No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! Volume 07

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui![1]


Limited Special Edition with OVA[3]

WataMote Manga v07 contents


Extras and Goodies

  • Back Cover: Tomoko imagines looking alluring with a "cat-ear hairdo." Reality, however. . . .
  • Cover Bonus:
    • Right Inner Cover: A fearful Victorian-dressed Tomoko plays a video game as a male vampire appears behind her in her Victorian window.
    • Left Inner Cover: explains that vampires love the blood over virgins and hate the blood of "sluts."
  • Relationship Chart: (Main Event)
    • 2nd year Summer Break begins. Tomoko, urged to root for the baseball club.
    • Kii-chan invades Obon. Tomoko's evaluation picks up a little bit.
    • Enjoying Summer Vacation with Tomoko, Yū-chan, and Komi-san.
    • Yū Naruse ⟶ Tomoko: "close friend"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Yū: "have to get pregnant"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Kotomi Komiyama: "embarrassing" 
    • Kotomi ⟶ Tomoko: "embarrassing" 
    • Yū Naruse ⟶ Kotomi: "close friend"
    • Yū ⟵ Kotomi: "close friend"
    • Hina Nemoto ⟶ Tomoko: "next degree strange kid"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Hina: "normie who talks"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Kii: "mischievous cousin cannot help pulling a prank"
    • Kii ⟶ Tomoko: "mongrel ⟶ obedient dog"



  1. English
  3. Special Edition
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