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WataMote Chapter 187
Cover c187.png
Volume Number Volume 20
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular I don't care about others.
Published February 17, 2021
Previous Chapter Chapter 186-2
Next Chapter Chapter 188


Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


The cover depicts Minami sitting at her desk looking pensive outside the class window behind Shiki who plays with her phone. The narration underneath her reads, "For some reason, melancholy." Kakkun is in the foreground.

The narration announces that the action takes place a week prior. The bus to school stops, and Kaho comes off followed immediately by Shiki. The Former Class Rep walks with Mike. Mike greets her as "Tsugu-chan (つぐちゃん), and the Former Class Rep remarks that she is here early. They are followed by Yuri and Shiki. The scene focuses on Minami's face as she hears either the Former Class Rep or Mike ask the other what she did during the summer. The other notes that they pretty much spent the time together to their collective laughter. Minami languidly notes that school starts today.

At her desk, she observes the transformed Itō chatting with a sweating Kotomi. She then turns and sees Tomoko sitting at her desk surrounded by Masaki, and Mako, with Yuri standing behind her. Yuri asks Masaki if she took Tomoko for a drive, and Masaki answers that she did. A Concerned Chibi Yuri asks Tomoko if she is okay and if Masaki drove well. Chibi Tomoko responds that Masaki is skilled at road rage/tailgating.[1] Masaki denies this. Tomoko then suggests to Masaki that it was a good thing the Student Council President was such a "goddess (女神・megami)," else they could have gotten expelled: "we also committed group sexual harassment (集団セクハラもしたし・shūdan sekuhara mo shitashi)." Masaki angrily denies she took part in it.

Mako, overly delighted, remarks that it seems like Masaki had a lot of fun working part-time, getting a license, and going for a drive with her friends. She then adds that it is not as if they would ever do that, "right, Yuri (ねえ ゆり・ Yuri)?" A sheepish chibi Yuri agrees, while a sweating chibi Masaki asks why it seems that Mako is a little pissed-off at her.

Minami sits in silent dejection whilst, net to her, Shiki works her phone and thinks that she has completed all of her game achievements for the day. Ogino asks everyone to sit down and who is one day duty.

In a hallway Minami stands with her arms folded dressed in her gym clothes laughing with Sachi and Norii. Sachi asks her if she has physical education (体育・taiiku) and will she make it in time. Minami happily brushes off her concern. In the gym, Tomoko and Yuri stand near a goal while Akane tries to field a soccer ball against Hina and the Girl with Short Hair. Sitting on the floor next to Mako, Minami asks her what this "futtosaru (フットサル)" is, since it seems to be just like soccer. She asks if it is a "monkey thing" since it sounds like it. Mako corrects her that she is not sure, but she is sure that monkeys are not involved.

Shown: "Mad Skillz"
Shiki has them!

Akane curses as she makes a bad kick, Shiki deftly takes control with a backwards stop then buries the ball in the net past the standing Yuri who, to be fair, does have her hands outstretched whilst the ball shoots past her ankles. Akane runs with Shiki complimenting her on her skill. She asks if she ever played soccer, but Shiki responds that she only did in elementary school.

Watching, Mako declares Futaki "amazing." Meanwhile, Tomoko turns to Yuri and flatly suggests that she also sucks at this. Yuri protests that she only let in five goals and still stopped one as, depicted behind her, a flashback shows her punching the ball. Tomoko responds that that is not what one would call "only," but then sheepishly admits that she let in six goals herself. Minami repeats "Futaki. . . ?"

Shown: Shiki's Look of Longing . . . probably.

Back in class during lunch, Shiki looks with longing at her packaged bread. Her mouth has formed the "ω." She then happily begins munching on the bread. Sitting in a desk in front and to the left of her, Minami looks back. She muses that this is a girl who sits next to her, and she admits that she never really noticed Shiki before since Shiki is a gloomy loner. She continues to muse that while she does not want to hang around with such a loner, she figures if Shiki can move as well as she does, she may be worth keeping around.

The scene reveals that she is having lunch with Mike and Kakkun. The Ever-Enthusiastic Mike offers her some food. Minami maintains a pleasant expression as she inwardly encourages herself to calm down and use the same excuse she has used before. She declares that it looks delicious, but she does not want to deprive Kakkun. Inwardly, she wonders what it its stench, and what could it be! Unfortunately, Mike happily explains that since she wanted to eat with her she made enough.

Minami Bleached c187.png

Trapped, Minami takes a bite and emits an "Eh?" She bleaches.

Shown: A Stare that WataMote Wiki Cannot Begin to Describe

She remains with this stunned look as she walks with Sachi, Norii, and Maki. Sachi asks her if she is on a diet and suggests that she should not. Norii agrees since she is not fat. Maki gigglingly asks if she has found someone. Minami stares ahead with a stare that WataMote Wiki cannot begin to describe. She inwardly rages that she only started eating with "these love birds (バカップル・bakappuru)" because Sachi and the others make fun of her whenever she sees them, and she does not want to eat alone. She pictures a schedule where she eats lunch with chibi Sachi, Norii, and Maki on Monday and Friday, a chibi Mako on Tuesday and Thursday, and a chibi Mike and Kakkun, with the caption "Crappy Food Couple (メシマズップル・meshimazuppuru)," on Wednesday. She realizes that she must quickly do something or she will die, as she imagines the smiling face of Kakkun with the sky behind him. She marvels if he is even human and how he can eat her stuff every day.

Ogino announces that since this will be their last seat change, they may freely decide where they want to sit. Minami looks ahead inwardly declaring this "annoying." As she walks towards Mako, she inwardly complains that they should just allow them to keep their seats from the second year. She calls out to Mako, and, as a chibi, suggests that since she must be find with sitting next to her, she can mark that down. A sweating chibi Mako insists that she has not decided yet. Chibi Minami replies that she should decide quickly and asks her to confirm that she will not betray her. She returns to her seat, opens her lunch, and thinks that there is only one more thing to decide as she looks at Shiki. She tells Shiki that she is alone and ask if she wished to eat together.

They share a desk while nearby Mike and Kakkun smile and dote over one another. Further away, Yuri notes this as she sits with Mako, and she asks her if she is okay with it. Mako says she is since she said she would eat with Shiki today. Yuri thinks as she looks at the two. Mako asks her where Yoshida and Tomoko are. Yuri replies that they went off somewhere. Back to Minami, she remarks to Shiki that she is always by herself, then she asks her if she has any friends in the other classes. Shiki insists that she does. Chibi Minami then suggests that she could just eat with them. Chibi Shiki replies that they had things to do. Minami thinks that she is lying since she does not have any friends. Minami continues to complain about the seat changes, then asks if Shiki has decided where she will sit. However, Shiki is transfixed by her focaccia. Minami asks her what kind of bread it is, and Shiki replies, with her mouth changed, that it is the "complete meal (完全食・kanzenshoku)." When Minami questions, between bites, Shiki insists it has all the nutrients she needs. Minami asks for a bit, but she does not find it particularly good. She does inwardly admit that it is better than what she ate the day before.

Without a word, Shiki gets up and leaves. Shocked, Minami asks her if she is going to the bathroom then protests her leaving her alone. She follows Shiki up stairs in another part of the building. When she asks Shiki where she is going, Shiki does not answer. The scene reveals that they are in the upper deck of the gymnasium. Minami asks what the place is and if it has always been there. Without a word, Shiki lays down on a bench and begins bench pressing. Minami asks her if she is allowed to do that. Shiki responds that the karate and Nikken associations only use it after school, and they gave her permission. Minami sits finishing her lunch as she watches Shiki bench press. She inwardly wonders what is with her, but then she recalls a combined flashback from middle school where she stands with Yuri, Sachi, and Norri making fun of a "Aihara" from the science club. She asks Yuri if she agrees that Aihara is "super gross," but Yuri asks her in what way. The next flashback is her celebrating with karaoke next to Mako who asks where Yuri went. To herself, Minami that there was this one girl who was not as weird as Shiki, but did go at her own pace. She concludes, as Shiki rises and sips juice, that she use to really hate such people. To herself, she repeats "used to" and wonders about now. She asks Shiki why she is working out: "trying to lose weight?' Shiki responds that it is for video games.

Outside she walks with Norii and Sachi. Sachi asks where Maki is, and Norii replies that she went home with her "chinny" boyfriend. They pause as some distance away Shiki stands surrounded by boys. Norii asks where they should study. Sachi suggests the censored in the Japanese Original Starbucks, but Norii replies that she does not have the money for it. She suggests the similarly censored Saizeriya restaurant. Sachi turns and looks for Minami who is missing.

At an arcade, Minami watches Shiki rapidly playing a game.

She wonders what is with her.


In order of appearance:

Referbacks and Forwards

  • Koharu Minami Manga Heroine!: this marks the first in a series of chapters from Koharu's perspective.
  • Expressions: Shiki first makes this expression when she eats focaccia in Chapter 154.
  • "Am I Not . . . Beautiful?!": Asuka performed the make-over of Itō in Chapter 184-1. Kotomi and Itō's conversation about it is revealed in the Omake of Volume 19.
  • "Group Sexual Harassment": occurs in Chapter 182. To be fair, Masaki does not directly participate, then becomes enraged when Megumi's dog decides to explore his owner's [CENSORED – Ed.]
  • You Don't Do Your Picture Justice: In Chapter 169.5 Minami, Sachi, ridicule Maki and her new boyfriend, who apparently has a prominent chin, behind her back. This will later become an issue . . . spoilers there be! Arg!
  • "Are you okay? Did she drive safely?": Masaki invited Tomoko together with Reina, Anna and Shiki in Chapter 181, where they tailgated Megumi Imae after seeing Maro.
  • "It's fine! I wanted to eat with you today, Minami san": Since Chapter 145, Koharu started having lunch with Mike and Kakkun, seemingly the Wednesdays, even at cost of her stomach suffering.
  • "Since this will be the last seating change, you may all freely discuss where you'd like to sit": Part of this chapter happens at the same time as Chapter 185.
  • "Huh?! Yuri!? Where'd she go!?": In Christmas special of Chapter 185-5, Yuri mentioned about going to a Christmas party with her class during 1st year, but she left it midway, and for what it seems, she didn't mind about saying goodbye to Mako before ditching from there.

Cultural References

  • "Not Monkey Ball!": Futsal.
  • "I DrinkEat Alone!: this stigma is a staple of anime and manga. The linkypoo notes that this is a universal trope. The Noble Readership will recall that Tomoko would hide so she would not be seen eating lunch alone.
  • "Give Shiki This Day Her Daily Bread": From the Credit Where Credit is Due Department, reddit user RedCarConspiracy notes that the bread Shiki loves is based on Base Bread.
  • Saizeriya: an Italian-style restaurant chain.


  • Mad Masaki: Beyond Thunderdome: the term fanilated into "tailgating" – (煽り運転・aoriunten) – also means "road rage." WataMote Wiki will let the Noble Readership decide what Tomoko really means.
  • "No Monkeys were Harmed in the Making of this Chapter": as the fanilator helpfully explains, Minami pronounces "futsal" as "futtosaru" with "saru" sounding like saru (猿) or "monkey."
  • "No Mike! It's Against Nature!!": The steam rising from Mike's creation makes a "muaaaa" sound.
  • "Love Birds": the term Minami uses, バカップル, is used to mean that as well as "sickening sweat couple."
  • "Crappy Food Couple": compliments to the fanilators who translate Minami's term メシマズ (meshimazu) as "crappy food." The linkypoo's explanation, "When someone else is happy, you would be in a state of this, メシマズ [meshimazu] or food tastes bad [飯がマズい]," sort of summarizes Minami.
  • "Not that we'd ever do that": As seen in Chapter 124, Mako gently scolded Yuri for being petty like Minami in her interaction with Yū. This time it is Mako who takes a similar demeanor at Yoshida for feeling excluded from her activities.
  • "You also suck at this, Yuri-chan": Yuri has previously demonstrated a poor skill in sports. The first time involved table tennis. In this case, Tomoko admits to be bad at this sport as well.
  • "Are you okay with this, Mako?": In Chapter 129, Yuri allowed Mako to accompany Koharu. By contrast in this chapter, Yuri askes Mako if she feels okay with the fact that Koharu eats with Shiki.
  • "I used really to hate people like that . . . used to? What about now?": In Chapter 97, Tomoko experienced a similar epiphany when she initially resented Hina's group, then, after realizing they did not do things out of spite, her irrational hate for them dissipates. By contrast, Koharu recalls her hated of weird girls who go by their own pace. She still questions about weird people like Yuri.

Memorable Moments

  • "A Girl Has a Name": the former class representative finally receives the nickname "Tsugu-chan." Since the kanji is not given, this is probably a shortened nickname based on her name.
  • "A Girl Has a Title": usually the "because I'm not popular" refers to Tomoko. This is the first time it refers to another character.


  • "Still, it's a good thing the student council prez was such a saint, huh? We might've gotten expelled if things went bad. Considering we all sexually harassed her and all" – Tomoko Kuroki
  • "Sounds like you had a fun summer vacation, huh, Yoshida-san? Working part-time, getting a license and going for a drive with friends. Not that we'd ever do that" – Mako to Masaki
  • "You also suck at this, Yuri-chan." – Tomoko
  • "So she's the girl who sits next to me, huh? I never really noticed before shince she's a gloomy loner. I don't really wanna hang out with a loner, but if she can move around so much, she might be worth keeping around..." – Koharu about Shiki
  • "I gotta do something, or else I'll die! Actually, is that boyfriend of hers even human? How can he eat that stuff every day?" – Koharu about Kakkun
  • "What's with this girl, she wasn't as weird as this girl, but there was one girl who went at her own pace . . . I used really to hate people like that . . . used to? What about now?" – Koharu about Yuri and Shiki



  1. 煽り運転 (aoriunten) means both as explained in the Trivia.


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