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The rain season has started and Tomoko Kuroki overhears other students talk about having bad hair days during wet weather. Tomoko's unsure of what the fuss is about, oblivious to the fact that her hair is messed up.

At class, she realizes she forgot to bring her textbook. As a last-ditch attempt she gets up to go to the nurse's office but the teacher enters the classroom. She begins fantasizing about turning herself into 'Stealth Moko' but was spotted by the teacher and scolded for not bringing her textbook and tells her to ask to borrow it from a neighbor classmate. On the way home, after putting her shoes into her locker, she can't find her umbrella. In rage she cursed the "thief" who stole it but once she finished her rant she finds it on the opposite side.

On the way home, she sees that the river under the bridge is about to overflow, but gets grabbed by a old guy who then chews her out and tells her that it's dangerous. While reeling on the fact that she got scolded by old men twice in one day, the wind blows so hard it causes her umbrella to break and is forced to take shelter under park kiosk. Two male students come to take shelter with her and one asks if her umbrella broke as well, but she takes so long to respond while panicking that he thinks she's ignoring him, She realizes she's broken out into a sweat and tries to make a joke with it, though they don't hear her. She says it again, but when they don't get it she steps out of the hut and says she's about to take a really messy poop in the toilet. She comes back to the hut, the two students now absent, and goes to sleep. They come back, now with umbrellas they bought from the store, and leave her a third umbrella and leave. She wakes up, unaware that the umbrella was left by them and while walking home she wishes that a boy would be nice to her "just once".

Once home, she's drying herself after having a bath, Tomoki comes home but Tomoko bars the door with her foot while ignoring his request for a towel. That morning, Tomoki is in bed with a cold. Seething with rage that he gets to stay home while she has to go to school, she uncovers him, opens a window and sprays him with water.

At P.E, she is the last to be chosen at a game of basketball, likening her ignored existence to the phantom sixth man of 's_Basketball Kuroki's Basketball. She goes off and listens to some female students talking about a psychology test; you walk along a road leading to a forked road, you can choose to go to the grove, choose to go to the forest or go back out of fear, to which Tomoki chooses the Forest. The girls then reveal that choosing the grove means that you are a pure virgin, choosing the forest means you are an unwanted virgin and choosing to go back out of fear is someone who isn't a virgin. Depressed that she's an "unwanted virgin", she falls into another fantasy but soon collapses and is sent home from school. She bothers Tomoki for his cold, playing games in his room and changing the flannel on his forehead (without wringing it out). Two female classmates of his turn up at the door requesting that Tomoko give Tomoki today's printouts and she becomes depressed when she realizes nobody knocks for her but the deliveryman.

The next morning, Tomoko has caught Tomoki's cold too little too late as she's laid up in bed, ruining her weekend. She receives a text from Yuu saying that she'd choose the Third option of the psychology test, hinting that she is not a virgin.

Adapted From

This episode was adapted from chapters 5, 23, and 25


references to previous episodes


At minute 8.30 when Tomoko is thinking about her sweat there is a picture that is a clearly reference to Slam Dunk (Hanamichi Sakuragi and Akira Sendoh)


Cultural References

  • Animal Crossing
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Kuruko no Basket
  • Slam Dunk
  • Stealth Momo

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