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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


One Year After Becoming a Delinquent

Tomoko, with dyed hair, smiles as she holds onto Masaki's waist as Masaki drives a motorbike during the summer. Anna laughs as she holds onto Reina driving the bike next to Tomoko and Masaki. The next panel depicts them in the autumn poking at a small fire they have set on a sidewalk. The next panel shows them probably in the early winter since they all wear coats and their breath shows. Tomoko and Anna squat on the sidewalk outside of a convenience store while Reina and Masaki stand. Masaki observes that it is almost the end of another year. Anna agrees, then notes that Tomoko is drinking cola when it is cold. Tomoko protests that she likes it.

Reina takes two "Mintoz" and drops them into Tomoko's "Cola." This causes the cola to explode to Tomoko's irritation. Masaki and Reina laugh as Anna compliments Tomoko on her reaction, then asks if she is a YouTuber. Tomoko snaps back that anyone would be freaked out. As they laugh, Tomoko muses to herself about how she has the qualities of a delinquent, and how she never thought that she would get use to it.

While she continues to muse that she feels her IQ has dropped every day, but this is pretty fun, Masaki remarks that it is nearly final exams, and Anna acknowledges it. A chibi Anna asks if Tomoko will be okay given that she got failing mark on all of her exams in the second semester. Chibi Reina teases Tomoko about being a moron since she only failed three at most. Chibi Tomoko tells her to shut up. Back to normal, Tomoko boasts that her teacher[1] threatened that if she fails more than three subjects, she will have to repeat the year: "Acting all tough. Does she think I'm scared or something?"

However, the three turn serious and react in collective surprise and concern. This surprises Tomoko. Anna gently insists that that is bad and she should go home and study. Stammering and whispering, Tomoko ask her why she would be freaked out when she is a delinquent. Anna replies that she would be freaked out since repeating a year is not funny. She then asks Tomoko what will she do: "Remain a first-year student for another year? Huh?" Standing, Masaki notes that Tomoko really was not kidding about being a moron.

Tomoko explodes comically, but with a bit of tears in her eyes, and demands to know if it is not "really fucking lame" for a delinquent to be studying. One of the trio calmly relies that, at the very least, they try to avoid repeating a year. Tomoko explodes again that she is the only real delinquent.

The narration reveals that, somehow, Tomoko managed to avoid repeating a year.

What Happened After Joining Kibako's Group

Kibako Tomoko cV20SEB.png

Tomoko, with long and slightly dyed hair, sits with animesque flowers about her as she holds and contemplates her notebook. She is interrupted by a smiling but otherwise Faceless Sachi who reminds her that they have geography class next. As she walks down the corridor with Faceless Sachi, Tomoko muses that Yuri, Mako, and "Kibako"[2] all ended up in separate classes, and only Sachi remained in her class. Faceless Sachi asks if she saw an "Ikeda" whose hair was all messed up. Tomoko shares the laugh, but as she continues walking, she notes that, in her first year, she really did not get along with "Kibako" or Sachi, but she does now.

As she walks next to the now Faced Sachi, she inwardly adds, "on the surface, at least."

As they continue walking down the corridor with artistic accents worthy of any shōjo manga, Tomoko notes that they both need one another. They stay connected while they both wait to join a groups that better suits them, and they can break off their relationship at anytime. Tomoko guesses that while she thinks "connected," she suspects that Sachi chose her due to her rank. That means, she muses, that she must have acquired rank at some point.

Then encounter Yuri, Mako, and Koharu walking together. Koharu immediately greets Sachi. As Sachi returns the greeting and greets Mako and Yuri, Yuri addresses Tomoko. As a chibi, she laments that she wanted to be in the same class as her; Chibi Tomoko replies that she as well. She suggests that they have lunch some time, and Yuri should "Line[3]" her. Inwardly, she notes that at some point she must have learned to make pretentious conversation.

Later, sitting at her desk, Tomoko peruses her phone while denigrating the manga she is viewing as ripping off too many other manga. Nagi walks behind her, notices her, and peeks at what she is reading as she asks if it interesting. When Tomoko reacts, she apologizes for peeking. Chibi Tomoko asks "Ōtonari-san" if she likes manga. Chibi Nagi replies that she recently became hooked. The now Happy Chibi Tomoko confesses that she got hooked on this series. Normal Nagi, with a flowered background, then confesses that she always wanted to talk with her, then invites her to lunch and adds that Tomoko can bring Sachi. Tomoko, with animesque lens flare, confesses that the truth is that she has always wanted to talk with her.

The next panel is a view from above of two groups of girls walking in separate directions in the corridor. The first consists of Faceless Sachi with the Blond Girl with Glasses, the Former Class Rep, and the Killer Ch Mike; the second consists of Tomoko, Nagi, Kayo, and Kaede[4]. Tomoko narrates that she ended up joining Nagi and the Emoji her group while Sachi joined a different group.[5] As she laughs, she continues her narration that they are fundamentally good girls who are fun to talk to even thought they talk about boring stuff from time to time. Meanwhile, a surprised Kayo asks, "Seriously? It was poop?" Tomoko keeps laughing and muses that it is far more fun than any of the superficial conversations she had with Sachi. She looks back as Nagi laughs. Tomoko recalls that when she entered high school she was a loner for a brief moment, but now she cannot even think about that time. She repeats that she cannot think about it, but adds a "but."

Shown: How Annoying

She walks with a concerned look. She confesses that she feels like she will lose track of herself if she does not have some time alone once and a while. She sees Faceless Sachi sitting next to Minami on a bench. Both are laughing. There is a close up where Sachi has her face, and she looks at the giggling Minami. From a distance, Tomoko observes that the two still have not broken off their relationship yet.

"How annoying. . . ."

Since I'm a Popular, Cheery Girl, I'll Become a Loner

Top Tier Tomoko Vol20SEB.png

Tomoko walks the corridor with Asuka and Miho. Miho rhetorically asks "Kuro-chan" if she is the only one of them in a separate class; Tomoko acknowledges she is. With a flowered background, a Sad Chibi Asuka laments that Tomoko will be all alone in her third year. Happy Chibi Miho, happily, consoles Asuka that she just loves Tomoko too much. For her part, Chibi Tomoko reassures Asuka that she knows plenty of people in Class 3-2.

Sitting at her desk, Tomoko pleasantly muses that, having said that, she really is not close to any of those people. She then suspects that spending her third year living the "gloomy life" might not prove too bad either: "Getting to spend two years as a normie was more than enough." She then eagerly opens her lunch as she inwardly celebrates being able to eat alone after so long. Her reverie is interrupted by two anonymously drawn girls, the first of whom asks if she would like to join them for lunch. While she smiles, Tomoko thinks that she does not but accepts that it would appear bad if she turned them down. She feigns delighted shock that they would ask her.

In the corridor, she squats on the floor while watching her phone. Two anonymously drawn boys approach her. One of them asks her what she is doing. She replies without looking up that she is social gaming. The other asks if that is the one the first use to play; Tomoko inwardly wonders why they cannot go someplace else.

Not Shown: Tomoko . . . goodness no!

Sitting on the stairs outside whilst sipping juice, Tomoko regrets that she has been a normie too long and cannot get any time alone. On cue her phone beeps. She ignores it as she looks up at the sky and wonders why she even wants to be a loner. She recalls yearning to be a normie during her middle school years. She confesses that the current her does not feel like the real her. She stands and wonders if the real her is somewhere else by herself. She then notes that such pointless thoughts spring to her mind often. She decides to head back, but she is startled to see the back of a girl sitting alone below where she sat. The girl does not at all resemble previous manifestations of her, goodness no. Tomoko inwardly exclaims that she found one. Looking at her, from behind, she inwardly deems the Not At All Tomoko Goodness No has a "lame" hairstyle, wears her uniform in a "lame" fashion, and she declares that she can sense her "gloomy aura" from just looking at her back.

"She's definitely a loner!" she thinks.

The perspective shifts to looking up at Tomoko which reveals on the mouth of Not At All Tomoko Goodness Now. With a smile, Tomoko declares that since she could never become a loner, she will simply become involved with one. She determines to call out to her.

Still, she stands slightly blushing as she admits that this is exciting. She finds it more exciting than her first date, then corrects than her first time "doing it!!"[6] As she approaches the Not At All [Stop it. – Ed.] the girl, she wonders how she should greet her. Should she, she wonders, sit next to her and glance at her. She sits next to her; the girl clasps her hands between her knees as she continues to look down, but she does appear to have a bit of a smile. Tomoko muses that a Loner and a Super Normie paired together feels like something out of a manga or anime.

However, the next panel shows Tomoko standing. She continues to muse that if the girl turns out to be a disappointing type of loner who is not into otaku things like anime or games she will just cut ties with her immediately. The next panel reveals the stairway is empty. There is a sound of a door opening, and someone, possibly Miho, yells, "Ah! She really is there!"

Tomoko turns to see Fūka with Miho and Asuka. Fūka triumphantly declares that it is just like she told them, and she boasts that she pretty much knows where Tomoko likes to go. Miho concedes that she is occasionally useful. There is a view of the girl sitting on the stairs looking up at them. Over it, Chibi Asuka cutely explains that since she was not in the classroom nor responding to their texts, they became worried. Tomoko responds that she is correct, but then stops looking down at the staircase. Asuka asks her what it is, but Tomoko replies that it is nothing. Inwardly, she concludes that she guesses the girl will not be coming back anymore.

They all sit down on the stairs. Fūka holds up her phone and asks Tomoko if she has seen her ranking today: "I'm higher than you." Tomoko smiles and responds that she did see it, but she then asks how much she is charging. Miho turns to Asuka, notes that it appears no one comes here so they should have lunch there. Asuka replies that she guesses that they should.

Smiling, Tomoko muses that maybe that girl has a future like this waiting for her.

Since I'm Not Popular, Let's have a Popularity Vote

The top of Tomoko's head, upon which sits a hat, has the number "2" over it. The scene reveals that she is in an idol's dress. Sparkles and teddy bears surround her. Surrounded by stars and possibly grapes, Yuri has a "1" over her head. She is also in an idol's dress, and she demands to know what this is. Next to her, Hina, similarly attired but with a "3" over her head, declares that Tomoko's outfit looks cute, too.


Tomoko confesses to them that, while she does not understand why, they are here dressed in idol outfits for some reason. With a focus on the tops of their heads with their numbers, Tomoko asks, clothes aside, what the numbers mean. Yuri responds that she has no idea. Tomoko suggests that perhaps it is a ranking of their pervert levels, then she tells Yuri that Yuri seems she would be Number 1 in the "Perv Rankings." Yuri flatly insists that she is not a pervert. A voice calls out to Yuri from "off screen." The next panel shows Mako with a "14" above her head. As she expresses gratitude that they are there since she saw no one else around, Chibi Yuri say her name while Chibi Tomoko concludes that she guesses that she is wrong since it does not look like she would rank so low in the Perv Ranking,

"Eh?" Mako asks.


As Chibi muses that she expected the next girl to show up would be "4," she openly wonders what the numbers mean. Normal Mako looks questioningly. Chibi Yuri asks if it could be the number of freckles. Chibi Tomoko deems that would be a seriously pointless number.

With flowers in the background, Sachi and Minami appear similarly attired. Sachi, with a "5," asks the "8" Minami what is with her outfit. Minami reminds her that she is wearing the same thing. Chibi Tomoko notes that their numbers are higher than theirs. Chibi Yuri declares that she now understands: "It's the number of people we've betrayed up until now."

Still with her pleasant expression, Mako ask Yuri if that is what she thinks of her.

Trim and Tidy Faction

Kii V20SEB.png

With a "7," Masaki sits on the ground with butterflies in the background. Probably Yuri calls out to her since she continues that with "7" it might not represent the number of betrayals. Mako protests, "Yuri." Tomoko declares that she thinks she has it. With a triangle diagram with "1" at the apex, Tomoko notes that they are dressed up as idols and the numbers must represent their positions in the group. Off-screen, a voice cries that that is her Onē-chan, and she has pretty much figured it out. Kiko Satozaki arrives dressed in a costume that WataMote Wiki needs to confirm with the number "17." She explains that they are idols, and the numbers represent their rankings in a popularity poll. Tomoko demands to know why she is the only one with a different concept.

Getting Cocky

Cocky Little Bitch Tomoko V20SEB.png

Tomoko asks her what she means. She explains that someone ran a poll of them as idols, and their rankings appear as numbers in this world. Tomoko asks who was polled: "Gloomy people with a fetish for gloomy characters?" She turns towards Yuri and confesses that it is still nice to be ranked, and she suggests that there are people turned on by her and Yuri. She looks directly at the reader with a lascivious smile and suggests the reader has a "hard-on." She adds "Gross" which also has a "♡" underneath it.[7] She then adds that she is turning into a "cocky little bitch." Upset Chibi Hina demands to know who is running the poll.

Low Rank

Kotomi, with the rank of "9," turns to address Akari (22) and Itō (21). She explains that the numbers over their heads represent their popularity rankings. She asks them what number she has, and Akari reveals it. Excited, Kotomi bubbles about being "9," expecially since Akari is "21." Akari finds this "annoying," but inwardly confesses that the most annoying, but her thoughts are interrupted by Sayaka (24) who congratulates her for being above her. Akari continues her thought that it is most annoying that she is practically in the same position as Sayaka.

Top Rank

Emiri Uchi (4), Auska (6), and Fūka (10) sit on small podiums. Both Asuka and Emiri greet Tomoko; Fūka merely stares at her. Chibi Tomoko notices that they are sitting on podiums idols use. Emiri notes that "Kuroki" reached "2," and takes credit for all of the votes she put in. Tomoko asks in shock that she voted, but Emiri merely asks if she can have a handshake. Tomoko wonders if there is such a perk. For her part, Fūka rages and sweats over losing to her; Tomoko notes that that is a clichéd line she would expect.

Those Who Ovulate[8]

Tomoki V20SEB.png

Chibi Hina spies another girl sitting dejected on a bench with an "11" over her head. Chibi Yuri remarks that she feels she knows the girl. Chibi Tomoko reacts with surprise. She stares at the girl and inwardly realizes that when a guy joins the ranking, they dress him up like a girl as with a cross-dressing idol. Tomoki stares back at her and inwardly rages that of course she would notice, and since this is a pain, she should keep her mouth shut.

She turns to see Kotomi and (13) looking at them. Kotomi has a look WataMote Wiki cannot adequately describe which Tomoko deems "creepy."


This is a separate and long section that details the individual results of the many characters. Nico Tanigawa conclude with the following comment:

Poll Results V20SEB.png


In order of appearance:


  • "Two schoolgirls riding in scooter": In Chapter 155, Masaki offered to take Tomoko her home on Reina's scooter, which resulted in them both being suspended for a week.
  • "Your reactions are as amazing as ever": Anna became interested for Tomoko after seeing her reaction to being punched in face by Masaki in Chapter 142.
  • "I only flunked three at the most": Chapter 147 depicted Reina as the dumbest of the delinquent group. Anna questioned if she was really able to graduate from high school. If Tomoko is doing worse than Reina, she is doing pretty badly.
  • "I've always wanted to talk with you, Kuroki-san": In Chapter 172, Nagi confessed to Yuri and her group her avoidance of talking to different group. After being left waiting by Emiri in bathroom, Nagi started to consider it is more fun to act feely like Kuroki does.
  • "I'll cut ties with her in an instant": Like in Chapter 132 with Shizuku, "Popular, Cheery" Tomoko intends the same thing with herself.
  • "Seriously? It was poop?": In Chapter 112, Tomoko makes poop-shaped chocolate which she then gives to others, including Emiri. The full context not shown, so Tomoko could simply be confessing she made poop-shaped chocolates, or agreeing that the chocolates she gave Emiri were poop shaped.
  • "Tomoko": In this version, Asuka apparently never gave Tomoko a nickname.
  • "Kuroki-san/Tamura-san": In this version, Tomoko and Yuri apparently never started call each other by first name.
  • Glancing Blows: Tomoko is always visual. She likes to watch. Certainly, there is comedy where she peeks at pansu or, well, Hina. She infamously stares at Emiri's sleeping face wondering what an "Emoji" would look like sleeping. WataMote Wiki is happy to remind that nothing of significance arose from that whatsoever, goodness no. She seems oblivious to how, well, creepy this seems. Thus, as a "Top Tier," she does not seem to think staring at Not at All Tomoko the girl would upset her.
  • "You do seem like you'd be No. 1 in perv rankings, Yuri-chan": Since Chapter 145, Tomoko has been suggesting to, perhaps teasing, Yuri that she might be a pervert.
  • "It's the number of people we've betrayed up until now": It seems all this time, Yuri holds grudge against Mako for the time she would not form a group with her for the Kyōto trip in Chapter 69.
  • "So annoying…": In Chapter 108, Akari reacted upset after Kotomi has hesitation about telling her how Tomoki said hi to her.
  • "Kh...!! I lost to Kuroki!": Since Chapter 184-1, Fūka has developed a strange and unnecessary rivalry with Tomoko.
  • "Please be crossdressing": During the sports festival in Chapter 187, before Tomoki put on the baseball uniform for the costumes race, Kotomi craved to see him crossdressing.

Cultural References

  • Princess Tomoko: her hairstyle in the "Kibako Group" is the hime cut. No word on whether or not she secretly drinks wine whilst sitting in her window at night. [Stop that. – Ed.]


  • "A Girl has a Surname!": previously known affectionately as "Girl with Glasses" by WataMote Wiki and "Glasses-Chan" in many fan discussions, Nagi at last receives her surname: Ōtonari (大隣). In keeping with WataMote tradition, this is the surname of a Lotte pitcher, Kenji Ōtonari.
  • Mentos Diet Coke Geysers: yes, it is a thing. Interestingly, it works best with Diet Coke. "Science! It works, Bitches!"

Memorable Moments

  • A Very Special Episode of WataMote: while these vignettes suggest what Tomoko would be like in these roles, they also expose her prejudices. For example, she never sees Masaki as a responsible student, and while she may not seem as one, Masaki and even Reina manage to avoid repeating a year, and even Tomoko for failing.
  • "Spending my third year living the gloomy life might not be too bad either": Contrary the premise of WataMote there is a timeline where Tomoko becomes "popular" as she conceived of it; however, she still yearns her old days as a loner.
  • "An ex-loner girl who is no longer a Mojo": Three requirements do a girl enter in the category of Mojo: having no social contact with the opposite sex, not been asked out by a man before, being a virgin. In the timeline where Tomoko became a popular girl, it's inferred she got even to do it with a guy.
  • "A Girl who talks with boys": Even today, as a remaining difficulty in Tomoko's personality, is her phobia by talking with boys, however, in the timeline where Tomoko became popular, she's able to do it with no big deal.
  • Handshake: without pontificating for pages, though the Japanese generally do not touch one another, and some have adopted handshakes when greeting foreigners, Emiri's request has all of the hesitating progress towards intimacy that it appears. "Go, Emiri-chan!"


  • "Of course I'd freaked out. Repeating the year isn't funny. What're you gonna do? Remaining a first years student for another year? Huh?" – Anna Haruna to Tomoko Kuroki
  • "It looks like I've learned how to make pretentious conversation like this at some point too" –  Tomoko
  • "I've always wanted to talk with you, Kuroki-san. Wanna eat lunch together? You can bring Mima-san along too" –  Nagi Ōtonari to Tomoko
  • "Seriously? It was poop?" – Kayo
  • "I sometimes fell like I'll lose track of who I am if I don't have some alone time once in a while" –Tomoko
  • "Those two still haven't broken it off yet...? How annoying..." – Tomoko about Sachi and Koharu
  • "I can't believe Tomoko's gonna be all along in the thirsd year after we've been together all this time..." – Asuka Katō
    • "Don't worry, there's plenty of people I know in 3-2" – Tomoko
  • "... that being said, I'm not really all that close with any of them. Spending my third year living the gloomy life might not be too bad either. Getting to spend two years as a normie was more than enough." – Tomoko
  • "I've been a normie for a long time... I can't get any alone time. Why do I even want to be a loner...? I always yearned to be a loner during middle school, didn't I?... For some reason, it feels like the current me... Isn't the real me..." – Tomoko
  • "Oh crap... this is exciting... this is even more exciting than my first date... no, my first time doing it...!!" – Tomoko
  • "A loner and a super normie paired together. Feels like something out of a manga or anime. If she turns out to be a disappointing kind of loner who isn't even interested in otaku stuff like anime or games... I'll cut ties with her in an instant" – Tomoko about, Tomoko?
  • "... Who knows? Maybe that girl has a future like this waiting for her too..." – Tomoko about, Tomoko?
  • "You do seem like you'd be No. 1 in perv rankings, Yuri-chan" – Tomoko to Yuri Tamura
  • "14... I guess I'm wrong. She doesn't look like she'd be low in the perv rankings" – Tomoko about Mako Tanaka
  • "It's the number of people we've betrayed up until now" – Yuri
    • "... Yuri, is that what you think of me?" – Mako
  • "We're dressed up as idols, so these numbers must represent our position" – Tomoko
    • "That's my Onē-chan, you pretty much nailed it. That's right, we're idols, and the numbers represent our rankings in a popularity poll" – Kiko Satozaki
  • "So I'm ranked No. 2 and Yuri-chan is ranked No. 1? Who exactly was being polled here? Gloomy people with a fetish for gloomy characters? But still, even though it's shitty to put ranks on people, having my own rank isn't too shabby. Maybe the're getting turned on by me and Yuri-chan." – Tomoko
  • "Hey, you who might be watching right now. You're getting a hard-on, right? Ah, I'm turning into a cocky little bitch. Gross" – Tomoko
  • "I'd definitely be lower than Akari-chan's rank of 22!!" – Kotomi Komiyama
  • "So annoying... Well, this degree of annoyance is usual for senpai and I don't really care about my own popularity, but... Being in practically the same position as Sayaka is what bothers me the most..." – Akari Iguchi
  • "Can I get your handshake as a voting perk?" – Emiri Uchi
  • "Kh...!! I lost to Kuroki!" – Fūka Sasaki
    • "Just the clichéd line I'd expect of something like this" – Tomoko
  • "I see... when a guy joins the ranking, they dresss him up as a girl... One of those crossdressing idol groups, I guess" – Tomoko
    • "Tch, of course you'd notice, this is a pain, so keep you rmouth shut" – Tomoki
  • "That reaction is way too creepy!!!" – Tomoko about Kotomi



  1. WataMote Wiki only has access to the English "Fanilations." It uses the feminine pronoun for the teacher which suggests that either the Japanese used a term such as "woman," or the Fanilator just assumed the teacher is Ogino.
  2. Per the Fanilator. No reason to doubt it.
  3. The text messaging company that all of the Kook Kids in Japan use.
  4. But no Emiri?
  5. WataMote Wiki will confess a certain satisfaction in knowing that, at some point, Sachi had to eat Mike's cooking.
  6. WataMote Wiki remains a slave to the "Fanilation" and unable to check the Japanese Original [Tm. – Ed.]. However, WataMote Wiki will trust the fanilator's accuracy to conclude that Tomoko not only has dated, she has had sex . . . more than once.
  7. Again, without the Japanese Originals [Tm. – Ed.], WataMote Wiki can neither confirm nor deny that she uses the same word as Emiri.
  8. No, WataMote Wiki does not make these things up! Japanese scans not available to check.


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