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Chapter 184-2
Cover 184-2.png
Volume Number Volume 19
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular school begins (Part Two)
Published November 18, 2020
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This chapter is a second part divided into titled sections.

The cover page is expanded from the previous: Tomoko still walks with Fūka following a few paces behind her. Reina still walks in a different direction holding a soda can, and Miyazaki still looks concerned as she pauses looking at her phone and follows Tomoko with her eyes through the hallway window. Now Asuka and Kaho chat inside behind Miyazaki. Yuri walks past them further away from the window. A smiling Miho, happily rushes towards Asuka and Kaho. Just outside the window leaning against the wall Emiri looks up. Minami stands between Tomoko and Fūka. Behind her and next to Fūka, Akane walks with Hina. Behind Fūka, Shizuku sits on a bench. Further away from Reina, Sachi walks. Itō sits on the bench that surrounds the tree, and Yoshinori approaches from behind Akane and Hina.

The narration reads, "After Summer Vacation, I feel something changed."

Say it Clearly (はっきり言う・hakkiri iu)

As Tomoko sits next to Asuka in their class room, Asuka greets her with, "Good morning, Tomo-chan."

Tomoko Stammers c184-2.png

A chibi Tomoko blushes, then the actual Tomoko deeply blushes, sweats, then starts stammering "Atsu . . ." and "Asu . . ." Chibi Asuka giggles while Frustrated Chibi Tomoko curses about behaving just like No Face. The scene shifts to Wada sitting in front of Tomoko chatting with Yoshinori and Akane. They hear Tomoko stammering and Asuka gently reply, "until you say it, I'll wait." Akane and Yoshinori both sweat as they look towards Tomoko and Asuka "off screen" and think, "what are they doing?"

Wada, to Akane and Yoshinori's shock, calmly turns toward Tomoko and Asuka and asks them directly what they are doing, to their surprise.

Character-Like Dialogue (キャラっぽい台詞・kyarabboiseirifu)

With animesque bubbles, Hina sits next to Yuri.

Tamura Watches c184-2.png

She happily greets "Tamura-san" with the traditional "long time no see," and suggests that she has wanted to see her. Nonplussed, Yuri stares ahead and replies that she did not want to see Hina. Hina laughs. She continues her smile for a beat, but then begins to blush and sweat as she thinks, "just now I think . . . conversation with Tamura-san is like an anime?!" She turns away from her, looks down, and nervously thinks that she has never had a reaction from a girl like this, and it may be a bit fun. Yuri silently watches her.

Hina chats that during the summer vacation, Yuri's face came to her mind occasionally. Without turning to her, Yuri flatly replies that during the summer, she tried to forget "Nemoto-san's face."

However, she is somewhat surprised by Hina's reaction. She notices Hina visibly shaking as she looks ahead and slightly down with an artificial smile transfixed on her face. A chibi Yuri wonders about how Nemoto can look like that after she has insulted her. She muses that while she does not hate Hina, she is not good at dealing with her.

Reputation (評判・hyōban)

Shown: Fūka Winning

Miho stretches her arms as she chats with Asuka and Kaho. She overhears around the corner someone exclaiming, "Sasaki-san, right? No way!" She looks around the corner of the corridor to see Nori talking with two anonymously drawn boys. One boy explains that he actually heard it on the train, and she was talking "like a slut" (ヤリマン・yariman), with the "リ" censored in the Japanese Original™. The other boy muses that it would be great if she looked like a "bitch" (ビッチ・bicchi), and he wishes he knew her a year earlier. Nori teases that even so, she would only do it with good-looking guys, so they are out of luck. One of them teases back, "shut up!"

Miho moves back towards Asuka and Kaho and remarks that they are having a really stupid conversation.

Asuka looks sad, and Kaho asks her if she is all right as Fūka and Experienced Friend approach from down the hallway. Asuka begins to lament that she does not know who is saying it, but hearing people talk about Fūka when she is a little stupid. . . . Meanwhile, with the chicks "Pi"'ing in the background, a sweaty Fūka asks if it is "bitter," then says what the girl revealed is "good."

Not Shown: Fūka Winning

She then asks do you actually drink it. Her friend insists that she did not drink it, and cautions her not to be so loud. She laughs about Fūka's sudden erotic talk, then asks if she now has a boyfriend. Fūka explains that there is someone who does not know anything about such, and she wants to show off to her. Her friend offers to spread a rumor around that "Sasaki Fūka" is a bicchi, since it will sound more realistic. Fūka protests that she does not want to ruin her reputation.

As they come upon Asuka, Miho, and Kaho, Fūka asks her to remind her of the dirtier way to say, "deep kissing (ディープキス・deippu kisu)," and her friend responds with ベロチュー (berochū), which can mean "French Kissing" and, literally, "tongue kissing," which Fanilators render as "tonguing." Fūka excitedly exclaims that she will call it that until she startles as she sees the trio of Kaho, Asuka, and Miho. She happily greets them with, "Asuka, Miho, Kaho, what are you talking about?!"

"Yep," Miho observes, "this one's a real moron," as an embarrassed Fūka gasps in realization and a dark animesque cloud hovers over Asuka's head.

Genuine (本物・honmono)

"How was Your First Experience?"

A sheepish Shizuku sits on the bench with Tomoko. She says she missed Senpai and asks her what she did during the summer. Tomoko responds that she just studied for exams. She then says that she wants to ask Shizuka something. She notes that she has a boyfriend, and Shizuku confirms that she does.

Tomoko seriously asks her how her first time was like, to Shizuku's shock. She blushes, repeats "Eh?" and "First Experience?" then asks Tomoko if she means what she thinks she means. Tomoko explains that a lot of things have happened, and she wants a more realistic "sexual knowledge (性知識・seichishiki)."

Shizuku looks away and blushingly admits that she has not "yet" to Tomoko's surprise. She asks her that if one has a boyfriend, is it not natural to do it. Shizuku admits that others may do that, but she looks down and blushes in anime light that she is a little scared. Tomoko looks at her with shock and suggests that her boyfriend must be patient. "If I were him, I'd rape you in seconds."

Shizuku brightens a bit as she startles and asks her if that is true. As a Happier Chibi, Shizuku admits that in such times there are ways to calm things down. When Tomoko repeats "how to calm down," Shizuku starts to explain.

Shown: A beer can . . . probably

Fūka walks into a classroom bathed in sunlight as she confronts Tomoko who is with Shizuku. On the desk in front of them is a beer can . . . probably. Fūka hautily asks Tomoko why she summoned her. Tomoko presents the . . . beer can . . . on the tray before her and responds that she is thinking of continuing their morning's conversation. Fūka proudly retorts that she forgot to mention something that morning on the train: does Kuroki know that semen (精液・seieki) beer tastes bitter?

Tomoko sweats as she turns to Shizuku and mutters, "is that so," as she thinks that she has heard that. A blushing Shizuku insists that she does not know. Satisfied, Fūka crosses her arms and replies, "So . . . Kuroki doesn't know about this level of stuff we're talking about!" Inwardly, Tomoko screams the proper "Bitch (こいつ・koitsu)!" Stammering, whispering, sweating, with blood vessels pulsing, Tomoko retorts, "Well, gori . . . that Sasaki-san only has that kind of knowledge I understand. Only that knowledge." Pushing the tray with the . . . beer can . . . forward, Tomoko continues to ask about the practical matters. She has a clay model of male genitalia (粘土で男性器・nendo de danseiki) beer can, and Sasaki should have no problem demonstrating how to jerk it off (シゴク・shigoku) open it.

Fūka belittles Tomoko's "game" she wants to play and pities her for her unpopularity; however, inwardly, she realizes, "This is bad. . . !! What's 'シゴク?'"

Fūka experiences a montage of her doing pushups and running track as a coach encourages her. She recalls that during middle school she was often "jerked (しごか)," and was this what it meant? Was it a sexual thing? Her coach was male, after all! She leans over the . . . beer can . . . puts her hands on either side of the tray, and thinks, "which means . . . I do it like this!" She pounds the table and proclaims: "Do your best! Don't lose! GO!"

Tomoko and Shizuku stare at her in silence.

Fūka Opens c184-2.png

Fūka tries to recall her chibi friend, and thinks she thought "it" was some sort of verbal abuse, but perhaps she is wrong! She says that she was just trying to motivate herself, as a chibi Tomoko merely responds with "oh . . . oh oh." Sweating, Shizuku tells Fūka that, "um . . . you use your hands . . . there. . . ." to her shock. With the return of the "Pi"ing Chicks, Chibi Tomoko asks if she did not even know that. Sweating Chibi Fūka tries to pass it off with the claim that she was just playing with her a bit.

Fūka stares at the . . . um . . . "beer can" with a look WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe. Her hands approach as she thinks, "so that's it! Use the hands . . . somehow I understand that. . . ." As her hands close around the "beer can" she thinks that going by the word "jerk" she is certain that she has the right answer!

Shown: How Not to Open a Beer Can

Over a view of a rather crushed . . . beer can . . . Tomoko notes that she did not tell her to castrate him! Fūka tries to brush it off by claiming that it looks like clay cannot handle her "technique." She continues that a real man's . . . beer can . . . is as "hard as steel," as she thinks "apparently," and can withstand her "Demon Jerk!" Tomoko interrupts her to insist that she does not care what she calls it. She then calmly tells her she can stop now. Inwardly, Fūka screams about Tomoko's eyes that stare down upon people. She then demands to know if Tomoko can do it. Tomoko calmly admits that she cannot since she is not popular like her. She then suggests that Shizuku can do it, who blushes over how senpai said her first name so naturally. Fūka protests, "this girl?" but transformed into a heroine of a shōjō manga, Tomoko orders Shizuku to show "this imposter the real deal."

Shizuku takes the clay in her hands as she suggests that they reform the model. "Like this," she says as her hands reform a now censored beer can model.

Tomoko and Fūka both watch in stunned admiration as they both inwardly proclaim: "REAL!!" Shizuku then announces that she will demonstrate, which she does in animesque light.

"Enough," Sasaki says, "I understand." She walks away from them saying, "I lost." She stands at a window, with a breeze somehow blowing her skirt, and she mutters, "That's how it's done . . . in the palm of your hand . . . that." She then says, "sex."

A chibi Tomoko corrects her that that is not "sex."


In order of appearance:


  • Tomo-chan: Asuka gave Tomoko that nickname in Chapter
  • "I Don't Hate Nemoto-san": In Chapter 130.5 during the Not Disney trip Yuri tells Hina she does not like her.
  • Sasaki Shaming: the censored term is ヤリマン (yariman) which means "whore, slut," and "one who does not sufficiently appreciate Nico Tanigawa." [Citation Needed – Ed.] Further, as explained in incidents when Tomoko uses the term for , ビッチ (bicchi) does not mean what "bitch" means in the English vernacular. Finally, as noted in the previous chapter, Fūka really has no experience as her questions demonstrate.
  • Girl Talk: Tomoko remains interested in boys, with apologies to fans who have dreams of a ménage à trois between Tomoko, Yuri, and Masaki with Futaki filming, Uchi gritting, and Anna tossing in Megume's dog. More seriously, Tomoko has always had an immature view of such things, believing that boys just go after girls. As depicted in the anime Episode 4, Tomoko caustically imagined girls and boys emitting pheromones in order to mate and die like mayflies. To be fair to Tomoko, Hina shares this innocence Chapter 173, when she sort of suggests that Yoshinori would just walk up to Akane and ask if he can fondle her or have sex with her! The "Dick Sisters" similarly assume they can judge Tomoki's level of interest by watching his pants! Tomoko rather accuses her brother of the same thing Chapter 91. Finally, Tomoko inwardly agreed to hang out with Shizuka hoping she would discuss sex with her. This is apparently the first time Tomoko has tried to have the conversation.
  • Dick Picks: one of the running gags is that in Chapter 43 Tomoko's curiosity led her to search for pictures of the Matrimonial Peacemaker in class. Apparently, she did not get a good look at them.
  • "Sasaki-san said that? No way": In Chapter 184-1, Fūka started to made up stories about her experience with boys with intention of beating Tomoko in her imagined competition with her. Due to this, rumors have started to spread about her.
  • "If I were him, I'd rape you in seconds.": In Chapter 100, Tomoko made a similar claim to .
  • "Senpai said my first name so naturally": In the Tanabata celebration of Chapter 162, Shizuku wrote down as her wish that Tomoko will call her by her first name.

Cultural References

  • No Face (カ●ナシミ): A character from the celebrated anime Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し・Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) censored in the Japanese Original. He can only say "Ah (あ)."
  • シゴク (shigoku): does mean masturbate open a beer can . . . probably.
  • "Sometimes a Beer Can is Just a Beer Can": with all apologies for the bad humor – WataMote Wiki tries to keep things light – WataMote Wiki does find it interesting that the clay Pioneer of Nature is censored once Shizuku starts to . . . um . . . open it . . . er . . . Japanese manga and anime have to censor depictions of the "naughty bits." Thus, this clay beer can model becomes a "naughty bit" once someone fashions it realistically and manipulates it in a fashion approved by its Owner's Manual.


  • "I Mean, Did You Drink?": Fūka is clearly asking about beer, which is certainly "erotic," and may Oyashiro-sama have mercy on your soul if you think she means something else.
  • "Stroke's the Word!": Tomoko and Fūka think the kanji for "obscene (卑猥・hiwai)" but the furigana is リアル (riaru) or "real."

Memorable Moments

  • "This Bud's for You!": Fūka asks about drinking beer . . . probably . . . and her attempt to belittle Tomoko from the previous chapter explodes in her face [Stop that. – Ed.].
  • Foreplay: WataMote Wiki will confess spilling . . . mocha . . . it was mocha . . . at the thought of Fūka screaming that before . . . opening a beer.
  • "It's Only a Model!" [Shhh! – Ed.]: though subtle, it is clear that Tomoko fashioned . . . the beer can . . . and Shizuku later corrects its form which causes the Japanese censors to reach for their fans. Tomoko and Fūka are impressed by how realistically Shizuku fashioned it.
  • More Girl Talk: all jokes aside, Tomoko and Sasaki do sort of come together regarding their individual innocence and embarrassment over it.


  • "Should you shake it before you drink from it?" – Fūka Sasaki [Stop that! – Ed.]
  • "If I were him, I'd rape you in seconds." – Tomoko Kuroki to Shizuku Hirasawa
  • "You know, Tamura-san, during summer break, your face occasionally sprung to my mind" – Hina Nemoto
    • ”Thanks to summer break, I had completely forgotten your face, Nemoto-san" – Yuri Tamura
  • "Why does she look so happy about being insulted...? I don't hate Nemoto-san, but I don't know how to deal with her..." – Yuri
  • "What was your first time like?"– Tomoko Kuroki to Shizuku Hirasawa
  • "If you really are the real deal, Sasaki-san, you should have no problem jerking this." – Tomoko Kuroki to Fūka Sasaki
  • "So, you want me to play this little game of yours? I pity you for how unpopular you are." – Fūka Sasaki to Tomoko Kuroki
  • "Looks like the clay couldn't handle my technique, but a real man's thing is as hard as steel (apparently) so it can withstand my 'Demon Jerk'" – Fūka Sasaki to Tomoko
  • "Wait a second!! What about you, Kuroki!? Can you do it!?" – Fūka Sasaki
    • "No, not me. I'm not popular like you are, Sasaki-san." – Tomoko Kuroki




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