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WataMote Chapter 192-2
Cover 192-2.png
Volume Number Volume 20
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular, every day before the Cultural Festival (Part Two)
Published June 2, 2021
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This second-part chapter is broken into titled parts.

Black (ブラック・burakku)

Tomoko leans on a railing next to Yuri and Mako. Tomoko remarks that studying at night make one sleepy. Yuri denies that it does, and an Irritated Chibi Tomoko rhetorically asks if she does not want to continue the conversation. She continues to explain that she tried taking her coffee black, but it did not work, and she ended up falling asleep. She wonders that coffee does not perk one up as much as people think, then she wonders if having black coffee every morning, noon, and night makes caffeine less effective.

Yuri retorts that Tomoko is basically showing off that she takes her coffee black. Embarrassed Chibi Tomoko denies this as Emiri suddenly appears between Yuri and Mako, to Mako's surprise, and comments, "Annoying (うざい・usai)." Chibi Tomoko repeats "annoying" and asks if it is not "disgusting?"[1]

I have to be Scared (怖がらないといけない・kowagaranaitoikenai)

Shown: Miyazaki and Emiri Holding One Another and Screaming
Also Shown: Yuri Understanding

Tomoko asks Emiri[2], since she appeared so "suddenly," what her class is doing. Emiri replies that while nothing is settled, they have two ideas: the boys want to do a haunted house, but Nagi suggests a "the idea of a Coffee Cup."[3]

Tomoko asks if in haunted houses in cultural festivals actual people are trying to scare others. Emiri replies, "Naturally." Tomoko observes that one has to be considerate towards "human ghosts." She explains as one panel depicts her in a haunted house ride, and the next walking in a haunted house, that it is fine if one does not show fear towards a mechanical ghost, but if it is a person one feels the need to at least act scared. In the haunted house, in Tomoko's imagination, she gives a weak reaction.

Tomoko then shifts to ask if they are aware of shows where television celebrities spend a night in a haunted house. She imagines watching such a show with her brother. She reasons that it works since the celebrities force a reaction on purpose. With a depiction of her walking with a nonplussed Emiri and Yuri, Tomoko starts to explain that if they use people who do not play along, then she barely reacts to a "ghost" who appears. She thinks that she was suppose to run away, she is bored by the creature, and she missed her chance to run away.

Back in reality, she concludes it would be a weird mood, then adds quietly that that in of itself would be scary. Emiri replies that that may be the case for her and Yuri, but she would give a proper reaction as she imagines chibi versions of herself and Miyazaki holding one another and screaming.

Yuri silently admits that she understands Emiri.

Self-Deprecation (自嘲・jichō)

With the side narration "Cultural Festival discussion," Akane, with Asuka next to her, asks Wada and Yoshinori if it is true that they cross-dressed (女装・josō) for the maid café during their first year festival. Yoshinori affirms this and proudly declares that he looked best. As Akane asks if it is true and it was not Wada, Yuri turns to Tomoko and asks if it really happened. Sweating a bit, Tomoko apologizes that she would not know. Meanwhile, Yoshinori insists that Wada was what she would expect, and he boasts that he had the biggest change.

WataMote Wiki does not judge. . . .

Akane tells Asuka and Hina that she has a photograph as she shows them her phone. Chibi Asuka declares them cute and asks who did the makeup. Chibi Akane responds that all of the girls helped out. With a view of Maid Wada serving two anonymous school boys, Chibi Yoshinori remarks that it was hilarious when a guy hit on Wada. Chibi Hina laughs that Wada gave the guy his contact details. Yoshinori asks Wada if the guy ever got in touch with him. Wada responds, to Yoshinori's shock, that he did. While Tomoko and Asuka observe, Chibi Wada continues that they met countless time to Shocked Chibi Yoshinori's shock. He asks when they met up.

With roses about him, Wada calmly asks if he remembers the time in their second year when he said his hips and butt hurt. He explains that that was because of that.

Silence descends upon the table like a descending thing that is silent. Wada calmly smiles, Yoshinori, Hina, and Tomoko look at him sweating. Yuri appears to have calm surprise. Akane has a smile with her eyebrows raised. Asuka's expression is not shown.

With a teddy bear background, Chibi Wada laughs that he was making a "Kuroki-san Style Joke (黒木さんっぽい 冗談・Kuroki-sanppoi jōdan)." Sheepish Chibi Tomoko stammers "to . . . me?" Still sweating Yoshinori complains that Wada had him really worried. Wada replies that he thought Yoshinori would understand.Yoshinori grouses that he says some things.

Shown: Akane's Expression which WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe.

Meanwhile, Akane stares ahead with an expression WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe. She wonders if she is the only one who did not understand what Wada was saying. She notes that "Asuka and Tamura" both appeared that they understood. Looking at the still sweating Tomoko, she concludes that his statement that it was "Kuroki-Style" means it must have been a "dirty joke." She then surmises that the hips hurting probably means what men and women do. She notes that the expression comes up in dramas and shōjo manga.

She then wonders why he would say his butt hurt, then realizes that, unlike men and women, men have to use their butts, and she finally understands what that means. She slightly smiles as she confesses to herself that she had thought Yoshinori was just a brat where she was the "first child." She thought Hina was cute, but she now realizes that it is herself who is a "chick."[4]

She continues to stare down at Wada with an expression WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe. Wada thinks that for some reason she is the only one who took that in a "weird way."[5]

Shame (恥・haji)

Shown: Asuka's expression that WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe, but clearly involves plans of murder . . . probably.

Fūka is in a hallway surrounded by a number of anonymous girls. Behind them Tomoko stands with Asuka and Miho. Asuka remarks that Fūka seems busy, to which Miho, happily, replies that it is the event. She explains that everyone from the dance to light music clubs are asking for her advice. A Somewhat Sheepish Chibi Tomoko confesses that she can understand the dancing but asks if Fūka can also play musical instruments. Miho explains that it has to do with her singing, and despite her looks, she is a good singer. As Fūka smiles, Tomoko inwardly muses that since Fūka is a "female gorilla," she assumed that she would be as off-key as a censored in the Japanese Original celebrity, then out loud ask if she is a good singer.

Happy Chibi Miho, happily, replies that they were surprised when they first heard her, and she asks Asuka for confirmation. This surprises the Chibi Tomoko, as Asuka stares ahead with an expression WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe. As chibi, she tells Tomoko that she is returning to the classroom. To herself, Sheepish Chibi Tomoko wonders over a reminiscence of Miho if Asuka "s-snapped." In the reminiscence, Miho, happily, sits at a piano while Fūka stands holding a piece of paper singing in front of Asuka. Miho relates that Fūka sang Asuka's favorite song for her birthday. With yet another expression WataMote cannot adequately describe, Asuka places her hand to her mouth as Miho relates that with a little practice, Fūka was amazing, and Asuka was seriously moved.

Back in present time, smiling Miho, happily, adds that since then she and Asuka have considered Fūka to be, but she is interrupted by a sweating Fūka calling out to Tomoko. She approaches with her arms folded and smugly declares that she has redirected 's "dick pipeline" from her to herself, then adds, "are you mad?" Miho, a bit less happily, remarks that she did not think Fūka was that stupid, then asks her if she is the least bit embarrassed.

The anonymous girls behind them nervously chat and react to Fūka's boast.

Visible Scenery (見える景色・mieru keshiki)

Tomoki X Sachi c192-2.png

In one panel, Yoshida sits on the steps with Anna and Reina enjoying the Not McDonalds lunch. In the next panel, Shizuku has lunch on a bench between two anonymous boys. Sachi sits alone with her lunch but without her face. She muses that there are a surprising lack of places where she can be left alone, but she is fine so long as Nori and Maki are not around. To her surprise, Tomoki arrives and sits some distance away from her. With her face, Sachi wonders why he is sitting next to her. By his necktie she surmises that he is a second year, and she wonders what he wants with her.

Without looking at her, Tomoki explains that he comes to this place to eat by himself and apologizes if he is bothering her. To herself, she concludes that he is a "loner." With her face she resumes eating and thinks that he has a calming appearance and gives off a different feeling than she usually gets from gloomy people. She continues to think that he is not at all bothered being alone with an older girl. She concludes that he is either use to being around girls or simply does not care. She confesses that she is the one who is uneasy since she has always had Nori, Maki, and "Koharu-chan" with her, and she has never been alone with a guy before.

Still without looking at her, Tomoki asks if he can ask her a question. When she agrees, he asks what class she is in. She responds that she is in 3-4, and he inwardly concludes that she is "normal." She asks him if she has any acquaintances from the third year. He replies that he has plenty. When she asks if they include girls, he responds that some of them are. She follows up to ask if they are from his club, but Tomoki, still looking ahead, responds that they have been to his home.

Still with her face, she wonders if he is a "playboy (ヤリチン・yarichin)." She wonders if he has had countless girls over to his home what is happening now. Resuming her lunch, and losing her face, she concludes that he is hitting on her. If he wished to be alone, he would not have sat next to her. She recalls being with Minami in their festival dress chatting with two anonymous boys. She admits that she has been hit on countless times, but this is on another level. She continues that she is normally wary of guys who call out to girls and try to leave a gaudy impression; however, with her face back, she inwardly notes that Tomoki seems quiet and playing it cool which makes the encounter appear mysterious and unreal.

With a view of the sky, she muses that having high self-esteem yet ending up alone, seeking some kind of charm to make her heart pound, if she was that type of girl she might fall for him easily.

With her face, she admits that she is like that.

Losing her face she pauses then muses that she ended up alone after badmouthing Maki's boyfriend only to find herself attracted to a younger boy. Still without her face, she utters the tried and true Japanese conversational expression: "Nice weather, isn't it." Surprised, Tomoko looks up and agrees.

With a view of the sky, she inwardly concludes that being a loner is not really a big deal; the scenery is just a little different than usual.

Impossible (ない・nai)

"The thing about Akari, she's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When she comes at you she doesn't seem to be livin' . . . until she bites you, and those black eyes roll over white." [Citation Needed – Ed.]

Akari sits at her desk inwardly complaining that she has a stomach ache, a head ache, and she should have stayed home. An agitated Sayaka appears, slamming her hands on Akari's desk, and demands to know if Akari knows that Tomoki was with another girl. As Akari's face assumes an expression that WataMote Wiki cannot adequately et cetera, Sayaka continues that she heard from a girl from a neighboring class that he was eating lunch with a third-year girl. With a view of Faceless Sachi™, Sayaka blushes and suggests that while it is not related to anything, the girl looks like her, at least their hair style matches.

Sayaka continues her agitated rant that Tomoki remains faithful to soccer in more ways than one, as she learned when she went to his home, she thinks. She declares that she continues to root for Akari.

Akari calmly asks if the girl looks like Sayaka, then slyly concluded that it is fine then. Sayaka screams her name in protest.


In order of appearance:


  • "A Haunted House, Huh?": In Chapter 19, Tomoko remembers her days in middle school when her class held a "haunted house" for their school's festival. It was not very successful. Curiously in the school festival of first year depicted in Chapter 21, Tomoko attempted to take Yū into a class' haunted house to take advantage of her but failed.
  • "La Cage aux Folles”: Wada and Yoshinori cross-dressed during the cultural festival as depicted in Chapter 21.
  • "Hips Hurting": Fūka unwittingly and innocently claims similar in response to a "psychological exam" in Chapter 172.
  • "I was Just Making a Kuroki-san-Style Joke": Tomoko gained that reputation in Chapter 39 after making an embarrassing introduction of herself in her second year.
  • "Gorilla":Tomoko creates this nickname for Fūka based on her appetite in Chapter 174.
  • ”Asuka's Vulnerability”: regarding the Memorable Moment below, Yū noted her unwillingness to show her "weak points" in Chapters 170 and 175-2.
  • "Yū X Fūka": Fūka approached Yū on this matter in Chapter 189.
  • "There's a Surprising Lack of Place Where You can be Left Alone": In Chapter 190, by chance, Shiki found Sachi eating lunch alone in the gap between two buildings.
  • "I Come Here to Eat by Myself Sometimes": It was revealed in the Volume 15 Omake that Tomoki started to have lunch alone in the gap between two school buildings to escape of rumors spread about him.
  • "So She's Normal, Then...": Since Tomoki went to pick up his lunch from his sister in Chapter 123, he started to assume that her Class 3-5 is filled with crazy and weird girls.
  • "Tomoki's Play House": In Chapter 168 and 169 various WataGirls show up at the Kuroki home.

Cultural References

  • When Tomoko inwardly wonders about how Fūka's singing, she references Takeshi Goda, nicknamed as "Gian" (ジャイアン), who is known for his terrible singing skills.
  • ヤリチン


  • "'Annoying?!' Not 'Gross?!'": Emiri's signature phrase to describe Tomoko and many things sexual or lesbian is "gross/disgusting" (キモい・kimoi)." Tomoko's recreation of Emiri's apparent mix of katakana and hiragana suggests that it is a way Emiri stresses the term. Tomoko seems to have accepted Emiri's term. Emiri's use of another adjective causes a disruption in the natural order of things.
  • Caffeine Tolerance: "Coffee is essential to any scientist – pots and pots of it. One cup simply won’t do it, nor will decaffeinated brands. In order to function as a true scientist (or computer programmer for that matter), you must possess what the lay person calls 'coffee nerves.' Science calls this 'hyper synaptic calculosis.' What most people think of as the jitters is actually a state of creativity. The scientist or computer analyst who is not 'jittery' is merely thinking. Thinking is fine as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough. You must make those great intuitive leaps, from the lowly atom to the mighty stars and back again, in split-seconds. Coffee lets you do this. Of course, your hand is usually shaking so uncontrollably you cannot even read your own notes, but that’s part of the price you pay. And, pal, if you can’t pay that price, you’d better get out now." - Dr. Science
  • Honorifics: WataMote Wiki has previously pontificated on Japanese honorifics, how Tomoko pays attention to them, and how certain characters use them or do not use them. It is interesting that Akane inwardly refers to Yuri and Tomoko by their last names without the honorific but refers to Asuka by her first name.

Memorable Moments

  • Pitchers and Catchers: and the WataGirls' reactions to Wada's joke.
  • "Despite how she looks, she's a good singer": It is revealed that Fūka is skilled in singing, as well as Miho is in playing piano.
  • Asuka's Reticence: all humor about her intensity suggesting a rather busy and full basement aside, why does Asuka seem reluctant to listen to a story that reveals her vulnerability?
  • Fūka's Lie: since Tomoko freely admits that she lied that Yū sent her a portrait of the Matrimonial Peacemaker, Yū has probably never sent such a thing to her. Indeed, in her descriptions of Yū, Tomoko has viewed her as more innocent with Yū occasionally suggesting otherwise. So it is highly unlikely that Yū is sending such to Fūka. This raises the question why Fūka thinks that Tomoko would believe her.
  • Tomoki X Sachi: And WataMote Wiki is just going to leave it at that!
    • Though Tomoki actually starts a conversation with a girl.
    • Sachi inwardly admits she hates Nori and Maki.
    • Sachi's thoughts on Tomoki. Does Kotomi have another rival? Stay tuned!


  • "'Annoying?!' Not 'gross?!'" – Tomoko Kuroki to Emiri Uchi
  • "You gotta be considerate toward human ghosts. For example, it's fine to give no reaction when it's a mechanical ghost. But if it's a person, even if you're not scared, you feel like you need to act scared, right?" – Tomoko to Emiri, Yuri Tamura, and Mako Tanaka
  • "Y'know how they have those TV shows about celebrities going to these huge haunted houses? Those work because the celebrities are forcing a reaction on purpose. But if they sent in people who aren't really into it... It'd wind up with a weird mookd like that. That's pretty scary in itself" – Tomoko Kuroki
  • "No way!? What did you do when you met up!?" – Yoshinori
    • "Well, y'know in the second year, when I said my hips and butt hurt? That was... because of that" – Wada
  • "I was just making a Kuroki-san-style joke. I guess it was just creepy" – Wada
  • "I see! Unlike a boy and a girl, the boys can only use their butts...!! I finally understand what that means!! It took me this long to figure out what everyone else understood in an instant. I thought that Yoshi was a brat, but I was the biggest kid. I thought of Hina as the cute little chick, but I'm the one who's just a chick..." – Akane Okada
  • "It seems you've been getting Naruse to send you dick picks, but I've redirected her dick pipeline to you towards me instead. You mad?" – Fūka Sasaki
    • "I didn't think you were this stupid. Aren't you the least bit embarrassed?" – Miho Narita
  • "Eh!? A playboy!? He's had countless girls come over to his house!? What's going on here!? Now I think about it, he's totally hitting on me right now... If he wanted to be alone, he wouldn't have needed to sit next to me. I've been hit on countless times before, but this is on another level. Normally, I'm wary of guys calling out to girls and trying to leave a gaudy impression on them... But this guy is tight-lipped and playing it cool. Making it feel like and mysterious and unreal encounter" – Sachi about Tomoki
  • "Having high self-esteem but somehow ending up all alone. Seeking some kind of charm to make their heart pound. If I was a girl like that, I might fall for him easily. Wait, I'm like that. I wind up alone as result of badmouthing Maki's boyfriend only to immediately become attracted to a younger guy... Hilarious" – Sachi about Tomoki
  • "Surprisingly enough, being a loner isn't that big of a deal. This scenery' just a little different than usual" – Sachi
  • "I see... she looks like you, Sayaka... Then it's fine, right?" – Akari Iguchi



  1. Tomoko pronounces it with Emiri's trademarked mixture of katakana and hirigana: キモい
  2. Tomoko calls her "Uchi-san" (内さん) and does not use her nickname.
  3. Emiri quite literally says that: コーヒーカップの案 (kōhī kappu no an).
  4. As Fanilators note, Akane makes a pun on Hina's name. The kanji for this hina is different: 雛.
  5. Wada interestingly says 変なウケ方 (henna uke kata) with the katakana of uke. Uke is the slang for the receptive partner which is what Wada joked he was.


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