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WataMote Chapter 195
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Volume Number TBA
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular, I'll be a character.
Published August 18, 2021
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


At her desk, Kotomi looks through a glamor newspaper. Sitting in the next desk to her, Tomoko startles and thinks, "That bitch[1] . . . is reading a sports paper in class!" She muses wonderment that a girl would read a sports paper and wonders what "character" that is. She admits that she, herself, reads manga in class, but that just makes her look shabby (しょぼく・shoboku). Hikari Itō, who sits on Kotomi's other side, turns to her and notes that she often sees her reading those. Kotomi replies that she only does when they report on the Lottes. Inwardly, Tomoko rages that this is not a character Kotomi puts on but the real thing. She stares intently at Kotomi and continues to rage inwardly that, act or not, a girl reading a sports magazine is a new kind of "exquisite (絶妙・zetsumyō)." She wonders if she is actually jealous of the "cricket (コオロギ・koorogi)."

Shown: Headline about a "Great World Assemblage of Roads to a Christening," . . . probably.
Also Shown: Hikari's Nickname

However, she sees a headline on the back of the paper that reads, "Worldwide Great Road to a Christening Assembly."[2] She inwardly demands to know what is with that article then rages that if anyone other than her or her "X Friend"[3] saw it, they would deem it sexual harassment. She vows not to lose to this "toilet cricket!."[4]

With a view of the outside of the market and narration marking the "next day," Tomoko purchases a number of snacks with a "PlayGirl"[5] magazine. The unseen clerk tells the also unseen Tomoko that the total is ¥780. The scene shifts to Tomoko reading the magazine at her desk, next to the window, with her snacks open. Yuri turns back to her and asks her what she is doing so early in the morning, then she asks if Tomoko has given up on everything, including her exam studies and the school festival. Tomoko mutters a feeble denial. Next to her, Itō rhetorically asks Kotomi, who is reading another magazine, that she bought another sports newspaper. Kotomi happily replies that the Lottes are fighting for first place in their league, and there is an article about it.

There is a passage of time as both girls read their newspaper and magazine. To herself, Tomoko muses that she took on this character to compete with Kotomi but now feels as if they are both in a "dangerous corner (ヤベー一角・yabēikkaku)" of the room. She calls out to "Yuri-chan" and asks her if she wants to read her magazine. Yuri says she will, and the next panel shows Tomoko watching Yuri do just that. Hina, next to her, looks over with a bit of sweat as she asks why "Tamura-san" is looking at swimsuit girls. Yuri nonchalantly replies that Tomoko gave it to her. Inwardly as she sips her tea, Tomoko grouses that she did not say Yuri could keep it.

Tomoko continues to muse that a made-up character is very far from a pervert. She concedes that covering her desk with snacks and reading men's magazines feels like a blatant attempt to put on a character. The next panels focus on Masaki sleeping on her desk. Tomoko continues that being a spontaneous character is surprisingly simple, and delinquent characters such as her do nothing but sleep. She focuses on the open shelf of Masaki's desk which has only one paper in it. Tomoko observes that it is practically empty and wonders if she keeps her textbooks in her locker.

Masaki Locker c195.png

The next panel reveals Masaki's locker. Tomoko is shocked at how elaborate it is, with a car and bike magazine as well as, of course, stuffed animals including a cat. She confesses that a fake cannot compete with the real. Next to her Minami, holding a pokey, asks Shiki, who is laying on a mat, what she is doing. Shiki simply replies "yoga." Asuka interrupts her observations from behind her by asking if she will come to 3 - 6 with her. Tomoko startles and agrees.

The two walk past Hatsushiba. Tomoko observes that he is drawing a wooden sketch doll that seems to be leaning on the edge of his desk. As a chibi, she notices that his rendering has rather ample assets that fall over her crossed arms.[6]

Surrounded by animesque sparkling stars, Fūka announces that Miho has gone to the Staff Room and will return shortly. Fūka offers to let Asuka borrow a textbook. Asuka thanks her and adds that Kaho is also absent so Fūka is a lifesaver. Meanwhile, Tomoko is stunned by the pile of books and magazines under Fūka's desk. They include a book on Chiba's gourmet curry, ramen, and steak, that lays on a book on sex, a book on guitars, and a dance skill book which covers a magazine on adult sex. She notices Tomoko staring and asks if she wants to read something. Tomoko stammers that it is not that; her gaze moves to see Anna sitting crouched on her chair looking at her phone while Reina lays back sleeping with blinders. As a chibi, Tomoko recalls that the two are also in 3 - 6.

She looks away wistfully as she wonders if, compared to the rest of them, her character is lacking.

Returning to her desk, she looks at Kotomi who is now reading a book. She inwardly complains that Kotomi has changed into a "literary girl" instantly even though she is a "Lottes Pervert!" She notices that her paper lined trash box on her desk has a headline that notes a "Sex Summit" is being held. She notes that traces of Kotomi's pervertedness remain on her trash box. She looks at Itō lining her own box with sheets from a magazine and observes that even she stands out from just being the friend of a pervert.

She sits with a sigh. Yuri turns to her to ask her what is wrong. Chibi Tomoko replies that she was thinking about how unexpectedly normal she is. Unconvinced Chibi Yuri asks her in what way. Tomoko explains that everyone has a surprising amount of character. Yuri, she claims, is an expressionless, gloomy, sullen, erotic, and violent. Yuri retorts the Tomoko went from being worried about something to spitting out insults. There is a view of a sweaty and agitated Hina staring at a magazine with a picture of a girl in a bikini. Next to her, Akane asks if voice actresses have to pose in their underwear for magazine such as that. Hina yells back that it is all work after all. Over this, Chibi Tomoko explains that Hina has cocky, wimpy, and virgin attributes on top of her being an aspiring voice actress.

Back to normal, Tomoko laments to Yuri that thought their class has plenty of "weirdos," the other class has plenty of them as well, and when she saw them, she wondered how weak she is by comparison. Back to chibi, Tomoko confesses that she use to be a loner known as "Penis Kuroki (ち●この黒木さん・chi●ko no Kuroki-san),[7] and it was a frivolous existence. Chibi Yuri asks her if she wants to be frivolous. Tomoko replies that she was not, and it was not like she was frivolous by choice. It is just, she continues, that now that she has friends she has become too much a normal, well-behaved, and diligent high school girl. Normal Yuri replies that she does not think her standards for self-esteem are normal. Yuri admits that she does not get Tomoko's point, then asks if she aims to become a weird person. Before Tomoko can answer, Yuri advises her not to worry since she is pretty weird already.

Boobs c195.jpg

Normal Tomoko insists that it is not about being a weird person, it is about her character. With a view of Kotomi reading her book, Chibi Yuri asks Tomoko what kind of character covers her desk with snacks and reads magazines in the class the first thing in the morning. Chibi Tomoko sheepishly explains that the girl next to her knocked her a little off course. Kotomi hears this and interjects that she cannot become a character just from wanting to be one. As chibi, Kotomi confesses that she would become Tomoki's "big sister (御姉ちゃん・onēchan)" if she could. Chibi Tomoko deems this creepy. Kotomi continues that there are some characters she cannot become even with effort. Tomoko asks "what?" Kotomi stares into her book and responds, "huge breasts!"[8]


In order of appearance:


  • "Sauce for the Mōjō": Tomoko looked through a teen magazine in Chapter 156. She also infamously searched for pictures of . . . beer cans . . . yes . . . beer cans in class in Chapter 43
  • "She's Got HUGE . . . Tracts of Land!": Kotomi is self-conscious about the size of her front court. She complains about them it in Chapter 6 of TomoMote. In the OVA, Tomoko makes a reference to Kotomi's capacity which elicits her angrily thinking that it applies to Tomoko as well.
  • "A Girl who Reads Magazines": In Chapter 40, Tomoko tried to make friends by calling attention to the magazines she read in classroom. This time, she does it to both compete with Kotomi and put on a character.
  • "The Emoji [Mark-II – Ed.] that Works Out in the Classroom": Tomoki discovered Shiki practicing full splits when he went in search for his sister who had his lunch in Chapter 123. This time, Tomoko witness her exercises.
  • "I was Just Thinking about How Unexpectedly Normal I am...":  Also in Chapter 123, Tomoki started to consider that his sister is actually pretty normal by comparison with her classmates. In this chapter, Tomoko who starts to fear this.
  • "A-chan's Innocence is Crushed Once More": Like seen in other chapters since Chapter 129, Akane becomes more surprised, and Hina becomes more and more disturbed, with the kind of things voice actresses do.
  • "I'd become Tomoki-kun's Onē-chan Character if I Could":  This is the second time Komiyama expresses her fantasy of being Tomoki's relative. In chapter Chapter 143, she fantasized about being his older brother . . . and licking the dark circles under his eyes . . . WataMote Wiki and other editors do not judge. . . .

Cultural References

  • Standings: as of two days after the publication date of this chapter, the Lottes are in third place and 4 games back in the Pacific League.


  • "A Girl with No Idea about Sex": This chapter reveals Fūka reads magazines about adult sex; however, as the series has shown, she has no idea about the real thing.

Memorable Moments

  • "Mōjō Calling Megane 'Kuro'": Work with WataMote Wiki here. Tomoko often hypocritically behaves superior and high-handed regarding people she dislikes.
  • "A Girl has a Nickname": Tomoko refers to Itō as "X" in reference to her hair bands. However, she does not inwardly say "X," she says something in katakana furigana which WataMote Wiki cannot quite determine in the scans as shown in the pickie contained in the text. Stay tuned for a better scan.
  • Erotic Yuri?: in all seriousness, WataMote Wiki cannot think of an example where Yuri has shown an interest in such "matters", beyond that time in Chapter 145 where Yuri started to read an erotic manga. In fact, she famously Chapter 185-5 did not know what a condom is.


  • "A high school girl with a sports paper?! What kind of character is that?! Sure, I read manga magazines in class, but it just makes me look shabby" – Tomoko Kuroki about Kotomi
  • "I guess a made-up character is far cry from a genuine pervert. . . . Lining my desk with snacks and reading men's magazines does feel like I'm blatantly putting on a character. . . ." – Tomoko
  • "I've never seen Yoshida-san's locker before, but I didn't expect to be this crazy. . . , I guess a fake really can't compete with the real deal" – Tomoko
  • "What is that mess under her desk!? A garbage dump!? And what's with that variety of books!!?” – Tomoko about Fūka
  • "She changed into a literary girl in an instant . . . even though she's a lottes pervert . . . there's still traces of her pervetedness on her trash box, though. . ." – Tomoko about Kotomi
  • "Everyone has a surprising amount of character of them, such as you're expresionless, gloomy, sullen, erotic and violent, Yuri-chan" – Tomoko
    • "You just went from being worried about something to spitting out insults in an instant" – Yuri
  • "Nemo's cocky, wimpy and virgin attributes on top of being an aspiring a voice actress..." – Tomoko about Hina
  • "So voice actresses have to pose in underwear for magazines like this, do they. . . ?" – Akane
    • Eh!? Ah, well, it's work, after all!" – Hina
  • "Even though there's plenty of weirdos in this class alone, there were plenty of anormal ones in the other class too... When I saw those people, I became curious about how weak I am by comparison" – Tomoko to Yuri
  • "It's just that now that I have friends, it feels like I'm becoming too much of a normal, well-behaved and diligent high school girl..." – Tomoko Yuri
    • I don't think your self-esteem are normal, though" – Yuri
  • "I dont' really get it, but are you aiming to become a weird person? I wouldn't worry about it. Your're plenty weird already." – Yuri to Tomoko



  1. Tomoko uses the tried and true negative relative pronoun こいつ (koitsu).
  2. 世界の女性機大集会 (sekai no joseki dai shūkai): literally "world of female genital grand assembly!"
  3. As noted in the Memorable Moments, Tomoko actually says something else in reference to her crossed bands. As the pickie shows, there is furigana over the "X" which WataMote Wiki cannot fully determine from the scans.
  4. Tomoko thinks a shortened form of her insult which is expanded in a parenthesis for explanation. She thinks, "便コロ (benkoro)," which the parentheses expands to "便所コオロギ (benjo kōrogi)."
  5. プライガール (puraigāru), not the Playgirl.
  6. WataMote Wiki notes that between the panels, he switches from drawing with his right to left hand.
  7. With the "ん (n)" censored in the Japanese Original™.
  8. Kotomi says "巨乳 (kyonyū)," or "big/huge breasts/boobs." In parenthesis is the explanation "character (キャラ・kyara)."


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