No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! Volume 12

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui![1]


V12 Contents


Extra Goodies

  • Inside Pages: The source of the volume cover photograph is revealed in the inner pages of the volume. One shows a sketch of Megumi Imae's unnamed friend smiling as she prepares to snap a picture with a phone, and the other is a sketch taken from behind Megumi and Tomoko posing.
  • Back Cover: Continues the "Fantasy versus Reality" with Emiri Uchi imaging singing karaoke with Tomoko after the class party only to find she did not come.
  • Relationship Chart: (Main Event)
    • Tomoko second-year Valentines.
    • Graduation ceremony for one grade higher than Tomoko's. Student President graduation.
    • Tomoko's first year class launch. After that, on to third year.
    • Tomoko ⟶ Megumi Imae: "Indebted to senpai.
    • Tomoko ⟶ Tomoki Kuroki: "cute brother"
    • Tomoko ⟵ Tomoki: "relieved she has friends"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Shizuku Hirasawa: "garbage"
    • Tomoko ⟵ Shizuku: "kind senpai"
    • Masaki Yoshida ⟶ Tomoko: "annoying friend"
    • Tomoko ⟶  Yoshida: "good friend delinquent"
    • Yoshida ⟷ Yuri Tamura: "friend"
    • Yuri ⟷ Tomoko: "friend"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Mako Tanaka: "crazy lesbian"
    • Tomoko ⟵ Mako: "respect"
    • Yuri ⟷ Mako: "close friend"
    • Mako ⟶ Tomoko: "respect"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Asuka Katō: "Mom"
    • Akane Okada ⟶ Tomoko: "concerned"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Koharu Minami: "needs braces"[3]
    • Emiri Uchi ⟶ Tomoko: "obsessed"
    • Tomoko ⟵ Hina Nemoto: "receive courage"
    • Tomoko ⟶ Hina: "friend"



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