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Chapter 182
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Volume Number Volume 19
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular summer fruit and the sea.
Published September 23, 2020
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This chapter directly follows the previous. While Futaki and Reina play "keep away" with a stick with Cun Maro at the surf, Tomoko and Megumi sit and watch. Tomoko starts to say, "that cu," then corrects herself to "doggy," (わんちゃん・wanchan), "is the president's, right." Megumi confirms this and gives her pet's name "Maro." She explains that when she was in elementary school, she found him abandoned and took him home as he was. Smiling as a chibi over Reina petting Maro, who has the stick, who calls him a good "Kun," Megumi continues that from that time on, he was really lively and often ran away from her house. Still, even though he was abandoned, he would follow her, and she called him "Maro."

The scene pulls back to reveal the two sitting on the steps with Anna sitting with Masaki on the steps behind them. Anna calmly remarks to Masaki that because Tomoko named him cunnīnu he has the image of a "cunnilingus" dog. However when one thinks about it, she continues, he only ever attacked Masaki. Masaki tells her to shut-up as Megumi sweats and startles. Tomoko inwardly rages in shock for her not to call him that since it will give Megumi an image of "Loner Tomoko-chan."

Sly Anna c182.png

Anna lowers her sunglasses and slyly asks Megumi, "But what if Madam Student President knows cunnilingus?" Chibi Tomoko inwardly admits that she really wants to listen to and think about what "this bitch" is asking; however, Megumi pleasantly replies that she has friends who have talked about it, to Chibi Tomoko's silent sheepish surprise. A Chibi Anna, "Hōn"s in response, but thinks that Megumi is a step above them since such did not aggitate her. Tomoko thinks that while she wanted to see "Madam President" turn bright red, she is not so innocent.

From the beach, Reina calls out to have one of them come over; Anna responds that she come over in a moment. Masaki tells Megumi that she did not think they would meet like this, to which Megumi laughs as Tomoko watches. Masaki asks if she attends a local university, and Megumi replies that she does not: "Tōkyō." She explains that she is only back during summer vacation and adds that is it not as if it is that far to go. Masaki mutters agreement while Tomoko asks her which university she attends, but Megumi smiles and responds that it is inside information to Tomoko's shock.

Majoring: Human Sexual Studies
[Citation Needed – Ed.]

Tomoko wonders why it is a secret, then wonders if Megumi attends an embarrassing university (恥ずかしい大学・hazukashii daigaku) as she imagines a happy  and Megumi, with Happy Maro between them, in front of a university. The title over the building is "Flower Garden University (お花畑大学・ohanabatake daigaku)." Above Megumi is, "Top Graded Student Imae Megumi," and above Yū is, "Recommended Passing Naruse Yū." Megumi reminds her that their high school forbids students from driving a car even if they have a license, but since she has already graduated, she will not say anything. Masaki responds that that helps her since she was suspended with Tomoko, and next time she could be suspended or even expelled. This surprises Megumi, and a sweating Tomoko explains that she was caught riding a motorbike with Masaki.

"You are welcome!" – WataMote Wiki

With a view of the sky, Megumi understands, but adds that it must have been fun, and she explains that she could not do that since she was on the Student Council.

Now sitting with them and next to Megumi, Reina slyly suggests that such stress would explain her training her dog to perform cunnilingus: "Preparation for recovery."

There is a pause: Reina remains smiling slyly in anticipation; Megumi smiles back pleasantly; Tomoko and Masaki wait. Megumi pleasantly responds that that is why she did not, as in train Maro in that fashion. Tomoko muses that even someone like Megumi can become irritated.

The next scene shows that Reina has rejoined Futaki, Maro, and Anna. She complains that she was just there, and Anna responds that she has had her break. Over them, a chibi Megumi notes to Tomoko that a lot has happened in the last six months including her making some friends. Chibi Tomoko admits that she wonders about that. Megumi laughs and adds that Tomoko will be fine even if Ogino tries to stop her. Tomoko admits that that has happened then adds that she is still her homeroom teacher. Megumi laughs at that.

Cultural Festival c182.jpg

Tomoko inwardly recalls the mascot, who was Megumi, who approached her at the cultural festival. She begins to ask Megumi about the festival, then becomes embarrassed when Megumi responds by asking her what about it. Tomoko thinks that that is not what she should ask about, then mentions to Megumi that she has been thinking about shooting a movie for the festival. When Megumi expresses surprise, Tomoko explains that back during her first year she did not see what other classes were doing and wondered if some added movies and figured that Megumi would know if they did.

Megumi asks if she is shooting it with the class. Tomoko notes that nothing has been decided, then tries to agree with Megumi that it must be difficult. However, Megumi corrects her that she just felt really happy. She tells Tomoko not to worry since the second- and third-year students screened independent films, and she thinks the school has a projector and screen for a camera. Futaki interrupts her to offer that if they need a camera she has her smart phone.

After a pause where Tomoko, Masaki, and Megumi stare at the Futaki, Megumi adds that she does believe that a number of students filmed things with their phones before the festival. Tomoko muses that Futaki does edit her own videos for her Youtube channel.

Futaki Explains Video c182.jpg

On the beach, Futaki demonstrates to Anna, Reina, and Tomoko that her phone has an application that can add movie-like credits. The video shows Maro with the caption "Cunnilingus Dog Maro."

Back on the steps, Masaki and Megumi watch the rest observing Futaki's phone. Masaki finally speaks: "I don't . . . have a lot of things I want to do." She confesses that she just wants things to stay the way they are. Megumi looks away, nervously smiles, and responds that Masaki is just like her. Masaki is surprised; Megumi explains as she holds her knees close to her that the moment she thought that she wanted to keep going to school she found herself in college. She suggests that Masaki and Tomoko have had so much fun they want it to continue. Masaki thinks then responds with a rhetorical question that even Megumi has thoughts like that. Megumi laughs and agrees that even she has thought like that. Masaki responds that that is good to hear. Megumi deems that good to hear.

Shown: "Bad Dog!"

Tomoko seems to hear them and turns Futaki's phone to record them. After a passage of time marked by a view of the sky, Tomoko keeps recording. Megumi pets Maro declaring that he played with a lot of people. Reina waves a stick in front of him. Suddenly, Maro leaps up driving his head under Megumi's skirt as Reina pulls back the stick.

Tomoko captures Megumi's look on the camera.

Through the camera, Reina congratulates Maro, addressing him by the nickname "Cunni," as Masaki comes into view and Megumi's gentle face has turned a deep blush.

Masaki explodes punching Reina then turns towards Tomoko screaming, "You too, bitch! Stop filming!" Tomoko can only protest "me too?!!"

The phone lies on the sand near the water. It reads "End."


In order of appearance:


  • "A Girl and Her Dog": Megumi's dog licked Masaki's [CENSORED – Ed.] in Chapter 142. In the Volume 17 Omake, which also reveals Megumi to be the dog's owner, Anna notes to Reina that Tomoko pronounces his nickname differently.
  • "Suddenly I See": In the Omake of Volume 14, Tomoko and Megumi see one another at a distance when Tomoko visits her university with Asuka Katō. While Megumi recognizes Tomoko, it appears that Tomoko did not recognize Megumi. 
  • Girl Talk: Reina appears more willing to openly discuss sexual matters than the various other WataGirls™. She directly asks Tomoko if she performed oral on Masaki when they ride together in a train. While Anna sort of teases Megumi by rhetorically asking her if she knows what cunnilingus is, Reina directly suggests to Megumi that she trained her dog to do that.
  • Megumi, dressed as a mascot, hugged Tomoko in Chapter 21.
  • "Shiki Got Back!": Tomoko discovered Shiki's Youtube channel in Chapter 166.
  • "Driving a car is against the rules, even if you have a license": In Chapter 157, Tomoko and Masaki received suspensions for riding a motor scooter together.
  • "I was thinking of shooting a movie for the culture festival...": After the voice acting course in the Chapter 179, Hina suggested to Tomoko that she should write the scenario for a movie which the class could perform as their event for the culture festival.

Cultural References

  • MOAR Formality: unsurprisingly the "Delinquents" do not use honorifics. Anna and Reina address Yoshida by her first name "Masaki." They, including Yoshida, address Tomoko as "Kuroki" in front of Megumi. For her part, Tomoko addresses Megumi and thinks of her as "Madam President" by adding the "san" to Megumi's previous title of Student Council President (生徒会長). Anna's addition of "san" to the title is sarcastic.


  • ナフハテ: this is the furigana over the kanji 夏果, literally "summer fruit," in the title. Seeking translation.
  • It's on the Tip of My Tongue: see previous chapters linked above for explanations of the censored terms.

Memorable Moments

  • A Girl and Her Dog: and WataMote Wiki will leave it at that.
  • A Masaki in the Rye: Masaki sort of confesses her fears about growing up.
  • 教えましょうか?: Why does Megumi not tell Tomoko what university she attends?
  • "Still Waters Run Deep": Megumi Imae is not as innocent as she appears.
  • Girl Fight: Masaki Yoshida consistently shows a tough and aggressive attitude to others. Her opening up to Megumi is a unique event.
  • Talk to Her: This chapter depicts the longest conversation Tomoko has had with her senpai. For the most part, she talks with Megumi without nervousness.


  • "But what if Madam Student President knows cunnilingus?" – Anna Haruna to Megumi
  • "No . . . it's not that. I just felt really happy. . . ." – Megumi Imae
  • "You too, bitch! Stop filming!" – Masaki Yoshida to Tomoko
  • "Well, Kuroki was the one who called him by cunniling-mutt, so we had this image of a cunny dog, but now I thing about it, he only ever does that to Masaki." – Anna Haruna about Maro
  • "Why? Could it be that, despite her looks, she's attending some embarrassing college for losers." – Tomoko about Megumi
  • "More importantly, driving a car is against the rules, even if you have a license, I’ve already graduated, though, so I won’t say anything."– Megumi Imae
  • "I see, so it's because of all that stress that you taught your pet dog how to give cunnilingus. Just as the foreshadowing predicted." – Reina to Megumi
  • "Huh? So even someone like her can get pissed off?" – Tomoko about Megumi
  • "I don't have a lot of things I wanna do. I just want things to keep going like they are right now." – Masaki to Megumi
  • "The moment I thought, 'I want to keep going to school,' I was already a college student." – Megumi to Masaki
  • "Both you and Tomoko-chan have had so much fun meeting all kinds of people and receiving all kinds of things, that all you can think about it is wanting things continue like that" – Megumi to Masaki
  • "Good doggy, nice one, cunny"– Reina to Maro



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