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|next = [[WataMote Episode 05|Episode 5]]
|next = [[WataMote Episode 05|Episode 5]]
|image = Episode_4.png
|image = Episode_4.png
|director = Shin Ōnuma|writer = Takao Yoshioka}}

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Tomoko tries to follow a guide to have an erotic dream, but only winds up having nightmares. Later, she end up being consistently stuck on a train, where she fears she is being molested only to find that she had just gotten snagged on another girl's naginata equipment. Afterwards, Tomoko asks Yuu to help her shop for some underwear, though she later ends up embarrassing herself by mistaking her newly bought panties as a handkerchief. She soon feels better after winning a massager from a raffle ticket which came from a BL game.

Adapted From

This episode is adapted from chapters 8, 24, 27, and Volume 02 Special Edition.


references to previous episodes



• This is the first time Chichioya Kuroki was introduced.

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