear it": Hina points out to Tomoko the time in Not Disneyland, depicted in the Chapter 125, when many girls started to hang out with her.
  • "Becoming friends with Hatsushiba-kun from now on": Just like Tomoko imagined in the Chapter 9, Hina also points to the possibility that Kuro can become friend with Hatsushiba.
  • "Hina Nemoto, debuting in the voice acting industry with an erotic novel character": Tomoko raised the possibility to Akane that Hina would voice eroge in Chapter 139 and, to herself, Hina slyly suggests that she would not mind doing that. In this chapter, Hina voices a little eroge to Tomoko.
  • "It's déjà vu all over again!": This is the third time Tomoko has visited Akihabara, with the first two occuring in  Chapters 81 and 139 respectively, and the first time that she stays overnight.
  • "I couldn't go to the study camp, Kuro": Chapter 173 reveals that Hina could not attend the cram school camp because she had voice lesson classes.
  • "Investigating about the earnings of competence": After meeting Hitomi and her eyeless friend in Chapter 177-1, Tomoko felt curious about how much both of them have earned with their work, therefore she decided to search it in their website.
  • "I was looking up those girl's circle": Tomoko reveals to Hina about having shared bathing experiences with other girls during cram school camp in the Chapter 175.

Cultural References

  • Comiket (コミ)
  • Nemm: appears a reference to the Remmhotel in Akibara.
  • Andō: is a reference to the character Mamoru Andō from the Kaiji franchise. Tomoko used the name to refer to Hatsushiba in the previous chapter.


  • "The Sisters!": while adequately fanilated as "girls," the term Tomoko uses to refer to Hitomi and the CD Authoress is, literally, "Big Sister" or onēsan (お姉さん).
  • "Why doesn't she stare me?": Under different circumstances and motivations, just like Emiri in Chapter 87, Hina was expecting Tomoko peeped her, and by not obtaining it, and just like Emiri, Hina gets angry.
  • "The whispering of teasing": Hina becomes in the second girl who makes Tomoko feels awkward by whispering things in her ear, being Yū the first one in doing in her birthday in the Chapter 36.

Memorable Moments

  • Tomoko discovers Hatsushiba drew her more accurately.
  • Hina recognizes one of Tomoko's weaknesses.


  • "He's definitely gotten a lot better, since he did that portrait of me a while back. . . . Well, I looked prettier in that drawing, so I like it better, though. He's continued to improve his drawing ever since then... whereas I haven't really changed at all..." – Tomoko about Hatsushiba
  • "That was really fun! This was around the time everyone started to hang out with you, Kuro. Back in the first year, I never would've thought you'd become friends with A-chan and Katō-san. You might even become friends with Hatsushiba-kun from now on" – Hina to Tomoko
  • "Knowing Kuro, she'll definitely open it! Only the top part is glass, so maybe I can wash while crouching. That's it! I'll hide beneath the window, and the moment Kuro pulls up the curtain. . . ! I'll jump up from below and surprise her!" – Hina Nemoto
  • "Well, I've gotten tired of looking at naked girls from my class. Already saw a bunch of those at the study camp. And I already saw your body during the school trip, Nemo. Well, it's 'cos you just got out of the bath just before my eyes. I didn't look on purpose or anything." – Tomoko to Hina
  • "I know I said I'd write an erotic novel with you, Nemo. but it might be a bit difficult for me. At the hall today, I saw people like you and Andō selling finished works and aiming to be pros." – Tomoko
  • "No, it's not that easy. People can't just suddenly do things that they've never done before. I'm sure even you would find doping an erotic stuff of all sudden difficult, since you've never done it before, Nemo." – Tomoko
  • "Easy peasy. You can do it too, Kuro. Or rather, you normally act all big, Kuro, but when it comes to aspiring to make something, you become all self-depreciating like one of those 'someone like me . . .' girls." – Hina
  • "You've done more difficult stuff in the past, so have more confidence in yourself." – Hina to Tomoko
  • "Oh, going for the dense protagonist role?" – Hina to Tomoko



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