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WataMote Chapter 197
Cover 197.jpeg
Volume Number TBA
Chapter Title Because I'm not popular, I'll make a little progress.
Published September 15, 2021
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


The cover depicts Nagi cheerfully directing a discussion of her class' "tea cup" ride for the festival. Natsu stands near her looking approvingly whilst Kaede writes on the blackboard behind her. The narration reads, "Each preparation . . . is fun to start."

In Class 3-5, Hina stands behind the desk and announces that, after a discussion, they are changing the film they will make into a selection of short films. Behind and to the side of her stand Tomoko and Yuri. On the blackboard behind her is a list:

  1. Stupid Cool (バカッコイイ・bakakkoii)
  2. Comercial Parody (CMパロ・CMparo)
  3. One Cut (ワンカット・wankatto)
  4. Black Board Anime (黒板アニメ・kokuban anime)
  5. Dancing (ダンス・dansu)

Tomoko turns to Yuri and asks her what "Stupid Cool" means, but Yuri replies that she does not know. Akane happily explains that they are everyday life challenge videos. With a montage of anonymous male students trying to make baskets by tossing the ball behind them or toss bottles into a receptacle behind them, Chibi Akane explains that onetries to look cool doing something pointless. Chibi Tomoko emits a " (ヘー)."

Shown: Chigyu

Looking more concerned, Akane asks Tomoko if she is sure about the change. Sweating sheepishly, Tomoko confesses that her original idea required revision, then adds since the time allotted increased, she wondered what they should shout. Blushing a bit, she notes that since they have more than an hour[1] she figured everyone could make short films based on various ideas. Akane agrees that it is fine since they are running low on time. Hina turns to Akane and adds that she and Tomoko want her and "Yocchan" to be the directors of the "Stupid Cool" film. Akane asks if she is sure, and Tomoko, sweating, stammers "y-yes," then explains that she and Hina can talk with boys. She adds that she is a "Chigyu Girl"[2] while Yuri is a "gloomy braggart," which means that they cannot teach boys to act. The scene focuses on presumably Akane holding a phone which has "Stupid Cool" movies. She asks what they should do for a plot, then asks if they should simply copy some internet videos. Presumably Tomoko responds that they should consider creating both parodies and originals.

Hina, Tomoko, and Yuri silently watch Akane at the from of the classroom chatting with Wada, Suzuki, and Yoshinori. Hina turns to Tomoko and tells her that, based on their ideas, the boys enjoyed the "Stupid Cool," while musicals were popular with the girls. Tomoko mutters agreement as she stares ahead. Hina asks about doing a musical then asks her for ideas. Irritated, Tomoko replies that she has been thinking that she has been given too many things to do, then she directs Hina to also think about it. Hina reacts in surprise, but Tomoko continues that she is the one who proposed the idea for a short film collection and is the one who is writing the scripts: "Why don't you do something too, Nemo?"

Shown: "Truly Useless"
Also Shown: "Ornament"

"Truly useless (本当役立たず・hontō yakutatazu)," Yuri flatly offers as she nods her head, but Angry Chibi Tomoko retorts that Yuri also stands around doing nothing, and she is no better than an ornament. While Yuri stares ahead contemplating the idea of "ornament," Hina snaps that she left Tomoko in charge, because she thought she could handle it. She adds that she was fine with her original idea, but Tomoko chickened out (ブレる・pureru)[3]. Tomoko barks back that she did because of the situation Hina put her in. For her part, Yuri stares ahead wondering about "ornament." Tomoko continues that the fact remains the idea has changed, and they need to think together. She encourages them all come up with something based on the ideas suggested, then adds that Yuri must too. Surprised Chibi Yuri questions that she, too, must think about it.

Shown: Enraged Chibi Hina-Chan!

A teacher writing on the blackboard, then Hina and Yuri thinking over their notebooks in class, and two girls chatting as they walk in a hallway marks the passage of time. In the empty classroom, Tomoko suggests Hina go first. Hina cheerfully suggests the blackboard animation and commercial parody. She describes cartoons on the blackboard that will step out to be students in costume. When she asks what they think, Yuri merely stares at her whilst Tomoko has a bit of a blush. Tomoko curtly replies that her idea was so boring she could only blush which sends Chibi Hina into a rage.

Tomoko then turns to Yuri. Twisting the knife a bit, Yuri looks at her note as she off-handedly observes that she figured doing the same thing as "Nemoto-san" would not be interesting. Hina remains flushed with rage. With a view of her notes which contains, "Movie Idea" as a heading with "Cast Protagonist Tomoko," then the description, "Musical about a band wanting to perform at the school festival," Yuri begins her explanation that she used the movie they watched with Tomoko as a basis. Chibi Tomoko guesses that it is a parody. With a view of the other page of her notebook that reads, "Yoshida Masaki – Drums," "Tanaka Mako – Keyboard," and "(Reports Tomoko's theft to the school)" underneath the note on Mako, Yuri continues that it is a musical film starring Tomoko about a band wanting to perform at the school festival. Tomoko confesses that she is hesitant about herself doing that but tells Yuri to continue.

Stylized Tomoko c197.png

The scene shifts to a stylized sketch of a, stylized, Tomoko in a high school uniform walking past a musical instrument store that has various guitars displayed in the window. Yuri narrates that the band has practiced but on a certain day, Tomoko sees a guitar she has always wanted. The next stylized panel reveals a Malevolent Tomoko has shoved a guitar down her sweater. Yuri continues that, wanting it badly, Tomoko steals it. Chibi Tomoko responds that she is starting to feel uneasy about it.

The scene shifts to Tomoko hung in the auditorium. Chibi Yuri narrates that on the day of the festival, she is executed. "Off screen," Tomoko demands, "for shoplifting?!"[4] The scene pulls back to reveal it as being on the screen in their actual auditorium. Yuri adds that the credits then roll over that last scene.

Blushing Yuri c197.jpg

Tomoko and Hina stare at her. Yuri's face is reveals to be blushing in a manner that if WataMote Wiki did not include it, it would be an actual capital offense. Presumably Tomoko demands to know why she is blushing. Yuri confesses that it is because her idea was not as funny as "Nemoto-san's." Tomoko corrects that it is not that the joke failed, but that it is disturbing. With a view of the chalk tray beneath the blackboard, Chibi Tomoko rhetorically asks that Yuri came up with that plot because she thought it would be funny, then she adds that that is scary. Chibi Yuri explains that she thought Tomoko's misfortune would make her shine. Tomoko then asks why she sounds like a deranged fan.

Back to the three of them, Yuri adds that since Tomoko playing the guitar for the band scenes would be impossible for her, she figured she would just kill Tomoko instead. Tomoko replies that Yuri killing her out of consideration is unbelievably scary.

Hina's phone bleeps as she receives a text. She informs the other two that Akane has texted her that she and her group are outside filming, and she asks if they want to go and watch. Tomoko is amazed that Akane already gathered people, then concludes that "Cheery Girls"[5] know how to attract a crowd.

The scene shifts to a phone screen that shows boys trying to casually toss bottles over their shoulders up to the top of a staircase. On a balcony, watching it, Akane comments to Shiki that it does not seem very good, and Shiki suggests that the composition may be off. Shiki lies on the ground as she suggests they try this angle. Akane calls out to Yoshinori to start.

Hina stands wide-eyed as she listens to Akane command the start of the next take. One boy cries out that they were so close, and another encouraged him that he can do it. From Hina's perspective, Akane asks Shiki how it came out, and Shiki shows her and declares that it looks good. The three boys near them declare that they can do it the next time. Hina thinks that this looks fun.

She looks back at Tomoko and Yuri who are watching her. Yuri flatly suggests that if "Nemoto-san" wants to go and help them, she can. She adds that she and Tomoko will simply keep having a meeting forever. Hina asks what that is going to accomplish. Tomoko intercedes to acknowledge that she knows how "Nemo" feels, and she thinks that it is time to take things to the next stage. To Hina's "え?" Tomoko produces a "free ticket" for a high school festival at her friend's school.

When Hina asks, "Your friend? From another school?" Yuri condescendingly suggests that she is sure that "Nemoto-san" does not know about this, there is a girl named "Naruse-san" who was Tomoko's only friend. Sweating, Tomoko tries to question that Yuri does not actually know that she was her only friend.

Hina concludes that they have not made any progress.


In order of appearance:


  • "The project of class 3-4": In Chapter 192-2, Emiri mentioned the candidates for the event of school festival from her class were the haunted house and the teacup ride. It's now confirmed that the latter won the voting.
  • Hoop Dreams: as per her page, Akane played basketball.
  • "Who's that Girl?": the two girls walks were previously seen, and inwardly denigrated, by Tomoko while they discussed preparations for the first-year festival. From the Credit Where Credit is Due Department: spotted by reddit user KuroRead.
  • "Are you sure about this, Kuroki?": Part of the committee, with Emiri, gathered together to decide what to do about the movie in Chapter 196, Tomoko discarded the idea with which she firstly came up to the class, and after being informed that the time of screening for class 3-5 would be much longer than foreseen, the selection of short films was decided.
  • "She's completely useless": It's not secret to nobody that Yuri Tamura has the bad habit of aiming blame to others as long as she can get away from any responsibility, like it happened in Volume 16 Omake and Chapter 165.
  • "No, I chickened out because of the situation you put me in!!": Tomoko had nothing in mind to the school festival since beginning but after happened in Chapter 179, the idea of making a movie project was conceived by suggestion of Hina, even with all her initial reticence, Tomoko decided to search for information an references to do it, however, she knew she was not socially skillfull to convey the first idea conceived and suggested other did it instead of her, but Hina didn't care about it and threw Tomoko to do the presentation in front of her classmates in Chapter 186-2.
  • "I have to think too?": Other of  Yuri Tamura’s bad habits, is to avoid to do any work, reason that may explain her crave of sharing things in common with Tomoko, one example of it was her college choice, one which didn't demand of much studying to get into, seen in Chapter 137; besides, in Chapter 127 during singing along event with Kowaritch, Mako pointed how Yuri wasn't the king of person who get so much into something.
  • "I-I can... c-c-cut those out... for you...": A pair of girls was seeing walking in the hall, being exactly the same pair who was assigning the tasks to students of class 1-10 in the arrangement of school festival in first year in Chapter 20, Tomoko offered to her to cut the flyers.
  • "So I used the movie I watched with Tomoko as a basis": In Chapters 183 and 183.5, Yuri stayed over in Tomoko's house and watched movies together; and the movies which Yuri took inspiration to present her short film are Dancer in the Dark and Linda Linda Linda.
  • "I think the composition is off": Tomoko found out by chance that Shiki Futaki is a youtuber with a channel in Chapter 176. furthermore, she saw her managing her smartphone with apps related with making movies in Chapter 182. Reason for which Tomoko considered her as a key element to make the movie of the class 3-5, so she looked for her for help since Chapter 190.
  • "Hina Nemoto, the best of two worlds": If well Hina is a girl who likes and enjoys otaku-like things related with manga and anime, she also wants to have fun with normal-like things with her normie classmates, being this one a remarkable trait in her personality shown in Volume 15 Special Edition. Even after she decided to take off her mask of normal person in Chapter 122 during her introduction, she still feels divided between both topics.
  • "If you want to go over and help them out, you can": Yuri said something similar to Mako after seeing Koharu walking all gloomy and by her own in Chapter 129.
  • "Your friend? From another school?": Technically talking, Hina and Yū have met each other during school festival of first year in Chapter 21; as well as she saw her from distance (in her old appearance) talking with Tomoko, in the Bookstore, in TomoMote Special-1.
  • "I'm sure you don't know about this, Nemoto-san...": Since incident in Nezumiland, there has been an existing rivalry from Yuri to Hina, where the first seeks for any chance to show off how close with Tomoko she's toward the latter. Beginning this 'cold war' in Chapters 133 and 134.

Cultural References

  • Super Cool Videos: HERE
  • Gyūdon (牛丼): "Beef Bowl." Here is a much more extensive explanation of the slang Tomoko uses to refer to herself. Incidentally, that reference has a page devoted to 喪女.


Memorable Moments

  • "Tomoko Kuroki, a little girl with a big responsabiliy": By contrast with having been a loner during first and half of second year, and having been practically by margin of activities which the rest of her classmates did together, outstanding of among all those events the school festival in first year. Tomoko suffers now of the perils of being in charge of organizing the event for school festival for her class in third year; where she has to coordinate her classmates and decide with the committee the ideas for scrip of the movie that will be made, plus the fact that the initial schedule was extended.
  • Girlfight:
    • Yuri Xversus Hina: the rivalry between Yuri and Hina continues. The fact she refers to Tomoko as "Tomoko" and Hina as "Nemoto-san" in front of them should not pass notice. However, by engaging Hina, Yuri attracts notice and gradually becomes drawn into the project.
    • Yuri versus Mako: curious that Yuri imagines Mako as the one who betrays Tomoko.
  • Blushing Yuri: all jokes aside, there is the suggestion that, not unlike Tomoko, Yuri fears criticism, failure, and rejection, which may explain a reason for her initial reluctance to take part in activities.


  • "Are you sure about this, Kuroki? It's different from the idea you first came up with" – Akane Okada
    • "Well, that one needed a little revision, and while we were doing that, the amount of time we were allotted increased, so I was wondering what we should shoot" – Tomoko
  • "So like, Kuro wanted you and Yocchan to be our Stupid Cools directors, A-chan" – Hina Nemoto
  • "You two are able to talk with the boys, after all. I mean, we're a chigyu girl and a gloomy braggart, we can't exactly teach boys how to act, can we?" – Tomoko to Akane
  • "I'm the one who proposed that we make a short film collection, and I'm the one writing the scripts, right? Why don't you do something too, Nemo? I can't think of anything after Okada-san jacked up the runtime" – Tomoko to Hina Nemoto
  • "Truly useless" – Yuri about Hina
    • "No, you're just standing around doing nothing too, Yuri-chan. You're no better than an ornament" – Tomoko
  • "I left you in charge because I thought you could handle it, Kuro! I was fine with your first idea but then you chickened out" – Hina
    • "No, I chickened out because of the situation you put me in!!" – Tomoko
  • "Let's come up with something based on the ideas that were brought up earlier! You too, Yuri-chan" – Tomoko to Hina and Yuri
    • "I have to think too?" – Yuri
  • "That was so delightffully boring that can't help but blush" – Tomoko to Hina
  • "Because it wasn't as fun as Nemoto-san's idea" – Yuri
    • "No, it's not so much that the joke didn't land but that's disturbing..." – Tomoko
  • "Because it wasn't as fun as Nemoto-san's idea" – Yuri
    • "No, it's not so much that the joke didn't land but that's disturbing . . . You came up with a plot like that because you wanted it to be funny? That's freaky" – Tomoko
  • "I figured your misfortune would make it shine, Tomoko" – Yuri
    • "Why do you sound like a deranged fan?" – Tomoko
  • "Besides, playing the guitar for the band scenes would be impossible for you, right? Tomoko, so I figured I'd kill you instead" – Yuri
    • "Killing me out of consideration . . . That's unbelievably scary" – Tomoko
  • "Nemoto-san, if you want to go over and help them out, you can. We'll just keep having a meeting by ourselves forever" – Yuri
    • "What's that gonna accomplish?" – Hina
  • "Well, I understand how Nemo feels. I think it's time we take things to the next stage" – Tomoko
  • "I'm sure you don't know about this, Nemoto-san, but there's this girl called Naruse-san who was Tomoko's only friend" – Yuri



  1. 1時間以上 (ichijikan ijō)
  2. The Fanilator helpfully explains that this is a slang for someone "with a dull, baby-faced appearance" who would order cheese gyūdon. See Cultural References for an explanation of that.
  3. Literally to "waver."
  4. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time," Tomoko-chan. – WataMote Wiki
  5. 陽キャ (kya): "cheery"


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