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No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! Volume 20

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui![1]


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Extras and Goodies

  • Front Cover: Koharu Minami takes the lead position looking out at the reader. Behind her, Tomoko Kuroki holds up her phone filming. Further behind, a faceless Sachi stands with her arms folded. Nori appears to be whispering to her, while Maki stands a bit further away and appears to greet someone out of view. There are different background scenes between the regular and special edition.
  • Back Cover: 
    • Expectation versus Reality: As an Expectation, Minami holds an empty dish and exclaims, with surprise, that there is no more for "seconds." Mike happily apologizes that since Kakkun eats so little she makes a smaller portion. As Reality, Minami struggles to proclaim the bite "delicious," then pleads that she is not very hungry. Mike replies that, unlike Kakkun, Minami is a girl so she will make less next time.
    • Narration: explains that it is just before the last Cultural Festival of high school. With Nemo's support, Tomoko proposes making an independent film. Meanwhile, there exists an uneasy atmosphere in the Koharu Minami's (Kibako) group. "The story of the girls' uncomfortable friendship (?) reaches its maximum tension!"
  • Title Page: Tomoko sits at a desk in the upper area where desks and chairs are stored.
  • Extra Contents:
    • Volume 20 Omake
    • Special Edition Booklet
    • Chibi WataGirls: in the foreground chibi versions of the Kibako Group sit in a line. A faced Sachi gossips to Maki. Nori gossips to Minami who reacts with shock but with red hearts above her head. In the background, Yuri and Tomoko stare at them. The title is rendered in incorrect rōmaji transliteration, but appears to mean "gossip" or "stories with no significance."
    • The Delinquent, Top-Tier, and Tiddy versions of Tomoko appear together.
    • There is an "Outsagram" of the Kibaku Group taking a selfie and holding up the "peace sign." They have flowers in their hair, and Sachi has a face.
    • In the foreground, Fūka Sasaki drinks from a bottle while in the foreground Tomoko and Miho watch.
    • Minami crouches with her left foot and awesome shoe pointed at the reader. Her name is on the shoe in English. Her barrettes are colored as are three stars under her left eye.
    • Separate color pictures (キャラクターカード・kyarakutā kādo・character cards) of Emiri, , Hina, Tomoko, Yuri, Asuka, Minami, and a Faced Sachi.
    • Sketch of Maki and Nori
    • Sketch of Faced Sachi as a full character in colder weather given her breath and with a close-up of her face as she wraps a scarf in front of it.


  • Expectation versus Reality: this is another of the few times a character other than Tomoko experiences the expectation.



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