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WataMote Chapter 194
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Volume Number TBA
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular, it's not one of those days.
Published July 21, 2021
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This chapter returns to Koharu Minami's perspective.

The title panel depicts a Faceless Sachi sitting with Minami and Mako. Faceless Sachi finishes her story on how her and Minami's friendship with Maki and Nori ended. Minami confirms this. A Faceless Chibi Sachi asks the Chibi Mako if, since she still hangs out with the two, they have been "shit-talking"[1] her and Minami. Chibi Mako happily replies that they have not, but they only basically say "hello" to one another. Staring ahead, she suggests that they can make up. Minami interrupts her by offering to trade one of her beans for one of her eggs. Sachi reacquires her face when she startles as she says that she is really not interested in a reconciliation.

The scene shifts to Masaki calling out to the passing Tomoki asking if he wants to eat with her. He sharply insists that he wants to eat alone; she slaps the empty spot on the bench next to her as she sarcastically asks if she does not want to eat with her, and she insists that he just sit down. Tomoki inwardly grouses "annoying."

The scene shift to a view behind Sachi, Minami, and Mako to reveal that Tomoki sits with Masaki in front of them. He asks her if she often eats alone. Masaki explains that her two friends were summoned by the teacher. Mako remarks that Masaki was eating alone today, and they could have eaten together. Minami interrupts this thought by asking Sachi if she wants to trade one of her wieners for one of her beans. With a Face Sachi does not reply; she inwardly complains that if she knew "that guy" would come here today she would not have eaten lunch with Minami and Mako.

Shown: Masaki Quietly Blushing for a Moment

Masaki asks Tomoki if he eats alone. He replies that he does not always, but he then confesses that he realizes that he does often. The panel focuses on her face with her eyes turned to him. She recalls that he once saw her naked. She quietly blushes for a moment as he stares ahead eating his lunch. A bit exasperated, she elbows his arm as she inwardly complains that he should give her some sort of reaction. Tomoki asks her what it is. With a smile as she looks at Masaki and Tomoki, the With a Face Sachi rhetorically asks Minami if it is Yoshida and if she is in her class. Inwardly, she notes that Masaki is the third-year student who has been connected with Tomoki. Continuing her smile, she remarks that Masaki acts like she is uninterested in boys, but she is surprisingly loose. She then rhetorically asks if "that guy" is a second-year student, and she then suggest that Masaki is hungry for the young.

Not Shown: "Subtext" . . . goodness no!

Mako's bangs shade her eyes, and Minami worries that Sachi badmouthed Masaki. She inwardly notes that for some reason Mako becomes annoying when it comes to Masaki. However, Mako seems to suddenly brighten and stare ahead then add that she agrees. She openly wonders what Masaki is thinking when she pursues younger boys during such an important time in her life. This results in a Stunned Chibi Minami. Viewed from behind, Sachi agrees that chasing after a younger boy is unbelievable, and to Minami's sweating shock, Mako agrees. Inwardly, Minami wonders if Mako's response means that today is a day where it is fine to badmouth as she takes on an expression of joy and is surrounded by animesque flowers and streaming light.

In a manner which WataMote Wiki insists contains no subtext, goodness know, Minami ejac . . . er . . . expl . . . um . . . utters forth a stream river of badmouthing. She suggests that Masaki must hang around younger guys since she has no friends. She adds that Masaki tried to convince them that she is a delinquent in her second year, but she really is a loner. To herself, Mako wonders what she was saying. Minami turns her attention to Tomoki, whom she declares "dark" and "gloomy" as well as an "obvious virgin."[2]

Shown: Sachi Takes Notice
Not Shown: "Edgelord"

This causes Sachi to take notice. She contradicts Minami by claiming that her observations are just her tastes being predictable. She rhetorically asks if, since she is so simple, does she prefer someone tall and cheerful? She then suggests that "that guy" is probably not a virgin, and if he is, she asks why it would matter: "Are you enough of a playgirl[3] to be saying such things, Koharu-chan?" Minami maintains her open smile, but is stunned. Inwardly, she wonders why she is the one being badmouthed, and could it be because it is "Badmouthing Day," there are no holds barred.

Mako interjects to insist that Minami is wrong about Masaki. She insists that she is not a loner, and she is loved by all sort of people. She suggests that Minami learn to pay more attention to others. Minami's smile turns to a more concerned frown.

Masaki and Tomoki walk in front of the trio. She suggests to him that they head back then notices Mako. Sachi has lost her face, and Minami's remains transfixed with concern. Masaki notes that Mako must have been behind them during the entire time, and she should have said something. She then asks her if she wants to return to the classroom. Mako agrees.

For his part, Tomoki notices Sachi, who has reacquired her face, and greets her. Sachi asks if he had planned to go to his usual spot. He admits he was. She "fuuuun"s in response.

Seen from behind, Minami watched the two pairs walk away. Masaki asks Mako where is Yuri; Mako responds that she did not ask her today. Sachi asks Tomoki about tomorrow: will he come? He responds that he plans to go to the cafeteria.

Minami watches with an expression WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe.


In order of appearance:


  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want?": Minami and Sachi blowing up the group chapter here.
  • The Naked Truth: Tomoki walked into his home's shower area just as Masaki emerged in Chapter 168. It appears that they have not talked or interacted since.
  • "Come Here Often?": Tomoki sat with Sachi first in Chapter 192-2.
  • "Where the Boys Are!": Mako misinterpreted the rumors about Masaki and confronted her in Chapter 173.
  • "Koharu-chan and I are no longer friends with Nori and Maki": The dynamic of that group of mean girls was ripped apart in Chapter 189.
  • "My two buds got summoned by the teacher": In the Chapter 192-1, Masaki commented that Reina and Anna were probably skipping classes, it's possible they got into troubles with the teacher because of it.

Cultural References


  • "The Sound of Silence": the sound Sachi makes when she takes notice is "piku (ぴく)."

Memorable Moments

  • "Look for the Girl with the Gloom in Her Eyes and She's Gone!": This is one of the few chapters where Tomoko makes no appearance.
  • Tomoki X Masaki: WataMote Wiki takes no official rooting stance regarding which WataGirl™ he might take an interest in, if any; however, it appears that he currently has no interest in Masaki while she has some in him.
  • Tomoki X The Faceless Girl Sachi: on that note he does seem willing to talk to her.


  • ”…So Yoshida-san was eating by herself today... we could have eating together" – Mako Tanaka
  • "If I knew that guy was coming here today, I wouldn't have eaten with Koharu-chan and Makocchi..." – Sachi Mima
  • "Ah . . . Makocchi, could it be . . . today's one of those days where it's okay to badmouth?!!" – Koharu Minami
  • "She acts like she has no interest in guys, but maybe she's actually a floozy? That boy's a 2nd year, right? Is she hungry for younger guys or something? Hilarious" – Sachi about Masaki
  • "Yeah, playing around with younger guys at such an important time of our third year. What is she thinking?" – Mako about Masaki
  • "Today's one those days when it's okay to badmouth!!?" – Koharu Minami
  • "No. That's just your tastes being so predictable, Koharu-chan. You're simple, so you probable prefer someone who's tall and cheerful and has lots of friends, right? Besides, that guy's probably not a virgin, and even if he was, does it even matter? Are you enough a playgirl to be saying stuff like that, Koharu-chan?" – Sachi Mima
  • "Minami-san. Yoshida-san can be the misunderstood type, but she's not a loner or anything. She's loved by all kinds of people. You should learn to pay more attention to others, Minami-san" – Mako Tanaka



  1. Literally "bad mouth (悪口・waruguchi)," which the first kanji should be familiar to readers.
  2. With all due respect to the Fanilators, she does not actually say "Edgelord!"
  3. Sachi does ask if Koharu-chan is so "playful."


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